A guy posing as Pro-Resistance writer has revealed his agenda of casting doubts about Syria commitment towards the Axis of Resistance and the Palestinian cause.

The choice is always there and the road is open and the Golan Heights could be liberated the same way Lebanon was liberated…The path of the Resistance is hard but that of surrender is harder…

 He forget what he previously wrote on Syria’s Assad I would only quote, a paragraph from his post: NAJAH WAKEEM ON REGIONAL ISSUES

Wakeem praised the president of Syria saying that he has met him more than once and was impressed by his extreme politeness and as a president , he not only cares about providing the Syrians with what they need in these hard times but is worried about how the society as a whole will heal. Wakeem said that the president of Syria should never give up the presidency and will not give up and he is the sure winner of any presidential elections by the majority of voters.”

“In order to continue to rule , Assad who agreed to shift the battle – according to Russia’s instructions – would have to present concessions not only to US but to Russia as well and this has already started in approving of the Egyptian military coup in Egypt and in turning the war against NATO and Israel into a war against Terrorism.”

Assad to continue ruling Syria, is fighting a WAR AGAINST TERRORISM INSTEAD OF WAR AGAINST ISRAEL.

This war on terrorism is nothing more than shifting of the original struggle with Israel ; it serves more than a purpose. It replaces the fight with Israel with another fight that benefits Israel and the world order . It keeps the Arab armies busy fighting a fictitious enemy called Terrorism created by the establishment. It destroys Arab countries and dismantles Arab societies that will be torn by internal conflicts . It exposes and threatens directly the armed Resistance to Israel . Should Syria really settle for this and carry on this task ? Weren’t there any other alternatives?”

By resistance he meant Hamas, who stabbed Syria in the Back.

“The Egyptian minister of interior has officially accused HAMAS of training and helping the Muslim Brothers and of interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs . HAMAS has denied these accusations saying they are made up and unfounded .”

“This is to say that lately the Egyptian military who seized power by a coup that deposed the elected president Mursi, and who confronted the Muslim Brothers killing hundreds of them, have banned the Muslim Brothers – who are an essential constituent of the Egyptian society- from political life and frozen all their assets in the societies and associations they monitor. The Muslim brothers have thus become a prohibited Party.”

He forget what he wrote about THE MIND MAZE OF HANIYYA

“Everything in Haniyya’s speech was denial . Denying the interference in Syria or in Syrian affairs , denying the involvement in Yarmuk camp , denying the destabilization of the lives of Palestinians in Syria , denying rallying against Syria , denying the internal crisis, denying the uncertain future , denying the Egyptian threat..”

He justified the treason of Muslim brothers, and their Zionist war to destroy the Egypt’s society and Army (THE UNITED STATES ARMY OF EGYPT), after what they did in Syria to the Russian union army of Syria. 

Do the Muslim Brothers constitute the major threat? And is Erdogan a Muslim Brother before being a NATO stooge ? And are the Muslim Brothers the most prominent danger threatening the area . What about Israel ?” He asked

Sponsoring Hamas long truce with Israel, and protecting its border from resistance IS RESISTANCE. Opening the gates of Yarmouk Camp to Nusra Front is Liberation, YARMOUK CAMP UNDER SIEGE, by the Syrian Arab army, not under occupation of MB “freedom fighters”

Why to blame the 34 Years of Israeli-Egyptian Relation On Morsi, Mr. Mazbout asked ignoring the treason’s history of Muslim brothers, Sadat’s Slaves since he poisoned Nasser and pave the way to Camp David.

He used Sheikh Imam’s famous songs. ” Who can hold Egypt prisoner” Says the song. 
“The answer is : No one of course can do that and Egypt finally will work out its own release and will liberate itself .” Daniel answered Shaikh Iman, off course from the millions of “Slaves” who filled the Streets and square to remove, Saladin Mursi, the great friend of Perez. However, Daniel was right Al Mutannabi is still among us sharing his feelings with us . His famous poem is describing Egypt of the Murshid, and his boy Mursi. 
Thanks for the translation.

“The benevolence of real man is in their act of giving while the benevolence of those is just in words . May they be doomed along with their benevolence Death will not seize any of them except by way of a stick because their souls are stinking Is it every time that a slave kills his master or betrays him that Egypt rallies behind him?Egypt’s guardians have slept on the foxes who have become satiated , but the grapes have not ran out.The enslaved is not worth having for brother by a free dignified person even if he be dressed with the garbs of freedom Do not purchase an enslaved unless he is with a stick because the enslaved is base and worthless I never thought i would live to a time where an enslaved will insult me and be praised Nor i thought that life will be short of people or that the like of Mister Whitey existed”

I wished Daniel chosed another song of Shaikh Imam about Egypt and a particular Egyptian named Samir Ghatas being an annual visitor of Qala’a Prison. 

صباح الخير

صباح الخير علي الورد اللي فتح في جناين مصر
صباح العندليب يشــــدي بألحان السبوع يا مصر
صــبـاح الداية واللفة ورش الملح في الزفة
صباح يطلع بأعلامنا من القلعة لباب النصر
سلامتك يامة يا مهرة
يـــــا حبالة يا ولادة يا سـت الكل يا طاهرة
سلامتك من آلام الحيض من الحرمان من القهرة
سلامة نهدك المرضع سلامة بطنك الخضرا
هناكي وفرحة الوالدة   تضمي الولد يا والدة
يصونهم لك ويحميهم يكترهم يخليهم
يجمع شــملهم بيكي يتمم فرحتك بيهم
صباح الخير علي ولادك صباح الياسمين والفل
تعيشي ويفنوا حسادك ويسقوهم كاسات الذل
وبلغ يا ســـــــمير غطاس يا ضيف المعتقل سنوي 
بصوتك دا اللي كله حماس صباح الخير على الثانوي 
وأهلا بيكو في القلعه وباللي في الطريق جايين 
ما دامت مصر ولادة
وفيها الطلق والعادة
حتفضل شمسها طالعة برغم القلعة والزنازين

كلمات: احمد فؤاد نجم
ألحان: الشيخ امام 

4:40 to the end

Samir Ghatas was the advisor of Abu-Jihad the leader of 1st Intifada. Samir was Interviewed yesterday by Amro -Naseef of Al-Manar.

سمير غطاس _ ماذا بعد / المنار 06 02 2014 

On the Terrorists – Sorry the so Called terrorist – war on Egypt 

د سمير غطاس : التنظيم الدولى وبخ مشعل على خطاب هنية الاخير

Om Mishaal and the International Brotherhood

Hamas and botherhood

د. سمير غطاس يغسل ويكـوي الحمساوي موسى أبو مرزوق ويفضح بالدليل حركة حماس الخائنـة

Samir Ghatas and ABU-Marzouk of Hamas

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  1. I second most of Al Mutannabi song, except the part where he so loosely fingers Mr. Whitey. Much better to name the evil more accurately, say by measuring said evil peoples attachment to producing more slaves. At this stage in history an all out race war would be a slave producing windfall unparalleled in history. Free white people see the danger in slaves too. Thankyou for letting me speak to your side.Russell Olausen, Alberta, Canada. On a frosty -20c day at the end of the first week of Feb. 2014.

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