Please share this letter with your readers and ask them to contact their representatives, whether in America or abroad. I give permission for my words to be reprinted and my contact information shared.
January 31, 2014

Leila Piazza

As I write this letter to you, my family, in our village in Syria, is preparing for combat between the Syrian Army and the terrorists, who have taken up residence nearby and have been attacking and harassing our people for over two years now. Two weeks ago, these “rebels,” as the US administration calls them, ran a car off the road near our village, shot one of the boys, and beheaded the other because he was wearing a cross.
As a Syrian(American) with family in the middle of the combat, let me be perfectly clear. We DO NOT appreciate the US government’s policies against Syria. The United States is NOT helping the Syrian people. You are hurting us, both the people living in Syria, under constant threat of violence and death, and also those living all around the world, who lay sleepless with worry over the safety of their loved ones. We do not fear the Syrian Army, but rather the animals that you are currently aiding with training, supplies and weapons.
When the Syrian army came to the village this week, the people I spoke with, both here and in the village, had only one thing to say, “Thank God!” We are relieved that the army is in the village, we pray for the victory of the Syrian Army over the radical Islamists and FSA traitors in our country. We pray that President Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Army win the war so the Syrian people can begin to rebuild the country. It is up to the Syrian people to decide who their president is, it is not up to the United States government, or any other government in this world.
As an American, I am outraged that the US government continues to follow the same immoral policies as the previous administration. I am thoroughly fed up with our tax dollars being spent to finance regime change, so we can align other governments to our economic and geopolitical agenda. The use of propaganda to once again destroy a sovereign nation on the flimsiest of pretexts is completely unacceptable. This adminstration’s continuing support of the same radical, jihadists that were responsible for the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil is unjustifiable in any circumstance, but even more so in this instance, when it is so clearly against the will of the Syrian people themselves, and against any hope of peace and safety in Syria.
And so, as a Syrian-American, and as your constituent, I implore you to take whatever steps necessary to stop all aid to any and all anti-government fighters against the Syrian government and the Syrian army. I also ask that the US government demand that its allies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Great Britain and Turkey, immediately STOP supporting the same anti-government groups. If this is done, then YES, President Al Assad and the Syrian Army will quickly win this war. And that is precisely the point. This is neither a civil war, nor a popular uprising. This is an attempt by foreign governments to hijack the Syrian peoples’ call for reforms to create regime change and divide and destroy the country.
If you have any questions about the situation in Syria, or about anything I have written, I urge you to contact me. I am in direct contact with my nephews, D.Y., S.Y. and M.Y. as well as a family friend, M.H., who are at this very moment, in our village. I am also in direct contact with my brother, Y.Y. and sister, J.Y. who have left the village with their children and grandchildren for their safety, (having fled from the terrorists, NOT the Syrian army) as well as my niece, S.H. who lives in Damascus. I would appreciate the opportunity to educate you further about what is really happening in Syria. Please do what you can to stop the killing. The US government is absolutely wrong in this. I pray you take action to prevent any more needless deaths. I pray you take action before I lose anyone I love.
Leila Piazza

