Flight MH370, Terrorism Derailed


Some stories never seem to go away and some stories should never go away. When dealing with the mysterious disappearance nearly a month ago of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the story has expanded due to continuing media lies and quality independent investigative journalism.

One lie, reported here for the first time, is that this plane is actually a 777/200ER. The “ER” stands for “Extended Range.” According to Lt. Col. Stephen Avery USAF (ret), an airline security specialist and former commercial pilot:

“This specific model has two wing tanks and a belly tank in the cargo hold. It carries 333,400 pounds of fuel, capable of reaching Frankfurt, not just the Indian Ocean. This is the confirmed fuel configuration for flight 370;

  • 69000 pounds in each wing (128,000 pounds total)
  • 182,300 pounds in the main tank
  • 12,600 aux tank (this model only)
  • 333,400 pounds of fuel total

It can fly from Atlanta to Mumbai and when the plane lands it still has an hour and a half of fuel left. This plane has the most efficient engines in the world, much more efficient than the GE or Pratt and Whitney engines.”

 Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist known for his outstanding work on 9/11, discovered an “analog” of flight 370, the “sister plane.” This aircraft was sold by Malaysian Airlines to a firm in Fort Lauderdale, hangared for a while in Southern France and then transferred to Tel Aviv. Photographic evidence supports every part of this process, tracking the plane from France to Tel Aviv where it sits with its “Malaysian Airlines” markings when photographed in December 2013.

In Israel, the plane has remained hidden while Israeli authorities have claimed that Iran hijacked flight 370.

Can one assume that the plane held in “cold storage” in Tel Aviv may well have been turned into convenient “wreckage” supporting Israel’s official “conspiracy theory” that Iran had hijacked the plane and was planning to convert it into a “dirty bomb” and crash it into Israel.

That would be exactly what the world community might well accept as justification for an Israeli attack on Iran. Such an attack has been discussed, not only within Israel but has been openly advocated by Israel’s friends in the US congress, people like Representative Duncan Hunter and Senator’s McCain and Graham.

Similarly, Malaysian Airlines, who sold the plane to the Israeli “front companies,” has continually lied about what they have known regarding the planes location. We will examine this issue more closely.

There are unconfirmed reports of a third plane as well and a published reports from a Hong Kong source, also unverified, that ECM (Electronic Counter-Measure) systems were being installed on the missing plane and/or one or more “analogs.”


Whether or not this alleged airline hijacking or crash or “gross avionics malfunction” is attributed to Iranian terrorists as Israel claims or groups with other intentions, the US has deployed a robust air defense screen covering key areas of its East Coast from New York through South Carolina.

This screen includes JLENS aerostat based systems designed to detect and intercept cruise missiles and low flying aircraft. AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) aircraft have been deployed along with AEGIS ships with advanced air defense systems.


Nothing happens within a vacuum. The following indicators increase the threat level and probability that flight 370 is part of a larger conspiracy:

  1. Simultaneous to Israel blaming the flight “disappearance” on Iran using evidence now attributable to falsification by an intelligence agency, Israel has closed its embassies around the world.
  2. A story, now revealed as a hoax, was placed in the Huffington Post on March 28, 2014 citing President Obama with authorizing Saudi Arabia’s arming of Al Qaeda with advanced air defense weapons capable of downing any commercial aircraft in the world.
  3. Long discredited defense firms tied to death squad activities and rendition kidnappings around the world, firms tied to “Blackwater” related anti-government extremist groups in the US, are being hired to murder key pro-Russian leaders in the Eastern Ukraine.

Moreover, the “hijackers” with “false passports” have now been revealed to be the product of “Photoshop fiction,” airport video carelessly altered not unlike the video released by Israel after the commando attack on the Turkish flagged Mavi Marmara.

Israel has recently agreed to indemnify Turkey for killing 9 passengers of that ship after video evidence, when examined, showed “armed terrorists” walking through steel bulkheads like ghosts.


67567This is a big story, an inexorable revelation of state sponsored terrorism on a global scale encompassing full mainstream media complicity. The reporting in the media has outraged China, outraged the families of the victims but even that outrage is censored.

