Takfiri Terrorism Enemy of Entire Lebanon including Daniel Mazbout

“Terrorism is occupying the field , to the point that one can be a terrorist and an anti terrorist at the same time without causing much controversy . 
This terrorism thing works like a miracle especially in Lebanon where terrorism has almost become one of the many religious communities and soon might be represented in the Lebanese parliament by few deputes .” Daniel Mazbout

Daniel is Mazbout (Right) here. He confirmed his bias and double standards.
A terrorist in Syria and Lebanon, is a freedom fighter in Egypt, fighting the Army of Sisi collaborating with Israel.

المُبشر به ‘ خالد الضاهر يبُث سموم الفتنة!Mazbout also,”terrorism has almost become one of the many religious communities and soon might be  [IS] represented in the Lebanese parliament by few deputes” No only in Lebanon, Mr. Mazbout, In Egypt, The president of Terrorism declared “Holly WAR’ on Syria and Hezbollah


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Hezbollah: Takfiri Terrorism Enemy of Entire Lebanon, including Who Justify It

Local Editor
Commenting on the terrorist crime that targeted the Lebanese army’s checkpoint at the entrance of Hermel’s city, Hezbollah issued a statemHezbollahent in which it considered that the terrorist track does not seek pretexts, yet carries out the acts of murder, slaughtering, exclusion and destruction without taking into consideration the affiliation of the victims.This takfiri terrorism is the enemy of all the Lebanese, including those who justify it and claim that it responds to certain acts, the statement added.Hezbollah also greeted the heroic acts of the leadership, the officers and the soldiers of the Lebanese army whose heroes sacrifice their souls to protect the citizens from the death cars.Hezbollah condemned the terrorist crime and called on all the competent services to arrest and severely punish the plotters.

The statement further called on all the Lebanese to take a collective, patriotic stance that supports the Lebanese army, rejects terrorism and stops justifying it.
Hezbollah finally offered condolences to the military leadership, the martyrs’ families as well as the civilians and hopes for a speedy recovery to the wounded.
Translated by Al-Manar English Website

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