The Liar wants his Lies removed

The liar deleted some posts, all deleted posts are restored.


“i want my posts removed from this usurper blog immediately , if i am a liar as you think , so my posts are of no value to you , would you please remove them or unblock me so that i remove them. i don’t want to have anything to do with this blog.”

I gave you 72 hours to prove you lies. 

Provide you evidence or leave. Liars are not welcome here.

Instead of providing the evidence the liar decided to ran away with his lies.

“I am leaving this blog of Uprootedpalestinians run by ignorant people who lack decency of mind and speech.”

And now he plays the Zionist victim-hood game

You lies shall not be removed until you provide a link to where I said: 

  • That closing of Rafah border or the tightening of the siege or the destruction of the tunnels or the abduction of Gaza fishermen serve the Palestinian Cause.  
  • That Syria is no more a part of resistance axis, or
  • That members of Hizbullah who offered logistic help to Gaza during the 2007 assault should be prosecuted by the Egyptian Court,
  • Where I compared the Egyptian Army to the Syrian Army ?

5 Responses

  1. I agree with Greg Bacon – it is unbecoming to use the Uprooted Palestinians as a forum to attack a poster. I don’t see why he should not be allowed to remove his posts from a site that publicly vilifies him. If you cannot work together then why not delete his posts, delete the insults and get on with more productive stuff?

  2. What about the Palestinians?

    Or do they no longer count?

    Goodbye, I’ll find another bog that doesn’t engage in petty bickering.

    • Please be patient Greg, normal service resumed as soon as possible. Stay with it

  3. You are a deranged person , this is not your backyard , this is UPROOTEDPALESTINIAN BLOG , the name says and not Alex’s Blog . and I suggest that you get some help . Who do you think you are ? You behave as if you are master of the place . This is not your private property and you are not master of the place . Shame on you for behaving thus. This is neither politics nor Palestine this is pure delirium from which you should recover and lack of decency . Go get some manners.

  4. i do not have lies that i want to remove ; i want to remove my posts from use on blogs edited by people like you who have ties and commitments they cannot neither protect nor expose

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