Fifty British jihadis terrorists back from Syria war ‘plotting a new 7/7 attack’ in UK

Intelligence officers believe 50 of the estimated 250 returning jihadis – experts in explosives and weapons – are out for revenge on the UK
A hardcore group of 50 British jihadis who have been fighting in Syria have returned to the UK and are planning to attack us, MI5 fears.

Intelligence officers believe the killers – experts in explosives and weapons – are out for revenge after the Home Office vowed to crack down on “terror tourists” battling and training abroad.

Around 250 jihadis are thought to have returned, but 50 are said to be plotting another attack like 7/7.

Homegrown fanatics are going to war-torn Syria to learn deadly skills but there have been recent threats of laws banning them from fighting abroad.

A security source said: “The very laws banning their jihad travels may goad so-called reformed jihadists into violence. Having had a taste of the frontline and seeing fellow extremists become martyrs they could turn on mainland Britain.

“It is very important extremist groups are identified and monitored to make sure they do not endanger British lives.”

Anti-terror police have stepped up the monitoring of extremist mosques and border officials are tightening checks on suspects trying to return from Syria.

Arrests linked to Syria are soaring, with 16 so far this year, compared to 24 for all of 2013. Extremists can get life in jail for “acts preparatory to terrorism and assisting a person in such activities” and they can get 10 years for “training as a terrorist”.

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