Sheikh al Kattan on the Radio of the Resistance denounced what is happening in the majority of the Lebanese mosques . He said that the mosques are being the best places where sectarian hatred is fueled by Sheikhs who are on the payroll of Gulf countries . These sheikhs are poisoning and influencing greatly the youths by holding a sectarian speech and inciting to fitna and calling for war on Syria and rallying against the Shi’a sect . Al Kattan added that if nothing is done regarding the fitna speeches delivered in mosques all over the country then Lebanon is under great risk .

The truth is -al Kattan added – that the situation has gone out of control after the Iftaa’ institution has been divided between pro and against Hariri sheikhs and this conflict has almost crippled the institution that has lost control of the situation . Thus, many sheikhs are holding this hate speech and some of them even were arrested after they were caught smuggling weapons . One of them , Sheikh Omar al Atrach has been smuggling cars and suicidals with explosive belts across the borders with Syria and has been arrested lately by the Army. This caused the council of ‘Ulemas to protest and even resort to threats .

Sheikh al Kattan said that these sheikhs could be arrested according to the law because they are instigating fitna , but the legal system is falling short of this . Al kattan called for a better control of the situation whereby sheikhs holding hate discourses will be put under check .

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