Syrian Army Launches Large Scale Operations against Armed Mercenaries

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Syrian armySyrian Army units on Thursday carried out large-scale military operations, targeting terrorists’ dens and assembly points in several areas around the country, SANA news agency reported.

Citing a military source, SANA said that units of the armed forces eliminated the last gatherings of the terrorist groups in Telal al-Abboudiyeh, Berghlan al-Gharbiyeh and al-Sharqiyeh in Qusseir countryside of Homs.

The source added that dozens of explosive devices which were planted by terrorists in the region were dismantled and terrorists were eliminated.

In Deir Ezzor of Aleppo, army units killed dozens of terrorists, some of whom are Saudis and Tunisians, and destroyed a tunnel they were using for transporting and transferring weapons and ammunition.

A source told SANA that an army unit clashed with al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorist group in al-Erfi neighborhood, killing a big number of them, the majority of whom are Saudis and Tunisians.

Another unit liquidated eliminated an armed terrorist group including a sniper near Bemo Bank branch in al-Reshdia neighborhood in the city of Deir-Ezzor.

The source added that a 19-meter tunnel in al-Bousaraya street was destroyed with all terrorists and weapons inside.

A mortar launcher and a terrorists’ den were also destroyed in al-Moreiyeh village, where many terrorists were killed including the terrorist Abdul-karim al-Jassem al-Nahar.

Moreover, a military source told SANA that army units killed a number of terrorists in al-Ghazmati, al-Fardous, Karm Maisar, al-Shaar, al-Halek and Bani Zaid neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

The source added that an armed terrorist group was eliminated near the water station in Sulieman al-Halabi area. Other army units destroyed terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts with all the weapons and ammunition inside them in the villages of Maarat al-Artiq, Hilan, Haritan, al-Sheikh Lutfi, the industrial city, Rasem al-Abboud, al-Sheikh Najjar, Andan,Ebtin, Hadadin and surrounding Aleppo central prison.

In Idleb, army units eliminated a number of terrorists in the villages of Tal Salmo, Um Jern in Abu al-Dohour, KaferTala and the youth camp.

A 23mm anti-aircraft machinegun was destroyed, and a number of terrorists were killed and wounded surrounding al-Yarmouk School, the old customs, the shoes factory in Daraa al-Balad.
A unit of the armed forces eliminated an armed terrorist group in Maaloula town in Damascus Countryside.

Syria was hit by a violent unrest since mid-March 2011, where the Syrian government accuses foreign actors, mainly the Saudi Arabia and Turkey, of orchestrating the conflict by supporting the militant opposition groups with arms and money.

Source: Agencies
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