A 72 hours notice to “Honest” Danial Mabsout:
Provide you evidence or leave. Liars are not welcome here.
Mr. LIAR wrote:


“How can a blog called Uprooted Palestinians supposed to be a tribune for the Palestinian cause stand with those who cooperate and coordinate with Israel and promote those who recognize and compromise with Israel ?
Isn’t the goal of this global war on Syria to liquidate the Palestinian Cause ? Isn’t the Egyptian army the greatest recipient of US military aid ?
Doesn’t this army contribute up top twenty percent of the National income? Isn’t this aid provided by the US administration so that this army remains the vigil guardian of the shameful agreements with the usurping state of Israel?
How can such an army be compared to the Syrian Army ?
How can the closing of Rafah border or the tightening of the siege or the destruction of the tunnels or the abduction of Gaza fishermen serve the Palestinian Cause ?
Isn’t this done in coordination with Israel and the Palestinian Authority ?
How does this serve Syria and the Axis of the Resistance?
Or Syria is no more part of this Axis? Is it accepted that members of Hizbullah who offered logistic help to Gaza during the 2007 assault be prosecuted by the Egyptian Court and tracked by the Interpol? Is al Sisi to be praised for this as well ?”
I challenge this stupid Liar to give a quote where I said:
  • That closing of Rafah border or the tightening of the siege or the destruction of the tunnels or the abduction of Gaza fishermen serve the Palestinian Cause.  
  • That Syria is no more a part of resistance axis, or
  • That members of Hizbullah who offered logistic help to Gaza during the 2007 assault be prosecuted by the Egyptian Court,
  • Where I compared the Egyptian Army to the Syrian Army ?
I said: Let us wait and see, and I said: Sisi in no NASSER, and No Mubarak, and I said: the Giant is neither sleeping nor dead. full stop. 
This blog was against the war on Iraq, and destroying the Iraqi army, though that Army under the leadership of Saddam fought an 8 years American war to destroy the Great Islamic revolution in Iran, 
And this blog is against the ongoing destruction of both the Syrian army and Egypts Army, though its “the greatest recipient of US military aid,” contributing “up top twenty percent of the National income”  
The liar knows that the dispute with him is on Syria, and his Brotherhoods bastards, he calls the “so-called terrorists”

The real problem with this liar, is his double standard, he blames Sisi for camp David and defend Mursi, (34 YEARS OF ISRAELI-EGYPTIAN RELATION BLAMED ON MORSI), thus ignoring the following facts:

  • Mursi represents an 80 years old party, and the history of the party as a tool for the world order specially during the Saudi age that started after 1967 (In particular, the MB’s war on Syria that started on late 1970’s . 
  • Ignoring that Sadat (Who poisoned Nasser) enjoyed Islamist’s support
  • Ignoring that MB where one of the domesticated opposition during all over Mubarak’s period 
  • Sisi, despite his rank, is a officer in what you called (THE UNITED STATES ARMY OF EGYPT) , who followed the orders  of Tantawi, (This is my reply to my friend Jeff Blankfort)
I am not defending Sisi, but like millions of Egyptians, if I have to select in between Mursi and Sisi (especially after he declared his sectarian war on Syria and Lebanon’s resistance), I chose SISI, and in doing that I am betting on what you wrongly called the “sleeping giant”, who will not allow another Mubarak, so I said:Let us wait and see. 
Concerning Syria, and the lair who claim supporting Syria questioned Syrian commitment to axis of resistance. He wrote: SYRIA : SURRENDER OR RESISTANCE ?
I repeat what I wrote at the bottom of that post

Comment by Alex

With full respect and appreciation for brother’s Daniel contribution, I understand his worries, but, I disagree with him On both Egypt and Syria.

“From the Axis of the Resistance to the Russian Umbrella a big step has been made and certainly a step that is not in favor of the armed Resistance .” Daniel claimed. “Syria who will soon attend Geneva 2- without the presence of Iran”

  • The same was said when Syria intervened in Lebanon in 1976 (With a green light from the USA). 
  • The same was said when Syria joined the USA desert storm.
  • Syria attended Madrid conference without Iran.




