Geneva II: Coalition Delegation Refuses to Tackle Counterterrorism


The coalition delegation rejected including counterteGeneva IIrrorism on the conference’s agenda, and that no agreement was reached on the agenda, SANA reported.

The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic began discussing the issue of terrorism and will continue to do so until a common national project for counterterrorism is reached.

The Syrian official delegation said that no other item will be discussed before discussing the issue of combating terrorism which is affecting the Syrian people, in accordance with the first Geneva communiqué, wondering how there can be discussion of political issues when the coalition delegation refuses to include counterterrorism in the agenda.

Upon the request of Syria’s official delegation, the morning session between Syria’s official delegation and the coalition delegation started on Tuesday by observing a minute of silence for the souls of Maan martyrs in Hama countryside and Syria’s martyrs.

Earlier, Syria’s official delegation arrived to UN HQ in Geneva to take part in the morning session in the presence of UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi.

Source: Agencies
11-02-2014 – 16:46 Last updated 11-02-2014 – 16:46

Syria, since 1980’s, asked for a universal definition of terrorism.

الشيخ عبد السلام الحراش والقاضي عمار بلال _ ارهاب العصابات المسلحة / الفضائية 1

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