The Revolution was about to happen after the end of Mubarak’s rule , people were not going to let Mubarak continue to rule through his son or some one he chooses and this is something every Egyptian agreed upon . This is something that the NGOs and the army felt strongly and knew about and they are the ones who worked on aborting the revolution and channeling the popular dissatisfaction to serve the World Order Agenda instead of serving the people’s aspirations.

In order to serve the sectarian anti Resistance World agenda, Morsi was chosen and even the Nasserites supported the sectarian agenda of Morsi . . When this agenda failed in overthrowing Assad and the isolation of HAMAS from the axis of the Resistance succeeded , it was time to get rid of Morsi. The NGOs and the army again manipulated the masses through TAMAROD and their like… The Nasserites – who supported the sectarian agenda of Mors- turned against him and supported the secular agenda of the army .

The instability , the chaos and the Libyan and Syrian bloody models and the religious and sectarian warfare in addition to the terrorist threats made the Egyptians sick of the Revolution and in favor of the return of Mubarak as Al Sisi .Now Egypt is back to sleep again until some major event happens and wakes Egypt up and this will happen sooner or later and Egypt will wake up but now the Revolution was aborted and al Sisi is NOT Nasser , the Egyptians do not want this revolution and they are right because it has turned violent and chaotic and has gone out of the hands of the people .

Egypt is extremely important that is why the World Order was intent on remaining in control and restoring Mubarak’ s rule except that now this is being done with the Egyptian people blessings after the false flag revolution failed them .

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