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  1. this guys name is very strange,”max g manwaring” (as in maximum man warring) He made me uncomfortable. I did not like him. Starts out talking about harry potter, how ridiculous. he is slippery not steadfast. At the end , all those military uniforms also made me uncomfortable.
    Anyway, hello fada and hello UP. yes, it is me ritalin. The world seems to get worse each year. I am glad to see you both, we continue to fight in our own way. I pray to Allah/God that the world gets better.You are righteous and you face very evil forces. Never fear.

    • Hi Retalin, nice to see you, it’s a small world 🙂 I don’t know much about the group setting and why your reply needs my approval, or you’r not a member may be
      You’r right, I didn’t like the guy either He was like bragging of an evil plan he was 100% sure it will make through after their staunch ally brotherhood stepped into power after long planning with CIA and Turkey
      The funny point is that he was speaking proudly in August 2012 when Brotherhood were saying ( we will stay ruling for a thousand of years) and Obama was negotiating them to give up 40% of Sinai land for $8 billion. Everything was just fine for their evil plan and they began to give part of our land to Sudan too!

      I wich if I could see his face in 30 June 2013 when General Sissi ( the leader of our favourite coup!) slapped Obama on face and kicked his Islamic gang out

      • You know fada I am very confused. I thought Sissi was another Mubarak.
        i saw on Angry Arab 2 days ago, a story from an Algerian newspaper about Sa’ad Eddin Ibrahim, How last year he(Ibrahim) supported Brothers and now he supports Sissi. It reminds me of Walid Jumblatt.
        Oh well ,i try to understand the ever changing status quo in ME but i never quite get it.

    • Hi ritalin, good to meet you again

    • I believe that Libya war will be the last military war in the ME.
      US has got all the oil for its multinationa firms from ‘Iraq and Libya’ and it has no more trillions to spend on another war ( I said in 2012 that the liar US will never fight in Syria or Iran and no one believed me)

      Now they fight through the money and arms of Brotherhoods who are hiding behind fake small terrrorist groups in Libya and Sudan and Sinai , also aided with Saiudi Qatari money …. God bless you Sissi

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