The Hypocrisy of US Sanctions on Education

US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice speaks after voting to affirm a UN Security Council resolution on Iran on June 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo: AFP)
Published Friday, January 31, 2014
Students living in Cuba, Iran and Sudan who are enrolled in US-based online learning services, known as “MOOCs,” will now be forced to drop out, thanks to US sanctions.
If there’s one thing US missions around the world feel they can confidently boast, especially in poor countries, it’s their commitment to fostering partnerships with local schools and universities to support education and build the “next generation of leaders,” or something like that. Students in Lebanon, for example, may have noticed those tacky, red, white, and blue USAID stickers slapped on furniture at some schools, proudly identifying desks and bookcases as gifts “from the American people.”
In the Arab region alone, the United States has put $600 millioninto its Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) since 2002 with stated goals of “enhancing education,” and spreading other values it claims to hold sacred, like, “women’s empowerment.” That figure calculates to about one-fifth the $3 billion America sends each year to finance Israel’s occupation of Palestine, which served as the basis for the recent USacademic boycott of Israeli academic institutions, but more on that later.
Taken at face value, the United States would appear to have some interest in supporting education at a global level. Maybe that’s why some were shocked with the January 29 announcement that US economic and trade sanctions against their enemies should now be interpreted to include free US-based online learning services known as “MOOCs.”
Coursera, one of the affected education websites, said in a statement that it had “recently received information” that led it to believe it could no longer offer online classes to students in Cuba, Iran, and Sudan because of the United States’ so-called export control regulations.
“Certain United States export control regulations prohibit US businesses, such as MOOC providers like Coursera, from offering services to users in sanctioned countries. … Under the law, certain aspects of Coursera’s course offerings are considered services and are therefore subject to restrictions,” the statement read.
Syria was also included on the list of sanctioned countries whose Internet users that try to log in to Coursera’s site are kindly informed that they’ve been blacklisted, but US authorities later had a change of heart and added an exception for residents of the wartorn nation. American officials appear to have only recently discovered a soft spot for the well-being of the Syrian people.
In a particularly pointed letter posted online and addressed to his students, University of Copenhagen professor Ebrahim Afsah accused “boneheaded” US authorities of imposing sanctions simply “to score cheap domestic political points.”
“These moves are really counterproductive,” Afsah, who has students in some of the affected countries, said in an interview with Al-Akhbar. “These students are exactly the kind of people who want to reach out to an American audience.”
Afsah noted that the sanctions are largely symbolic, as a variety of software exists to circumvent blocked websites.
“The practical impact is rather small, as people in these countries are used to using these technologies to circumvent restrictions by their own governments,” he said. “But I think this issue is a matter of principle that affects everybody.”
Students from the blacklisted countries reacted to the news in the comments section of Coursera’s blog. A Cuban named Manuel Gutierrez wrote: “In behalf of many Cuban students I tell you: No hard feelings Coursera, we know what’s going on, [it’s] just the way it is. Keep up the good work!”
Iranian Pooya Hosseini wrote: “I’m Iranian, a Coursera user. I’ve passed a lot of courses with distinction. Specially EPFL online courses. I think banning free education is so embarrassing. Is it your democracy? It is so funny.”
Funny or not, that’s open to interpretation. But what’s clear is that the move follows a pattern of insincerity when it comes to US officials and their claims of caring about foreign students and their education.
American congressional members threw a fit after the US-based American Studies Association (ASA) last month voted to sever ties with Israeli universities to protest the obstruction of Palestinian students’ and scholars’ mobility and access to academic institutions with checkpoints, raids and arbitrary arrests.
Earlier this month 134 US Congress members signed a letter to decry the ASA’s “bigoted,” and “morally dishonest double standard” in voting to boycott Israeli universities. Those 69 Democrats and 65 Republicans “believe that the decision to blacklist Israeli academic institutions for Israeli government policies with which ASA disagrees demonstrates a blatant disregard for academic freedom.”
Maybe that says more about the US Congress’ servitude to the pro-Israel lobby than it does about their lack of compassion for a population subjected to daily crimes by a colonial force. But then, where is their indignation over the “blatant disregard for academic freedom” when it comes to US sanctions preventing students from taking free courses in Cuba, Iran, Sudan, or elsewhere? Is the targeting of nations with sanctions simply because they refuse to obey US orders not “morally dishonest,” or “bigoted?”

Neo-imperialism – America’s dual policy on terror

For well over a decade now the United States of America has defined its foreign policy around President George W Bush’s axis of evil theory, forever justifying its infringements on international law, freedom and democracy by playing its national security card.Since 2001, world’s relations have been solely defined by “Islamic terrorism”, to the point where geo-strategic alliances were thrown out of their axis, with countries forced to contemplate putting their immediate interests at risks not be branded sympathizers to “Islamic terrorism”.

US dual standards The moment New York Twin Towers fell, America was at war with an invisible and elusive enemy, so-called “radical Islam”!

One has only to look at the Islamic world- spanning from the African continent to the Middle East and Asia – to understand that America’s war on terror has not only transformed foreign relations, it has plunged the world into a never-ending cycle of violence and bloodshed, tearing apart communities.

But could it be that the world has been sold on the biggest lie yet? Could it be that the very country which has assumed the role of global crusader against terror has been covertly promoting radicalism; using fear as a weapon to subdue and conquer nations?

