Geneva 2: Syrian lesson to the the enemy, the “enemy within” and the “theory of everyone”


By the enemy within I mean those, despite intentions, serving the Zion agenda of dividing the Axis of Resistance.  

Ariadna Theokopoulos hit the nail in exposing the “Theory of everything” 

Applying the “theory of everyone” on the so-called “Arab Spring”:

  • The Egyptian uprising is nothing but a world order conspiracy, to force Syria to join the World’s order war on terror.
  • The war on Syria is nothing but a mean to force Syria to join the World’s order war on terror.
  • The world order terror war on Resistance is equal to resisting world’s order terror in Syria and Egypt. The target of both is liquidation of the Palestinian cause. Muslim brothers leading the war on Axis of resistance in Syria, are not terrorists because their Hamas was part of that axis.

The Theory

every one seems to be joining the war on terror , whether Egypt, Iraq or Syria, even Saudi Arabia- which is taking today draconian measures- is joining in . And Turkey will join in soon but will have first to define who the terrorist is, and whether terrorism could include the Kurds , if it could include the Kurds then Erdogan is for it . So, everyone is joining in and the terrorists also are joining in, and you have terrorists fighting terrorists, and army fighting terrorists, and this cannot end . The war on terrorism cannot end .”

However, here, the Theory of “everyone” excludes Iran and Hezbollah. The theory failed to mention that the Islamic revolution in, Iran since day one, is fighting the world order terrorism represented 

by Mojahideen Khalq, Sadam, Talban, Jund Allah, and now Takfiri terrorism in Syria.

    Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi stressed Monday that:

     “Iran will keep always to be the strategic depth of the proud people, especially in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, against the Zionist occupation and the Takfiri terrorism.”

    Iran’s ambassador statement confirms the strategic alliance with Syria and Palestine against the Zionist and the Takfiri terrorism. According to the theory, Wahhabism is not terrorism, and the Takfiri terrorist are thugs, not terrorists.  —- On Geneva

    2 and the second Egyptian’s uprising inspired by the Syrian 3 years



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