BTW, Iranian and Syrian FMs have arrived at Moscow on the same plane

 I would add what Nasser Kandil said, the joint meeting of Lavrov was a deceleration of a Russian, Syrian, Iranian axis.  Russia never held joint meeting.
The Liar claimed that Assad would betray the Axis of resistance to stay in power. and before, he hinted that Assad my compromise on Syrian national constants: FULL VISION OR COMPROMISE
Despite the many details given by the president of Syria regarding the deals, the prop
osals , the interferences and the relations with Turkey and Qatar and KSA , we were not given the full picture of the situation . something was missing for the picture to be complete and really representative . Do the Muslim Brothers constitute the major threat? And is Erdogan a Muslim Brother before being a NATO stooge ? And are the Muslim Brothers the most prominent danger threatening the area . What about Israel ? And where lies the danger regarding Syria ? And how to avoid it after recognizing it ? And why this praise of secularism and how secular Turkey was better than Muslim rule ? The nature of the situation does not allow half solutions and compromise . we need a full vision of the situation and an overall look and also assessment and self revision.
And when Syria agreed to go to Geneva 2 without Iran he went a further step and claimed that
“In order to continue to rule , Assad who agreed to shift the battle – according to Russia’s instructions – would have to present concessions not only to US but to Russia as well and this has already started in approving of the Egyptian military coup in Egypt and in turning the war against NATO and Israel into a war against Terrorism.”
The questions in above quote and the accusation in the 2nd are telling, 
  • Muslim brothers and Erdogan are not the major threatening Syria and the area.
  • The problem is secularism in Turkey, in Syria and now in Egypt.
 Here I would only quote, a paragraph from his post: NAJAH WAKEEM ON REGIONAL ISSUES

Wakeem praised the president of Syria saying that he has met him more than once and was impressed by his extreme politeness and as a president , he not only cares about providing the Syrians with what they need in these hard times but is worried about how the society as a whole will heal. Wakeem said that the president of Syria should never give up the presidency and will not give up and he is the sure winner of any presidential elections by the majority of voters.
BTW, Wakeem is secular Nasserist and was never a pro-assad.
Moreover, His title YARMOUK CAMP UNDER SIEGE  is telling, Yarmouk is under Assad’s siege, not under Islamists terrorist occupation. Terrorism is not Muslim brothers and Terrorism is not Wahabism
“Terrorism is the new Weapon that the world order has developed whereby Natives will be hired, paid and trained in order to kill other Natives.” 
The Hired natives hired to kill other Natives are known. I wrote about the other Natives, here is one written one year ago: A Gun for Rent: After Libya, Hamas “Jihad” in Syria continues.
and here is what he wrote about Hamas denial interference in Syrian affairs, involvement in Yarmouk camp and destabilization of the lives of Palestinians in Syria…  
Everything in Haniyya’s speech was denial . Denying the interference in Syria or in Syrian affairs , denying the involvement in Yarmuk camp , denying the destabilization of the lives of Palestinians in Syria , denying rallying against Syria , denying the internal crisis, denying the uncertain future , denying the Egyptian threat..”


Copy right: daniel Mabsout
Copy right: daniel Mabsout
Now, he forget Hamas Denial in Syria, and accepted its denial in Egypt claiming its innocence, describing it as resistance, while on ground Hamas has become a resistance against resistance.  WAR ON TERROR OR WAR ON THE RESISTANCE?  
 In his article WAR AGAINST TERRORISM INSTEAD OF WAR AGAINST ISRAEL, you dared to claim that Syria has become a tool for the word order. 
As if by a magic tour this ugly war launched on Syria by the World order has turned into a war launched by Syria against terrorism. How did this happen? 

Here, he forgot what he said above about Natives (Terrorist Natives) killing other natives, and asked a stupid question HOW COME THEY FEAR THEM IN EGYPT AND SUPPORT THEM IN SYRIA ?

The answer is very simple, they fear them in Egypt, because, Egypt, the biggest  Arab country, is the birth place of Brothers of America, and they support them in Syria because there is no peace with the enemy without Syria, the Last Arab resistance fort. In fact, in Syria, they support Wahhabi salafisism.  

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  1. you give Daniel this challenge: “I challenge this stupid Liar to give a quote where I said:”, yet you deny him the right of reply….says to me who the liar really is….

    • “says to me who the liar really is….”
      The “liar” is Me, say it Nancy

      I gave him 72 hours, to provide a single quote of the les he put on my tongue, OR LEAVE. instead of proving his lies, he decided to leave and before leaving he deleted over hundred posts, and forced me withdraw his powers, after restoring the posts.