Behind Washington’s deceit, lies a cunning and rather clever agenda – global control –

The founding father of democracy, the advocate of civil liberties and freedom, the United States of America is in fact a neo-imperialistic state which has worked to enslave other nations through fear, political manipulation and economic blackmail.

Standing behind the wheels of the world’s most powerful organizations – the United Nations Security Council, the International Monetary Funds, NATO, World Bank, World Food Program – the US can with the flick of its hands isolate, bankrupt or invade any given nation, at any given time, should its leadership oppose its supremacy.

All those who dared challenge Washington’s authorities paid the ultimate political price, which on occasions meant actual assassination. In 2002 Late Venezuela President Hugo Chavez was ousted by a CIA-backed coup d’état for he refused, among other things to distance himself from Iran and the Hizbullah. Late President Chavez infuriated Washington when he publicly denounced US President George W Bush bombing campaign in Afghanistan. «This is fighting terror with more terror» he declared on national television in October 2001.

In 2003, the US invaded Iraq by claiming now-deceased Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. When no weapons were found the US flipped its narrative by alleging the Iraqi regime had been working with al-Qaeda. Tricked by the media machine into believing that Saddam Hussein was the spawn of evil, many forget that his only sin – in the eyes of Washington – had been to challenge the US economically by attempting to make a break from the petro-dollar. Rather than sell its petrol in dollars, late President Hussein wanted to switch to the Euros, a move which would have directly threatened Washington’s monopoly on the Oil and Gas trade industry.

While the Pentagon was able for a decade to cover its terror tracks, playing the media and the public to its propaganda tune, Syria has been its undoing.
A key power in the Levant and the Middle East, Syria’s protracted war has forced world’s powers to lay bare their agendas, opening for the first time a window onto Washington’s inner strategy and network of alliances. After a decade of playing the terror card, Washington came to openly declare its support of radical Islamists, alleging Takfiris militias are a necessary evil against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

As of January 2014, the US Congress has decided it will provide military and financial support to militants in Syria, having classified Takfiris fighters as moderates. According to US military sources weapons are delivered to militants in Syria via Jordan, where it is important to note Saudi Arabia and Qatar have set up training camp for al-Qaeda wannabe Jihadists.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky – author of America’s war on terrorism – concurs in the view that the US is actually radical Islam’s biggest supporter and sponsor. He stressed, “The Western military alliance has covertly supported terrorists with a view of destabilizing Syria as a nation state. There’s ample evidence to the fact that the United States, NATO and “Israel” are behind the rebels, and that these rebels are trained in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and then they come in and commit atrocities.”

Marcia Kreiter, a security analyst with Wikistrat, noted that America’s longstanding relationship with terror and terrorists as geo-strategic weapons are now catching up with its officials. “People’s understanding of Washington’s policies in the Islamic world is changing as more evidences of its colluding with Islamic radicals have been confirmed. Interestingly, Washington has somewhat of a track record when it comes to terrorism… The US is the only country that was condemned for international terrorism by the World Court and that rejected a Security Council resolution calling on states to observe international law.”

She added, “What we see in Syria is the product of state-promoted terrorism. In a nutshell, the fighters have become Washington’s colonial armies and the fear of terror a tool the Pentagon utilizes to deny people their civil rights.”
However way one choses to look at the world, America has become the biggest exporter and promoter of terrorism.

As per declared by Lt. General William Odom, Director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan “Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world.”

Source: al-Ahed news 

* Catherine is a commentator and political risk consultant. Her writings have appeared in Foreign Policy Association, the Guardian and Majalla among many others.
31-01-2014 | 15:17

State repression in France only makes the Resistance grow stronger



Last November I wrote a piece entitled “Is a new revolution quietly brewing in France?” in which I described struggle which was taking place between the French people and the Zionist plutocracy which has ruled France over the past decades (roughly since 1969) and today I am returning to this topic as events have rapidly accelerated and taken a sharp turn for the worse.  A number of most interesting things have happened and the French “Resistance” (I will use this collective designator when speaking of the entire Dieudonne/Soral movement) is now being attacked on three levels.

