I have been called a liar by the editor of Uprootedpalestinians blog over an argument around al Sisi whom the editor was supporting and praising. Then I stated facts about al Sisi and about the Egyptian army . The editor turned the matter personal calling me a liar and asking me for a proof that he himself said this about al Sisi. He has shifted the whole argument to revolve around himself instead of revolving around the subject of the argument . Instead of asking for proofs of what I said about al Sisi he asked for proofs that he himself had said this about al Sisi . It was as if he agreed on what I stated and retracted from his former opinion asking me to provide a proof for something that I did not attribute to him in the first place. Because of this I became a liar . Some people are really deranged and I am leaving this blog of Uprootedpalestinians run by ignorant people who lack decency of mind and speech . I have no time to waste over personal matters and have my own blog to look after .

Daniel Mabsout


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  1. an american based egyptian scholar
    Hatem Al-Haj ·
    December 25, 2013 at 8:08pm ·

    To the supporters of the military coup in Egypt and those who are still confused:
    When will it ever be clear to you? Have you not seen the rise of tyranny, the criminalization of dissent, the ruthless shedding of blood, the imprisonment of thousands of the finest men and their torture, and the rape of our sisters? Have you not seen how they confiscated the assets of the charities that fed, clothed and treated millions of Egyptians?
    I am sure all of this is taking place according to the master plan and will of the All-Wise, so “that those who perish [through disbelief] would perish upon evidence and those who live [in faith] would live upon evidence …”

  2. it is not true what you say , you just want to cover up for him

  3. i want my posts removed from this usurper blog immediately , if i am a liar as you think , so my posts are of no value to you , would you please remove them or unblock me so that i remove them. i don’t want to have anything to do with this blog.

  4. Well I hope that’s not true after just being told “Different view are welcome”. What I would like to see is for both of you to delete your abusive posts and communicate with each other by e-mail until these misunderstandings can be settled and we can return to normal. But we shouldn’t be hanging our dirty washing in public, it just gives ammunition to our enemies

    • ha is lying the usurper , i just want all my posts removed . my password is blocked , i will not permit this illegal usurp

    • i want my posts removed , what do you want from the usurper blog. if i am a liar what does he want with my posts.

    • i have been blocked from Uprootedpalestinians because of posts about Egypt and they blocked my password before i could even remove my posts. They want to keep my posts but not keep me .. They have an agenda and can’t afford someone who doesn’t join the choir of slandering Morsi and praising al Sisi . The same thing happened with the blog called deLiberation where they could not accept that i post about the Native Nations issue.. Here it is because of Egypt and i was insulted and called a liar because of it . Really our problem is not with the ignorant but with the thinkers

  5. I’m sorry to see this happen, although we have different views on what is happening or will happen in Egypt, we all share the same objectives. So come on guys kiss and make up

    • Different view are welcome. Liars are not.

      The Giant (Egypt’s people) is neither sleeping nor dead

    • the uprooted usurpers have blocked me after insulting me and though the so called editor gave me three days yet when i started packing to leave , he blocked my password . what a usurper @ he has no right to keep my posts after blocking me . if he thinks my posts have value , how much more do i have ? i want my posts removed from this blog . the usurper blog

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