The visit of Erdogan to the Islamic Republic was not fruitless , and this not because significant deals were concluded that amount to billions of dollars, but because the Turks promised to cooperate in putting term to the war on Syria . The agreement consists in three steps which start by delivering the positions of the terrorist factions in Iraq and their locations and this has been done according to Iranian expert Mohammed Sadek al Husseini. The second step is to continue to build the wall on the Syrian/ Turkish border to prevent infiltration to Syria across the borders that has started in Bab al Hawa and tightening the control on the borders and the third step is to stop any supply in men and weapons heading to Syria .

It is compelled that Erdogan accepted this deal while Iran has found itself in a strong position not only due to the achievements of the Syrian Army on the ground, but also and thanks to the partial lifting of the embargo , Iran is no more in a desperate need for relations with Turkey according to al Husseini . Not only this, but Erdogan- right now- is losing on many fronts and not only in Syria . The Muslim Brothers dream has evaporated with their fall in Egypt. And US has turned his mentor Fethullah Gulen against Erdogan in the corruption scandal that revealed the involvement of officials in fishy deals and -on top of that- Turkey is facing innumerable financial problems and Erdogan no more enjoying fully the favors of the US administration that is ready to sacrifice him and Davutuglu in the next elections. His own party of the AKP is not happy with him or with the fact that he opened Turkey to terrorist groups . Erdogan finds himself in a big mess that he made himself and needs a way out in order to continue to rule, and Iran has offered him this conditioned way out .

Needless to say that – previously- Iran wanted Turkey to join the alliance sponsored by the Islamic Republic to gather Syria , Iraq and Turkey whereby Turkey behaved as if it were willing to join and, in accordance, agreements were concluded with Syria who chose to over look the fact that Turkey was occupying Syrian land . Not only this, but Syrians were not satisfied to see Turkish imported products compete with national goods. All this turned out to be a big cheat and Turkey who was reintroduced to the area by Iran mostly, chose to belong to the NATO side and started its raid on Syria looting and killing and introducing thousands of thugs and tons of weapons that made Erdogan eligible to be tried for crimes against humanity.
Now the Iranian officials have renewed the offer from a strong position to a somehow defeated Erdogan . We trust the Iranian leadership and hope that a defeated Erdogan with limited choices will cooperate to end the blood bath in Syria in order to strengthen his own position . The lesson in all this is : Never trust an ally of Israel whatever he says and however he behaves. Is there a lesson in this that the Syrian officials supporters of Marshall Field al Sisi can learn?

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