Intellectual level:

Eric Naulleau

This is, by far, the most interesting “counter-attack”.  A well-known French commentator, Eric Naulleau, agreed to a “written debate” with Alain Soral in which both sides would discuss their differences and the transcript would be published in a book entitled “Dialogues Désaccordés” (which can roughly be translated as “detuned dialogs” or “dialogs out of tune” or even “disagreeing dialogs”).  To explain the importance of this publication I have to say a few words about Naulleau himself.

Everybody in France knows Eric Naulleau as one of the two partners of a “journalistic tag team” called “Naulleau and Zemmour” in which one of the partners – Eric Naulleau – is a Left-leaning progressive and the other – Eric Zemmour – is a Right-leaning conservative.  Together they form a formidable and, sometimes, feared team of very sharp and outspoken critics and commentators which was featured on various shows on French TV.  Zemmour, in particular, is an extremely intelligent and very charming person whose wonderful sense of humor combined with a outspoken attitude often got him in trouble.  He is one of the few French Jews who actually got sued by the notorious LICRA (rabid Zionist organization formed by Trotskists to attack those opposing them) for daring to say “French people with an immigrant background were profiled because most traffickers are blacks and Arabs… it’s a fact” on TV.  Together, Naulleaua and Zemmour are known for being formidable debaters and very tough and even blunt critics who can take on pretty much anybody.

Naulleau explained that, according to him, it made no sense at all to ban Soral from the mass media because that still gave the option for Soral to record his shown on the Internet were they would be viewed by million of people (that is not an exaggeration, by the way, Soral’s videos do score more views that some national TV channels!).  Naulleau explained that in his videos Soral was always alone, free to say whatever he wanted, without anybody contradicting or challenging him and that his goal was precisely that – to unmask, challenge and defeat Soral in an open debate in which he would show all the fallacies and mistakes of Soral’s theses.  To say that Naulleau failed in his goal would be an understatement.  Soral absolutely crushed every single one of Naulleau’s arguments to the point where I personally felt sorry for Naulleau (whom I like a lot as a person).  Worse, not only did Soral absolutely obliterate Naulleau, he also made a prediction and said: “you will see the shitstorm which will hit you for agreeing to make this book with me!”.  And that is the crux of the disagreement between Soral and Naulleau: do the Zionists control the French media yes or not? Can they blacklist somebody or not?  Is there a shadow “Zionist censorship” in France or is public speech still free?  Soral’s thesis is that France is in the iron grip of a “behind the scenes” Zionist mafia which is exactly Naulleau vehemently denies.  The problem for Naulleau is that he proved Soral to be right.

The French media immediately attacked Naulleau for “providing Soral with a platform to spew his hateful theories” to which Naulleu logically replied that Soral was already doing so on the Internet and that, besides, he – Naulleau – did not believe in censorship but in a strong and free debate.  Naulleau also got attacked for not saying this or not saying that – in reality for getting so totally defeated by Soral in the debate. The book, by the way, became an instant bestseller with, indeed, made it possible for even more French people to think through Soral’s arguments and make up their own mind.  So, ironically, and even though Naulleau clearly wanted to challenge Soral, he did him a huge favor by allowing him to break the media blockade around his name – Soral is never ever invited on a talkshow – and by allowing the ideas of Soral to come right back into the public debate via this book, Naulleau de facto helped Soral.  Some have even speculated that Naulleau might be a secret sympathizer of Soral and that he did all of this deliberately.  I don’t believe that at all – Naulleau is sincere, and Naulleau is also naive: he is now only slowly coming to grips with the fact that Soral’s core thesis – that the Zionists completely control the French media – is a fact and that Soral’s prediction about Naulleau getting in trouble for this book was spot on.  Right now, Naulleau and his friend Zemmour still have a show on a small local TV station, but clearly Naulleau has now deeply alienated the French plutocracy.  As far as I know, nobody has dared to speak in Naulleau’s defense.  The funniest thing of all is that even though both Soral and Naulleau are officially coauthors of this book and even though Naulleau attempts to deny that Soral is blacklisted, onlyNaulleau got interviewed on the French talkshows, never Soral.  Not once.  What better way could there be to prove Soral right?