Earlier stories revealed early knowledge of the planes route, known to numerous nations, satellite and radar tracking, aircraft systems that remained active, reporting engine condition, location and more.

Investigation of avionics on flight 370, analysis of the wrecking sightings, now confirmed to have been falsified, even photo analysis of “terrorists” with “stolen passports” on the plane, all have been debunked.

Here is what we have learned about the avionics. Flight 370, as reported in an earlier NEO article, had or has numerous redundant systems, not just communications but, as we have now discovered, a classified “uninterruptable” autopilot override. This system, patented by Boeing after 9/11, managed by satellite downloadable software patches by Raytheon is controlled, according to a Boeing press release from December 2006, by the CIA.

There have already been denials that the system was installed on this aircraft or that the Malaysian government blocked this modification. First of all, the system is classified. Secondly, the denials are from both anonymous or non-credible sources, in fact, tied to the same sources, as we will see, responsible for other systematic “misreporting” and disinformation.

Simply put, at any time this or similarly equipped planes are suspected to be under control of either hijackers or “unsound” crew members, avionics and the onboard “auto-landing” system directs the plane to a predetermined airport using the Raytheon ARES (Advanced Route Evaluation System), a measure used to thwart terrorist attacks.

A startling discovery was a procedure that allowed cabin decompression in order to kill passengers. This system involves altering certain flight characteristics and the activation of a few systems on the plane that have no warnings or safety overrides. You can’t accidentally stall a Boeing 777 without the engines automatically overriding pilot controls but you can quite easily murder everyone onboard.



The Malaysian government has admitted that it has lied for weeks about what it knew about flight 370. Search and rescue efforts were sent far and wide, misusing valuable resources in areas that the Malaysian government now claims it knew 370 had never flown.

In fact, every media release thus far, and there have been dozens, have all been more than mistakes but part of an elaborate cover up that lends credence to not only Bollyn’s story but a broader conspiracy as well.

Though this story is less than a month old, so many bizarre and contradictory tales have spread across the mainstream media, most channeled through the hapless Malaysian government, that only the most recent stick with the public.

Let’s examine a couple of those.

Several reports indicate that wreckage has been spotted, some relatively close to Antarctica, though media have carefully altered maps to hide that fact.

There is a reason for this. The strongest ocean currents on the planet center exactly on the initial spot wreckage was claimed to have been spotted only a few days ago. These currents, the Antarctic Circumpolar Currents, based on Malaysia’s initial reports, would have pushed the floating wreckage to somewhere between New Zealand and Peru.

When this was made apparent, the claimed flight was then claimed to have been shortened “due to increased speed.” This would have then placed the wreckage further north, in counter-clockwise currents.

What is not told is that wreckage would then have been in the South Atlantic, not Indian Ocean.

3453Then again, information on the increased speed would have come from Rolls Royce’s technical oversight crews that, as reported in an earlier NEO story, monitored engine speed and temperature along with the exact position of the plane.

It is necessary to remind readers that the earlier NEO story outlined a scenario where Rolls Royce, using a SatCom link, shut down an engine on a Boeing 777/200 because of low oil pressure.

The pilot reporting that capability, the pilot acting as captain on that flight is also a United States Air Force colonel. The plane was operated by American Airlines.

The engine was shut down after landing. You see, Rolls Royce knows where a plane is, if it has landed, and where it has landed. If a plane is moving slowly, located exactly where an airport runway is and at the exact altitude representing a landing.

For instance, Daocheng Yading Airport in China is 14,472 feet above sea level. Without knowing where a plane lands and its exact altitude at the time, the confirmed Rolls Royce capability, that of shutting down engines through SatCom, would be suicidal.

We do, however, wonder who Rolls Royce has been informing of the location of the plane and why those authorities, presumed to be either British defense or intelligence ministries or both, failed to pass on this vital data to search and rescue personnel.

We are collecting a number of players here, Malaysia, certainly a pawn; Bollyn makes a case for Israeli involvement as they do for themselves with clumsily altered airport video and accusations against Iran.

If one or more “analog” planes used French facilities, that would include them as well. We have also made a case for British complicity in something.

Britain technically controls Diego Garcia, the only place the plane could have landed and refueled.

