Terrorism does not stand on its own . Terrorism is not Wahabism . Terrorism is the new Weapon that the world order has developed whereby Natives will be hired, paid and trained in order to kill other Natives ..

Terrorism is a World Order product whereby thousands of Natives are recruited and turned into thugs and recycled to become a proxy Army that serves the World Order .

Terrorism is the secret NATO army that operates on the ground and coordinates with NATO in order to destroy countries and societies that stand in the way of the World Order hegemony .

Terrorism, acting in the name of Religion, is not new; and the Zionist gangs of Haganas and their like that terrorized the Palestinians, acted in the name of Religion the same way the thugs of the opposition are acting in the name of Religion .

These proxy Armies- manufactured by the Western Establishment – come in handy in these times of economic crisis due to the fact that they are sponsored by Arabs and paid by Arab money , and they can be disposed off very easily and discarded – any time -without much repercussion on the economic or mental or emotional level of foreign countries and societies .

These hoards of killers – bred by the World Order- cannot be fought and eliminated as such because they are not exhaustible and their sources cannot be drained . They will come back and sprout – in no time- in great numbers again because they originate from peoples themselves and not from some organized limited army or faction or organization.

They are not some organized dark structure with dark Masonic perspectives . They are not Black Water or some security apparatus with a limited team and a limited budget and therefore limited goals . They are the indefinite unlimited army made of people themselves set against other peoples and against themselves . Therefore they cannot be easily reduced or eliminated .

Thus, the World Order has found itself a real unfathomable treasure at the lowest cost possible in terms of money and psyche . Exploiting the impoverished and the needy and the ignorant and the convicts after exploiting the land and looting its resources, is the greatest investment that the World Order has discovered . This is the real gold mine thanks to which the Western Establishment – suffering from real fatal ailments- can continue to exist and continue to be in control.

Besides serving the direct goals of the predators, these proxy armies with their high death rates, can really rid humanity of a real portion of poor unwanted people and of multiple unwanted races and cultures, which is the dream the Western Establishment has always caressed and tried to materialize in various ways .

Humanity now has but little choice . It will have to share the place with these deadly squads of the World Order who understand no logic and no reason and who have no Religion but that of the predator that feeds them . This is what is in store for humanity, something like what we see in Libya and Syria and Iraq and before that in Palestine and Afghanistan. This is reserved to all Native Nations of the world that still have an identity and a culture and a Religion , something that the Native Nations of the New World have experienced – many centuries ago- when they were almost completely annihilated .

The World Order does not want you- whoever you are and whatever you do- as long as you have an identity – regardless whether you want to keep this identity or not. The World Order does not care about your choices . He is determined to carry on his schemes and- for this – he has set against you your own brother who- paid with your own money- wants your blood above all and, for this, is ready to spill his own before yours . What are you to do ?

How to get out of this blood bath?

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  1. “Terrorism is not Wahabism”
    you should have said; “Terrorism is not limited to Wahabism”
    Its terrorism is directed, against other Muslims, not against the world order

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