“Personalities lynch mob” level:

While Naulleau was trying to defend himself against attacks from all sides for daring to coauthor a book with Soral, something absolutely unprecedented took place: day after day after day, media personalities were shown on TV trashing Dieudonne and his “quenelle” gesture.  This really looked like a “virtual lynching” or a Stalinist trial – politicians, journalists, comedians, commentators, actors – you name it – all took turns to ridicule, insult, denounce and otherwise express their hatred for Dieudonne.  This truly became an orwellian “two minutes of hate” in which Dieudonne was designated as the target of an absolutely vicious hate campaign.

Bedos as “Dieudo Hitler Bin Laden”

A mediocre comedian named Nicolas Bedos was even given 12 minutes of uninterrupted air time to compare Dieudonne to both Hitler and Osama Bin Laden and his shows to a Gestapo interrogation room.  It was surreal, really.  If an extraterrestrial had just tuned in and watch this display of vicious hatred he would have imagined that Dieudonne was a 2nd Hitler about to invade France with a huge army of bloodthirsty Nazis.  For me, it was clear that the reason why all these different personalities were standing in line for the chance to outdo each other in taking a shot at Dieudonne was to prove their loyalty to the Zionist “deep-state”.  This was as transparent as it was sickening.  And again, it proved that Soral was right and that, if anything, he was under-standing the degree of control of the Zionist plutocracy over France.

State level:

Finally, from more or less covert, the persecution of Dieudonne and Soral by the French state became completely overt.  I already mentioned how in early January the French Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, used his powers to ban the latest show of Dieudonne (see here and here).  Over the last weeks, this repression has reached a new level with even more lawsuits against Soral (12 simultaneous lawsuits, see Google-translated list here) and administrative harassments (evening “visits” by bailiffs, abusive arrests, threats, police search of his small theatre in Paris) against Dieudonne.  All these events taken together – and it is really not hard at all to connect the dots – for a very clear picture: the power of the state is used to persecute, harass and repress Dieudonne and Soral.  And that, of course, just goes even further in proving that Soral is right in his central thesis about France being run by a shadow occupation “deep government” whose loyalties are not to the French people, but to the Zionist plutocracy and Israel.

The reaction against this state of affairs is also becoming stronger and the amount of people supporting Dieudonne and Soral has literally skyrocketed.  The reason for that is not only that a lot of French people share the same views as Soral and Dieudonne, but also a deep running French cultural tradition of admiring rebels and disliking the state.  Add to this that Hollande is the most hated President in French history and that the French economy is doing down the tubes triggering untold suffering and rage in the people suffering form the crisis, and you get a very explosive mix: the so-called “Day of Rage”.

Check out these videos before they are removed form YouTube (like this one):

Anybody who knows France well will tell you that this is very serious stuff because unlike other demonstrations which typically oppose a law, or a policy or a specific event, these demonstrators clearly are rejecting the legitimacy of the entire political systemthey want regime change.  So far, the French media has tried to minimize the coverage of this event and the French elites are trying hard to pretend like this is some small, fringe, extremist group, which is utter nonsense.  France is bubbling with rage.

Zionist panic:

The Zionists are actually aware of that, and they are now in the panic mode.  Just take a look at the headlines of this Israeli-French website:

On the top right, you can see the Israeli founder of this website – Jonathan-Simon Sellem and on the top left you see Arno Klarsfeld, a well-known “French” (Jewish/German/French) lawyer and rabid Zionist.  Here is what they are quoted saying:

Jonathan-Simon Sellem: “Dieudonne, you will never be a martyr.  You will not a hero.  Your name will be cursed in history, by history“.

Arno Klarsfeld: “They is a crucial moment in history: Jews are already beginning to leave France“.

Clearly, these two gentlemen see Dieudonne as some modern mix of Agag, Hamman, Titus, Hitler and Bin Laden – a terrifying, bloodthirsty and infinitely dangerous and evil man who threatens the survival of the Jewish race (nevermind that Jews are not a race).  

Could that be a little bit of an over-reaction?

What are these folks so terrified of?