There is absolutely no evidence, thus far, that the plane crashed. Were such evidence to appear, thousands of miles away from where it should be, which, in reality, would be the bottom of the ocean, such evidence could only reasonably be assumed to have been “seeded.”


If anyone still remembers, stolen passports were a key issue supporting claims of an Iranian hijacking. Israeli defense officials claim that Iranian hijackers stole the plane, flew it to Iran where it is being turned into a massive bomb to be plummeted into Tel Aviv (where an identical aircraft is now being stored).

From an article in the South China Morning Post dated March 29, 2014:

Interpol has rebuked Malaysia after a senior politician criticised the technology behind international police agency as “slow” and an obstacle that hindered immigration checks.

The Lyon-based crime force said in a statement Malaysia “cannot be defended by falsely blaming technology or Interpol. If there is any responsibility or blame for this failure, it rests solely with Malaysia’s Immigration Department.”

Interpol’s information … may slow down the process of immigration’s check at counters.” AHMAD ZAHID HAMIDI

Zahid made his comments last Wednesday in parliament while explaining how two Iranians managed to evade border control checks to board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on March 8 using stolen passports.”

If what Interpol says is true, it is impossible to get on a plane in Malaysia with a stolen passport. They claim the check for stolen passports takes seconds.

Is Interpol lying or is Malaysia? Then we have the altered video of the imaginary “Iranian terrorists.” Then again, we have that plane in Tel Aviv.

Then again, Malaysia has lied so many times. Why? Avoiding responsibility for disasters is always expected. But could there be other reasons?

Information Minister: Erdogan’s government facilitated terrorists’ entry to Lattakia

Posted on March 31, 2014 by 

Mar 31, 2014

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said that the government of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has regularly facilitated the entry of the armed terrorist groups into Kassab area in Lattakia countryside.
In an interview on the Syrian TV late Sunday, Minister al-Zoubi considered Erdogan’s acts as a violation of international resolutions calling for convicting all forms of terrorist acts.
He said that Erdogan’s acts prove that the Syrian leadership was right when it said that Erdogan and his government are involved in international terrorism, adding that “the persons who entered Lattakia northern countryside are neither opposition members nor Syrian citizens, they are groups of armed and trained foreigners with certain purposes and agendas.”
Minister al-Zoubi said that the Syrian Army and Armed Forces have foiled the attack of the terrorists, who are all of non-Syrian nationalities.
He stressed that no one can say that Syria has foiled the Geneva2 conference, highlighting that Syria has been calling, since the beginning of the crisis, for a political course that leads to solutions.
Al-Zoubi said that the stance of the Syrian state was rejected by the so-called “coalition” and its backers because they were not seeking a political solution but fragmenting the state and moving it to a direction that serves the US and Israeli interests in the region.
Source: Syrian Arab News Agency “SANA”

The USA would like nothing better than a war between Europe and Russia

The US is prepared to plunge Europe into a war with Russia in order for Washington to preserve its hegemony over the transatlantic axis.

The key issues are the prevention of Russia and Europe developing closer trade and political ties – stemming primarily from a vast trade in energy fuels; and, secondly, the survival of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

So vital are these issues for continued American hegemony that Washington is prepared to sacrifice millions of lives in a war between Russia and its so-called transatlantic European “ally”.

The European commander, now retired, subsequently confided the information with Lehmann, who says that the tensions over Ukraine between Russia and Western powers are consistent with this latent American threat.The original threat was disclosed during the 1980s, but there is no reason to believe that the American policy of inciting a war in Europe has since changed. This is because the strategic rationale for the US bellicose logic remains the same. And recent events over Ukraine strongly suggest that Washington’s destructive designs are still in place.

Says Lehmann: “In the early 1980s, a European top NATO admiral said that American colleagues at the Pentagon had told him, unequivocally, that the US and UK would not hesitate in creating a new European war if the situation ever arose that Europe and Russia, then the USSR, were to develop close relations.”

 Central to the American rationale was, and continues to be, the issue of energy fuel. Washington does not want to see European and Russian economies integrating on the vital issue of trade in oil and gas, the foundation for economic and social development.

