“Terrorism is not Wahabism” – Omar Atrash Charged in Haret Hreik 2 Blasts – Military Court Judge Charges 12 People for Forming (SO-CALLED) Terrorist Group

Terrorism is not Wahabism” Thus said Pro-Resistance anal-ysist Daniel Mabsout.

daniel mabsoutThis war on terrorism is nothing more than shifting of the original struggle with Israel ; it serves more than a purpose. It replaces the fight with Israel with another fight that benefits Israel and the world order . It keeps the Arab armies busy fighting a fictitious enemy called Terrorism created by the establishment. It destroys Arab countries and dismantles Arab societies that will be torn by internal conflicts . It exposes and threatens directly the armed Resistance to Israel . Should Syria really settle for this and carry on this task ?

Weren’t there any other alternatives ?

The stupid wants Syria and consequently Hezbollah to leave those freedom fighters (so-called terrorists). The war on them threatens directly the armed Resistance to Israel .

Omar Atrash Charged in Haret Hreik 2 Blasts

Local Editor

Government commissioner to the military court in Omar AtrashLebanon Judge Saq Saqr on Wednesday pressed charges against Omar al-Atrash and other five people on the blast that rocked Haret Hreik last Monday.

The judge referred the case to the Military Investigative Magistrate. Omar al-Atrash had been arrested over planning the two terrorist attacks that stormed Haret Hreik last month and over belonging to terrorist groups.

Judge Saqr Saqr also ordered on Wednesday the arrest of three suspects in Choueifat blast, among them the taxi driver who transported the suicide bomber to the blast scene.

Source: Agencies
05-02-2014 – 18:56 Last updated 05-02-2014 – 18:5
Lebanon Military Court Judge Charges 12 People for Forming Terrorist Group
Local Editor
SaqrGovernment commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr pressed charges on Wednesday against a terrorist gang.The 12-member gang includes three detained (1 Lebanese and 2 Syrians) in the crime of forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist acts, buy weapons, detonators, rockets and explosives in order to plant them across Lebanon and plan to assassinate officials in the North. Saqr referred the accused to the military magistrate.
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