I think that the answer is obvious: what they are so terrified of is not that Dieudonne and Soral will reopen Auschwitz somewhere near Paris, or that French Jews will be expelled from France.  They know that this is paranoia (which Gilad Atzmon calls “Pre-Traumatic Stree Disorder”) is absolute crap: French Jews are safe, happy and welcome in France and nobody is seriously out there to do them any harm.  No, what this small clique of  Zionist Jews (representing a tiny fraction of the much more diverse French Jewry) really fears is that the truth about them and their power over the French deep-state will come out.  And this is not only about Jews.  There is a non-Jewish plutocracy formed around the Jewish core of French bankers and financiers which is also completely in bed with the Zionists and whose future depends on maintaining the Zionist control over France: politicians, of course, but also actors, journalists, academics, etc. – a full constellation of Shabbos Goyim willing to do Israel’s Sayanim‘s dirty job for them.  It is this entire elite and the system which it built which is threatened by Soral and Dieudonne and by what the movement “Equality and Reconciliation” stands for: a union of all the French people (native or immigrants) which together are determined to resist the Zionist oppression of France and who, just as in WWII, will resist the occupier until the Liberation.

When and how could such a “Liberation” occur?

I don’t know.  These events are very complex and multi-dimensional and it is, I believe, impossible to predict what could happen.  What I am sure of, is that this movement, this Resistance, will not be crushed, nor will it somehow magically disappear.  To paraphrase the Communist Manifesto, the French people “have nothing to lose but their chains”: their country is ruined and they are ruled by an evil foreign occupier.  In terms of dynamics, every move which is made against Soral and Dieudonne only makes things worse for the occupation regime – the harder the strike, the harder the blowback.  The legitimacy of the regime, in particular, is greatly affected by such absolutely ridiculous actions like the “overkill” of a Minister of Internal Affairs using the highest court in the country (the State Council) in an emergency session to ban a single comedian’s stand up show.

Sure, for the time being most people in France comply, obey, or look the other way.  But everybody know, everybody understands and very few believe in the official lies, especially in the younger generation.

This all reminds me of the Soviet Union of the 1980s were externally nothing much was happening and where the system itself look ugly but safe.  Russians were making anti-Brezhnev jokes at private parties while the KGB from time to time attested dissidents.  But nobody – not even the KGB officers – had any respect for the system, the regime, the official ideology and its propaganda.  Everybody did what they were told, but nobody believed in what they were doing.  That is the exact situation not only for the French cops who are constantly used to ban, harass and arrest Dieudo and his supporters, but also of an increasing percentage of the general public.

Right now the pressure on the dam is getting stronger and stronger, and the cracks more and more visible.  So far, the elites have had enough fingers to stick into the cracks, but this is clearly a futile attempt to delay the inevitable.  And when the French dam will burst, it will impact on only France, but also a good segment of western Europe.  So while the pro-US Ukrainian nationalists want to subordinate their country to the EU, the EU is threatened with an inevitable and violent explosion.  But, like on the sinking Titanic, the media’s “orchestra” will be playing its music until the last second.

The Saker

Israeli gunfire injures 15 in West Bank, Gaza

An injured Palestinian protester is carried by comrades during clashes with Israeli occupation forces on the outskirts of Jalazun refugee camp, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, on January 31, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Abbas Momani)
Published Friday, January 31, 2014
Updated 6:30 pm: Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 10 Palestinians near the West Bank town of Ramallah Friday during a protest over the killing of a teenager, Palestinian medics and security sources said.
In Gaza, meanwhile, medics said five more Palestinians were wounded by Israeli gunfire near the border in two separate incidents.
Security sources said the Palestinians were hit by live rounds on the outskirts of Jalazun refugee camp and hospitalized in Ramallah, including one with serious injuries.
Hundreds of Palestinians took part in the protest, many of them hurling rocks at the soldiers.
The demonstration was called to protest at the Israeli army’s killing on Wednesday of Mohammed Mubarak, a 19-year-old from Jalazun working on a project funded by USAID and son of the camp’s locally elected leader.
The army said he was shot dead near a Jewish settlement outside Ramallah after having opened fire at them, but witnesses insisted he was unarmed.
Palestinian housing and public works minister Maher Ghneim condemned what he branded the “cold-blooded killing” of a laborer who was working on a project run by the ministry in coordination with USAID.
Ghneim said the youth had been “carrying a sign to direct the traffic” when he was shot.
Separately in Gaza, medics said a 27-year-old farmer is in “moderate condition” after being shot in the foot by occupation forces in the town of Beit Lahiya, Ma’an news agency reported.
Later, occupation forces shot four other Palestinians east of Jabaliya, Ma’an said.
“Two riots erupted near the security fence in northern Gaza. In one riot, 50 Palestinians crowded in a prohibited area and hurled rocks at IDF soldiers at the scene,” Ma’an cited an occupation authority as saying.
A Palestinian protester throws a stone towards an Israeli soldier aiming his weapon during clashes on the outskirts of Jalazun refugee camp, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, on January 31, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Abbas Momani)
Friday’s shootings comes after early morning Israeli air strikes left seven people injured in the besieged strip.
Israeli soldiers shot dead a young Palestinian protester on the Gaza border last week.
A total of 27 Palestinians were killed by the occupation army in the West Bank and nine in Gaza in 2013, three times more than the previous year, figures from Israeli rights watchdog B’Tselem showed.
(AFP, Ma’an Al-Akhbar)