Dr. Christof Lehmann
Dr. Christof Lehmann

Over the past two decades since the end of the Cold War between the US-led West and the former Soviet Union, Europe and Russia have seen substantial alignment of their economies, primarily due to the enormous oil and gas volumes supplied by Moscow. European-Russian bilateral trade is well over $1 trillion annually, and is some tenfold that of US-Russian trade.

Russia accounts for nearly one-third of Europe’s total hydrocarbon fuel consumption. In Germany, the largest European economy, that figure rises to 40 per cent. With the new pipelines of the North Stream and the currently constructed South Stream, the role of Russia as the main energy supplier to Europe is set to grow even more over the coming decades.

Lehmann adds: “The American dominance of the Atlantic axis with Western Europe is threatened by this development of closer economic ties between Europe and Russia. Germany and the Czech Republic have since the end of the Cold War developed close economic and other relations with Russia. Both are, together with Austria and Italy, pushing a trend towards even tighter relations with Moscow.”

This trend was always seen as a strategic danger by Washington. It can be argued that the Cold War from 1945 to 1990 was deliberately instigated by the US as a bulwark to counter the naturally inclined trade integration between Europe and Russia, owing to the latter’s prodigious energy reserves and its continental proximity.

The strategic danger for the US is twofold. Firstly, a close relationship between Moscow and Europe would remove the rationale for America’s military role in NATO and thereby its political influence in Europe. The second is that the European-Russian energy trade undermines the role of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Exchange in such a key world market will inevitably move to the use of the Euro/Ruble, which would spell the end of global American financial hegemony, and with that, the end of the monstrously indebted US economy.

The American economy is already teetering on bankruptcy, with a total debt of $17 trillion, and spiraling. American bankruptcy and social implosion is an eventuality that is so far only postponed by the dollar’s continuance as the standard currency for international trade in fuel, and the de facto license for the US Federal Reserve to keep printing money way beyond any sound economic basis for doing so.

Says Lehmann: “The development of Russian-European partnership would leave the US politically, culturally and economically isolated within no more than 25 years. It would also mean that the US would become increasingly isolated in terms of its militarism and strategic encirclement of Russia and China. The dollar would collapse.”

An important side note is the insidious role of Britain. As the top European NATO commander revealed, the American war plans for Europe were supported by Britain. This is partly because of the historical co-dependence of Anglo-American capitalism, and also, as Lehmann points out, “a weakened Atlantic axis would mean a significant loss of British influence over Germany and France.”

This is the background to why Washington has sought to create a crisis over recent events in Ukraine. Washington has played the key role in fomenting regime change in that country, which has seen the rise of an unelected fascist junta in Kiev that poses a serious threat to Russia.

The Kiev demagogues have openly talked of inciting terrorism and mass murder against Russia and are willing to install American missiles on their Western border with Russia.

The debacle has led to the worse diplomatic crisis between European capitals and Moscow since the end of the Cold War. The possibility of a war between nuclear-armed powers may have receded for now, but the danger of such a catastrophe remains.

This weekend Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his American counterpart John Kerry for urgent talks in Paris. Reportedly, Kerry was holding the meeting to “de-escalate tensions” between Russia and the West. The reality is that Washington has done everything to escalate this conflict, in particular between Russia and Europe, for its own selfish strategic interests. That includes, if deemed necessary by the pyromaniacs in Washington, the ignition of all-out war in Europe.

Zionist terror state Army Attacks Land Day Protests Across West Bank, Jerusalem


[Sunday, March 30, 2014] Israeli soldiers violently attacked several nonviolent protests held by Palestinians across the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem marking the 38th anniversary of Palestine’s Land Day, leading to dozens of injuries and several arrests.

Image By Afif Amira - WAFA News
Image By Afif Amira – WAFA News

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that the army attacked and wounded dozens of Palestinians with gas bombs, live rounds and rubber-coated metal bullets, and physically assaulted several residents.

It said that at least one Palestinian was kidnapped in occupied Jerusalem, and several others were wounded, including a woman who suffered burns in her face, after the soldiers assaulted the protesters in Bab al-‘Amoud area, in the center of occupied Jerusalem.