      So I haven’t denied him the right to reply.
      The challenge is still valid. Let him post his evidence at his site, and I promise to publish it here, and apologize.
      Since, you decided without prove that I am the liar, I pass the same challenge to you, How much time you need Nancy??

    • So, you are insisting to know who the liar really is…
      It is you Nancy, who rushed without investigation to claime that I denied his right to reply.

      Yes I gave him the challenge and he replied. Take it Nancy, the proof that you are lied

      He replied check his poem at the bottom.
      He replied under another thread

      1. You are a deranged person , this is not your backyard , this is UPROOTEDPALESTINIAN BLOG , the name says and not Alex’s Blog . and I suggest that you get some help . Who do you think you are ? You behave as if you are master of the place . This is not your private property and you are not master of the place . Shame on you for behaving thus. This is neither politics nor Palestine this is pure delirium from which you should recover and lack of decency . Go get some manners.
      It was posted several times, and they call it spasm. Click to read it
      And when I caught him deleting posts he wrote. He confessed what he did and wrote.
    • i do not have lies that i want to remove ; i want to remove my posts from use on blogs edited by people like you who have ties and commitments they cannot neither protect nor expose.
    • In the first post he claimed that this blog is not my private property. Though, I am the founder, I would say yes it the property of it contributors, followers and reader. If so, using his argument his published posts are not his property, especially the commented post.
      Now, I ask you again;
      What time do you need to prove that I am the Liar.

  • The Liar failed, instead of providing a single quote confirming what he put on my tongue.

    in posting the above poem of Abu Tayib he is calling  Egypt nation of Liars and slaves.

    The real slave of the world order are the Muslim Brothers he defends. If Abu Tayib is alive He would say: I meant those Liars and Slaves

  • شعر أبو الطيب المتنبي

    انـي نزلـت بكذابيـن ضيفهـم
    عن القـرى وعن الترحال مـحدود
    جود الرجال من الأيدي وجودهـم
    من اللسـان فلا كانوا ولا الـجود
    ما يقبض الموت نفسا من نفوسهـم
    إلا وفـي يـده من نتنهـا عـود
    من كل رخـو وكاء البطن منفتـق
    لا في الرحـال ولا النسوان معـدود
    أكلما اغتـال عبد السـوء سيـده
    أو خـانه فلـه في مصـر تـمهيد
    صار الخصـيُّ إمام الآبقيـن بـها
    فالـحر مستعبـد والعبـد معبـود
    نامت نواطيـر مصـر عن ثعالبهـا
    فقد بشمـن وما تفنـى العناقيـد
    العبـد ليس لـحر صالـح بـأخ
    لو أنه فـي ثيـاب الـحر مولـود
    لا تشتـر العبـد إلا والعصا معـه
    أن العبيـد لأنـجاس مناكيــد
    ما كنت أحسبنـي أحيا الى زمـن
    يسـيء بي فيه كلب وهو مـحمود
    ولا توهـمت أن الناس قد فقـدوا
    وأن مثل أبـي البيضـاء موجـود
    وأن ذا الأسود الـمثقوب مشفـره
    تطيعـه ذي العضـاريط الرعاديـد

    by The Notorious Arab Poet AL MUTANABBI

    The benevolence of real man is in their act of giving while the benevolence
    of those is just in words . May they be doomed along with their benevolence
    Death will not seize any of them except by way of a stick due because their souls are stinking
    Is it every time that a slave kills his master or betrays him that Egypt rallies behind him?
    Egypt’s guardians have slept on the foxes who have become satiated , but the grapes have not ran out.
    The enslaved is not worth having for brother by a free dignified person even if he be dressed with the garbs of freedom
    Do not purchase an enslaved unless he is with a stick because the enslaved is base and worthless
    I never thought i would live to a time where an enslaved will insult me and be praised
    Nor i thought that life will be short of people or that the like of Mister Whitey existed

  • ملف الاسبوع _ مصر على ابواب الاستحقاق الرئاسي
    the Liar claimed that this blog promoted those who recognize and compromise with Israel
    The above video is aired by an Iranian Channel.
    Is Iran promoting those who recognize and compromise with Israel??

    Provide you evidence or leave. Liars are not welcome here.

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