By Roger Tucker
The quenelle is first inserted into the cavity…The current flap over the gesture called a “quenelle” is revealing in a number of ways. It’s instructive to look first at a couple of Wikipedia entries. “The word quenelle is derived from the German Knödel (noodle or dumpling)” (which we know from Yiddish cuisine as a knadel). “French political activist and comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala is credited with creating and popularizing the gesture, which he first used in 2005 in his sketch entitled 1905 about French secularism and has been used since in a wide variety of contexts.. The first time Dieudonné used the gesture in a political context was for his 2009 European election campaign poster for the “anti-Zionist party”, he stated that his intention was “to put a quenelle into Zionism’s butt”..  “The name quenelle comes from an elongated fish meatballs dish, which is said to look like a suppository. Hence, the phrase ‘mettre une quenelle’ (‘to give someone the quenelle’), with a gesture simulating fisting practice, is similar to the English ‘up yours’. The arm outstretched refers to the length of the arm going up one’s bottom.” Such a rich word, with so many Jewish-related meanings.“When French footballer Nicolas Anelka of West Bromwich Albion F.C. performed the quenelle to celebrate scoring a goal on 28 December 2013, the gesture, which was already considered ‘something of a viral trend’ in France, became an international news story and one of the most searched terms on Google. Anelka described the gesture as anti-establishment rather than religious in nature, and said he did a quenelle as a “special dedication” to his friend Dieudonné.

However, French minister for sport Valérie Fourneyron called his actions “shocking” and “disgusting”, adding: “There’s no place for anti-Semitism on the football field..” In response to the incident, club sponsor Zoopla announced that it would not continue its sponsorship deal with West Bromwich after the 2013–14 season..” (The Wikipedia entry fails to mention that Zoopla is co-owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman.) “Each year, the ‘Golden Quenelle’, (Quenelle d’Or) is given, in a parody of the Oscar ceremony, to the people who expressed the most anti-establishment views.”  Quelle phénomène!

Enough from Wikipedia; let’s move on. Is the quenelle anti-semitic, anti-Zionist or anti-establishment? That is the question that seems to crop up all the time  and encapsulates the theme of this essay. As in the case of the quenelle, a gesture, like a word, can have different meanings depending on who is displaying it and in what context. The more is at stake, the more fraught the arguments over interpretation. In the case in question, we have a very hot potato. I think that mashed potatoes make a lovely complement to a well made quenelle.

Let’s ask another question. Why is this brouhaha important, if indeed it is? From the tribal Jewish perspective, they obviously feel very threatened. We could ignore that, because Jewish voices have been crying wolf forever. But somehow this is different – who is being attacked? The Jews? The Zionists? The Establishment? Aha! It’s all three! It’s the conflation, the melding of meanings, that bothers them the most, because it cements the linkage. This is the genius of Dieudonné. The professional victims are being exposed by the real victims, their victims. The expert, talmudic manipulators are being out-manipulated. Tribal Jewry is being hoist on its own petard. Gotta love it.