The army also kidnapped another Palestinian in the Sultan Suleiman Street, in occupied Jerusalem, and injured a woman after attacking her and spraying her face with chemically modified pepper spray.

Abeer Zayyad of the Jerusalem First Campaign said the protesters were holding rallies to express their determination and steadfastness in their own land, and to protest the ongoing Israeli occupation and crimes against the Palestinian people.

She added that the army first kidnapped Khaled Husseini, coordinator of the campaign, on Sunday morning. Then, hundreds of soldiers and police officers were deployed in Bab al-‘Amoud, where they assaulted the nonviolent protesters.

In addition, the Follow-up Committee in al-Eesawiyya town, of occupied Jerusalem, said that the soldiers shot and wounded one young man, and kidnapped three others, during dawn clashes which took place on Sunday, after dozens of soldiers invaded the area.

Raed Abu Ryala, coordinator of the committee, told WAFA that the soldiers invaded several homes in Obeid neighborhood, violently searching them and causing excessive property damage, and assaulting Palestinians with pepper spray and batons, leading to several injuries.

Resident Ahmad Ali Obeid was also shot by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the leg, before the army kidnapped Mofid Shafiq Obeid, Wahib Mahmoud Obeid, and Mohammad Aziz Obeid.

In the Hebron district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, soldiers also attacked several protests marking Land Day.

Coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in nearby Beit Ummar town, Mohammad Awad, said the army fired rubber-coated metal bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades at the nonviolent protesters as they marched towards the Jerusalem-Hebron Road near the town.

Awad added that the soldiers also sprayed the protesters with sewage water in an attempt to force them to disperse.

The Hebron Defense Committee also organized a nonviolent protest, in cooperation with national political factions east of Hebron city, close to the illegal Keryat Arba’ settlement, and marched marking Land Day and demanding Israel to return the Rajaby home to its Palestinian owners. Israeli settlers now illegally occupy the home.

The protesters marched carrying Palestinian flags and posters demanding the Israeli High Court to void its illegitimate decision which granted the settlers ownership over the Palestinian home, WAFA said.

Member of the Hebron Defense Committee, Mohammad al-Jabreeny, said the Palestinians chose to mark Land Day by protesting near the rugby home to affirm their rejection of the decision of the Israeli court, and to affirm that the property is located within the occupied State of Palestine, a state recognized by the United Nations, therefore, the Israeli occupation has no legitimacy.

Member of the Central Committee of the leftist Palestinian People Party (PPP), Fahmi Shahin, said that Palestinians are facing a serious Israeli military escalation, land theft and ongoing illegitimate Israeli settlement activities.

Shahin added that the Palestinian people are also facing American pressures and attempts aiming at obliging them to abandon their legitimate, internationally guaranteed, rights in their homeland, and added that the Palestinians will remain steadfast, and will continue their national resistance against the occupation and its settlements.

Member of the Union of Palestinian Women Committees, Sara Mteir, said Palestinians will continue their resistance, and will remain steadfast until the liberation of their land despite the destruction of homes and property carried out by the occupation forces.

The National Committee against the Wall and Settlements in the al-Tiwani area, south of Hebron, in cooperation with student groups at the al-Quds Open University, planted trees in Palestinian lands which Israel intends to illegally confiscate so that it can expand the Ma’on illegal settlement, built on Palestinian lands.

In Tulkarem, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, several Palestinians were injured, mainly due to effects of tear gas inhalation, after Israeli soldiers attacked their nonviolent Land Day protest, west of the city.

The protest started in front of the Polytechnic College and, as the protesters headed towards the Israeli roadblock in the area, soldiers fired several gas bombs at them, leading to clashes with local youth.

The residents also planted olive saplings in lands belonging to the college, near the Annexation Wall in the area.

Tulkarem Governor, Lieutenant Abdullah Kamil, and various officials, representatives of private and governmental organizations, security officials and national factions, participated in the protest.

Kamil said that land is the core of the struggle, the symbol of life to the Palestinian people who lost thousands of residents to Israeli violence, while hundreds of thousands have been injured and imprisoned.

“This day is the day of every Palestinian, its hold all symbols of resistance and steadfastness of every Palestinian in every part of occupied Palestine, including historic Palestine,” he said. “This day reflects the strong bond between the Palestinians and their historic land of Palestine.”

