Daniel Mazbout Discovered the SPONSORS of TERRORISM

Hezbollah fighters parade during a ceremony honoring their martyrs in the southern suburbs of Beirut. (File photo)
Hezbollah fighters parade during a ceremony honoring their martyrs in the southern suburbs of Beirut. (File photo)


So, every one (EXCEPT IRAN) seems to be joining the war on terror , whether Egypt, Iraq or Syria, even Saudi Arabia- which is taking today draconian measures- is joining in . And Turkey will join in soon but will have first to define who the terrorist is, and whether terrorism could include the Kurds , if it could include the Kurds then Erdogan is for it . So, everyone is joining in and the terrorists also are joining in, and you have terrorists fighting terrorists, and army fighting terrorists, and this cannot end . The war on terrorism cannot end .

(What about Iran?: Iran advocates fight against terrorism: Diplomat)
Nowadays , in order to qualify as a legal state and acquire legitimacy, you have either to create terrorism , or fight terrorism. Either behavior will make you eligible for admission. Now, each state must have some terrorists to fight, and each eligible leader should have a terrorist twin that will add to his credibility. With al Sisi, is born the terror of the Muslim Brothers of Egypt who are not even a fighting faction or a militia, and their terror expands to include HAMAS which is Armed Resistance, and the terror of HAMAS will expand to include all Palestinians who are the oppressed of this earth . 


عزيز دويك

رئيس المجلس التشريعي الفلسطيني عزيز دويك، لـ”الشروق”:

الإطاحة بالنظام السوري الآن أولى من الجهاد في فلسطين

Jihad in Syria has priority on Jihad in Palestine
(They Just Lost On Their Way To Jerusalem) – Mazbout

Now read the LIAR

Now, blogs like Uprootedpalestinians are praising Field Marshall al Sisi  (Egypt s uprising on June 30) together with President Assad, because both are fighting terrorism . The blog which is supposed to defend Palestinians’ rights is praising those responsible for tightening the siege on Gaza and withholding fuel and closing the Rafah borders – after destroying the tunnels – and threatening the district of Gaza with invasion and abducting the fishermen who venture close to the borders. All this is to be overlooked because al Sisi is fighting terrorism which he contributed in creating . 

(Liar: Break The siege Siege on Gaza 558 post)

In Case you missed it:

Now, every one knows that there was no victory in Syria, there was no victory as there was no defeat . 
Now read the liar
The victory in al Qusayr achieved by the Syrian Army and the Resistance is more than a victory over the opposition , it is the victory of the axis of the Resistance over the World Order and Israel and this … Continue reading 
Nothing will stop the Syrian army from cleansing the whole country from the thugs of the opposition . The Syrian flag now has replaced that of the opposition in al Qusayr and is seen from far witnessing the victory of … Continue reading 
This whole war had for goal to shift the struggle from the Arab / Israeli struggle to the terror / anti terror struggle, and these two have the same origin and are controlled by the same side. Russia has accepted to be part of this project too . This struggle is not new, and has started more than a decade ago and, in its name, at least two wars have been waged against Iraq and Afghanistan, and both wars are not close to end and are causing great destruction .

What the world order (INCLUDING THE TRAITORS IN RAMALLAH AND GAZA) seeks is to liquidate the Palestinian Cause in a costless process , and for this, it has to isolate Palestinians ( PAESTINIANS ARE NOT ABBAS AND MISHAAL) from their Arab environment on the ground of terrorism. It is al Sisi Brothers of America ) that in charge of such a task and all the others -even Assad- will back al Sisi. And when the Palestinian Authority will offer all the concessions that are needed, there will be no one to object or oppose these concessions , and when the right of return will be abolished no one will raise his voice to say no ; every one will be busy fighting terrorism and defending al Sisi or praising Assad . Blogs like Uprootedpalestinians – which are part of the set up – will be busy too fighting the wars of others . (ASSHOLE: PROVIDE YOUR EVIDENCE)

Defeating terrorism is not just by fighting its manifestations on the ground, but by identifying the forces that stand behind it and perpetrate it and monitor it and benefit from it directly or indirectly . 



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  1. you are only exposing yourself and your blog and you are not discrediting Mabsout. And what you are doing is at your own expense. It is your blog that is suffering and is being discredited because you are not behaving in a decent way. You are exposing yourself instead.

  2. Dear Editor, you are actually making a mockery of yourself. Everyone who is familiar with the honorable Daniels writings , knows his thoughts and views to be of those of deep thought and wisdom. You, with your constant mission to de fame Daniel after his opinion differs to yours, defaming and twisting his words… And grabbing lose snippets from different of his writings to fit into your twisted comprehension .. Is merely but a reflection of yourself…. You talk of liberating Palestine? I suggest you liberate yourself first … Liberate yourself from spreading lies and twisting words … Very much like al jazeera mind you.

    • Sediqua
      I guess you are making a mockery of yourself in supporting your “honorable” LIES, and AGENDA of driving wedges the axis of resistance. Syria Iran and Hezbollah are on the same page

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