When I refer to ‘them’, i.e., tribal Jewry, the reference is not ethnic nor is it religious; it is memetic, a cultural identity. I am Jewish, by birth and upbringing, but the tribal identification didn’t take. I didn’t ingest the memes; instead, I spat them out. The taste didn’t agree with me. I chose to regard myself simply as human. Moreover, I am more than happy to act and to advocate on behalf of that identity group. This view is generally referred to as humanist, or universalist. A universalist chooses the human race as his or her tribe. Conflicts generally arise because people choose to identify with some secondary, lesser category.

To neatly characterize what the terms ‘Jewish’, ‘Zionist’ and ‘the Establishment’ add up to in combination, we do have a potentially useful word – fascism. The accepted dictionary definition is, sadly, inadequate and misleading, which is why many people regard the word as essentially meaningless. It needs to be redefined, because, properly defined, it would be extremely useful. Fortunately, there has been an honest attempt at doing so. I know it’s a good one because I wrote it. No false modesty here. See ‘Us vs. Them: On the meaning of Fascism’. Then you’ll be up to speed and we can proceed.

Pause, followed by further elucidation…

Abuse of power, combined with some sense of supremacy or entitlement is at the heart of fascism, which distinguishes it from tribal pride and self-respect. That’s why, when confronted by the police, demonstrators invariably shout “fascist pig!” Throughout history there has been an ongoing battle between numerous outbreaks of fascism and what could best be described by the quaint old word, civilization, just ordinary human society in some stable, non-aggressive form. Oh, as for the canard that the quenelle is an inverted Nazi salute, see Zionism and Nazism: Is there a difference that makes a difference?

The three main forms of fascism are ethnic, religious and nationalist. In the current conflict between tribal Jewry and the rest of the world, all three are in play – secular Jewish ethno-centrism, Judaism in its various forms (it is hard to imagine a non-fascist Judaism – they would have to throw out the Old Testament) and bellicose Israeli nationalism.  It’s the perfect storm.

Jewish culture has been around for a long time. Some Jews, as well as gentiles, have recognized it as the source of ‘the Jewish problem.’ For example, “If this hostility, even aversion, had only been shown towards the Jews at one period and in one country, it would be easy to unravel the limited causes of this anger, but this race has been on the contrary an object of hatred to all the peoples among whom it has established itself. It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant from each other, since they were ruled by very different laws, governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought against Israel.”
~ Statement regarding the expulsions of Jews, by noted Jewish author Bernard Lazare in “L’antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes,”published in 1894

Over the millennia, the nature of the problem has hardly changed at all, except for the innovation of there being a Jewish State, which, ironically, was created for the specific purpose of solving the problem. Instead, ‘The Problem’ has metastasized from a persistent source of pain and suffering into a world threatening disease. This will only get worse until the unholy trinity of Jewish tribal identity, Zionism and the Establishment disintegrates and the leaders of “the Free World” stop prostrating before the altar of the Golden Calf.

In the meantime, we the people have the le grand geste de Dieudonné to keep our spirits up.

Vive Dieudonné et la Quenelle!

Zoabi: Politics Will Not Grant Opposition What Terrorism Failed to Do

Local Editor

Geneva RallyHundreds of Syrians on Friday morning gathered in front of the UN’s Headquarters in Geneva to express their support to the motherland, Syria, its army and Syria’s official delegation to Geneva 2.

They expressed their rejection of the terrorism backed by regional and international countries.

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi told the participants in the march that the next round of dialogue should include all spectra of the national opposition with which we agree regarding the love of the homeland and drawing its future.

Zoabi stressed that the opposition will not be able to obtain via politics what the terrorist acts failed to provide them with.

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, also addressed the participants saying : ” We conveyed your voice into the hall of dialogue and told them who wants to know what the Syrian people want should go outside the meeting hall to see the gathering people.”

For her part, Presidential political and media advisor Buthaina Shaaban affirmed that Syria is for all Arabs and for the world’s freedom fighters, adding that the secret of its  strength lies behind its great people, and it did not and won’t abandon any of its or Arab rights.

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that the Syrian people are against terrorism and want restoration of security, adding that Syria has withstood due to the people’s continuous support to President Bashar al-Assad.

Source: Agencies
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