Something that the World Order cannot forgive is that Israel be defeated . Since Israel has been ousted from Lebanon in year 2000 by the mighty armed Resistance of Hizbullah , the World Order has not stopped conspiring against this Resistance whether by UN resolution or by sectarian warfare, or through media campaigns or false flag revolutions, or by different attempts at stripping the Resistance off its weapons, or by ruining its reputation, and by so many traps and plots and conspiracies that take different names and forms . No doubt that this mighty Resistance that has no equal, is the greatest enemy of the World Order .And no doubt that the world has never stopped trying to undermine this Resistance and to expose it and target it in every possible way . The first attempt was to try to strip the Resistance off its weapons by trying to enforce Resolution 1559 on Lebanon. in order to destabilize Lebanon . After that, the predator World Order used Hariri’s assassination – which the World Order committed through Israeli hands – and threatened the country with sectarian warfare by setting Sunnis against Shi’as and then by driving Syria out of Lebanon so that the Resistance becomes exposed .

Every trick the World Order tried and is still trying . When Resolution1559 could not be enforced., the Israelis killed Hariri and accused Syria and then Hizbullah of the crime . Still, they did not succeed in their scheme ; so they resorted to war . They waged the 2006 war on Lebanon hoping that- by destroying Lebanon- they will succeed in rallying the Lebanese against their Resistance, but they failed in this as well, and the Lebanese grew fonder of their Resistance and more attached to its leader . When this did not work, and for fear that the Resistance wins all Arabs and Muslims hearts and rallies all against Israel , the World Order invented the Arab Spring and started toppling ARAB presidents setting the people against their rulers and bringing to power an alternative Islam that pacifies with Israel and then started fueling sectarian hatred everywhere in order to drift the attention from the real enemy . They let their hired thugs loose to kill and slaughter in the name of the religion in Syria and elsewhere, seeking to defame Islam and expose it as terrorist, and expose thus the Resistance which was labeled as terrorist as well .

After mobilizing the Sunnis against the Shi’as , now they are mobilizing the so called secular forces against Religions under the label of fighting terrorism . And there is more to come, and they will try more and not desist, and the last born are the sessions of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon that started today in order to prosecute Lebanese heroes and freedom fighters of the Resistance . Heroes who defend the country and the people are being accused of the hideous crime that the World Order himself committed using Israeli hands . These accusations are pure forgery , they are medals on the chest of our heroes and the indisputable proof that they are treading the right path that will bring the certain end of the predator world order. Tribunal or nor no tribunal, the Lebanese Resistance is invincible and you can ask the Israelis about that ..

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