This religious hatred bred by the British colonialists between Pakistan and India has no par and is unnatural between brothers .The two countries that are one country have become estranged and inimical and totally alien from one another . And one has to look in all this for the predator west that has succeeded in creating the most profound religious enmity between brothers .

Actually, many pages now on fb are demonizing the Hindu Religion and demonizing India under the pretext of defending the Kashmiri cause .No need to say that this anti Indian campaign serves the colonial agenda of partition and division and conflict and not the Kashmiri cause nor any other cause for how can hatred serve any cause? The truth is that this religious hatred – that was bred and fed by the colonial west – was not to remain restricted to Indian culture and Religion but was to be used to fuel other hatreds and serve other purposes .In fact, this is probably from where the sectarian Sunni versus Shi’a hatred originates , from the resentment of the Indian culture and Indian religion and their total rejection to which Indians reacted in their own way . Inter religious hatred is not different from sectarian hatred .

This religious or sectarian superiority – assumed on behalf of some believers – be them Muslims or Sunnis- towards others- is not religious in any way and cannot be justified and is against the ordinances of the Religion and constitutes the essence of Jewish Zionism , while diversity was intended by the Creator- together with knowledge of the other- and designed as a test for the believer . There is fear that this assumed religious superiority of one religion over the other and this self righteousness might be the cradle where terrorism started taking shape that was fed later by oil money and channeled to serve colonial prospects .

There is necessity to find out how the role of the partition of India and this production of industrial amounts of religious hatred among compatriots became the environment that permitted the serious deviations of many adepts of the Religion towards irreligious practices not in conformity with any belief and that are being witnessed right now in Syria and other places.

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  1. Exactly FAD.
    However, it started with Abu Al-Aala Al-Mawdodi, the God-father of Hassan Al-Bana

    • Al-Mawdod started it as a moron trying to control minds, but after ‘Oil and Israel’ appeareded in the region religion has become the best tool of every power to snach its interests through dividing the countries into mosaic pieces and breaking the the groups into Islamists and non Islamists (Fath and Hamas) and the people into fighting Sunni and Shiaa.
      Thank God that Sala-el Din got rid of Shiaa Fatimyeen from Egypt and left the Copts (who will never fight muslems because they understand the western game)

  2. This’s the fourth generation of wars, the cheap afordable wars.
    It is ‘destroy yourself with religion’

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