As Palestinians marked Land Day, the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu allocated NIS 177 Million for illegal settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli soldiers invaded numerous Palestinian communities across the West Bank, and kidnapped several Palestinians.

The army broke into and searched dozens of homes and interrogated several Palestinians in their own homes, and on roadblocks spread across the occupied West Bank.

On Saturday, several fanatic Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian homes near the Rajaby house, hurling stones at them and at several Palestinian cars.

Palestinians started marking land day back on March 30, 1976, when Israel illegally annexed thousands of dunams of Palestinian lands and private property, and considered those lands as part of the state.

The Palestinians marched to protest the decision and, back then, the army shot and killed six Palestinians, and injured dozens of others.

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Bibi’s Final Solution; Nothing But Lies from Netanyahu


While world watches Ukraine, Netanyahu ramps up genocide in Palestine.

By Ronald L. Ray 

The apartheid, racist, terrorist, rogue nuclear state of Israel bears “prime responsibility” for a “dangerous and pressing humanitarian and economic situation” in Gaza, says a report commissioned by European Union consuls general.

And in the week leading up to the Jewish feast of Purim in mid-March, which celebrates and re-enacts the Jewish victory over their enemies through Queen Esther, Israelis escalated violence against the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. While both sides seemed to avoid a general conflict, there are signs that Israel may be establishing a situation that would enable them to complete their long-desired, genocidal “final solution” to the Palestinian “problem.” The Israeli blockade of Gaza, ongoing since 2006, intensified last year, when Egypt’s military established a pro-Zionist puppet regime in the Nile nation. Since that time, Egyptians frequently have closed the Rafah crossing into Gaza and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian tunnels, depriving the Gazans of over 80% of needed “construction materials, medical supplies, food, [fuel] and other goods,” said the EU officials. Aside from the other horrific effects, 1.7 million Palestinians must suffer up to 16 hours per day without electrical power. They are caught in a devastating and destabilizing “squeeze play” between two hostile governments, and Egypt now contributes to the genocide. A Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire was arranged in 2012, but Israel frequently has violated that agreement by destroying Palestinian and Catholic Church properties, firing on civilians in border areas, and poisoning water supplies in the occupied territories. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are arrested or killed on a nearly daily basis by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), merely for peaceful protests or throwing a few rocks at the occupying soldiers.

Over 40 Palestinians were injured in such clashes over the Purim weekend. In retaliation, Palestinian militia members sometimes fire mortars and rockets at territory claimed by Israel, typically into open areas, where no one is endangered. The latest surge in armed conflict between the two sides—the most intense since 2008—occurred on March 11, when three Islamic Jihad (IJ) members fired or attempted to fire a mortar at IDF troops apparently attempting to enter southern Gaza, according to an Agence France-Press report. An Israeli air strike killed the three, leading to IJ firing at least 60 rockets the following day into mostly unoccupied Israeli regions. The Israeli air force then launched some 29 air strikes against purported Palestinian militia strongholds and Rafah. By Friday, hostilities seemed to have been reduced. In the midst of all this, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the United States still has presented no promised framework for peace in Palestine, occupied by the Israelis since 1948, although an April 29 deadline for an agreement looms. While Palestinians recently expressed a willingness to accept the pre-1967 borders, Israel has refused the compromise.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu demands a racist, completely Jewish state, opposing United Nations insistence on a right of return for Palestinians expelled since 1948. He appears unwilling to remove illegal Israeli settlements from the Palestinian territories, with the infamous “wall of separation” being built 85% within those territories, unjustly depriving the native inhabitants of their land and their rights.

Israel’s illegal claim to East Jerusalem is also a grave stumbling block. Apart from the bellicose Netanyahu’s nearly psychotic demands, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded to the recent border violence with psychopathic calls for the IDF to re-occupy Gaza entirely, while Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon belligerently claimed Abbas is “not a partner for a permanent [peace] agreement.” Based on these and other recent events, it appears that the Israelis are employing a “divide and conquer” strategy against the rightful inhabitants of the Mideast land they have stolen. Israel presents irrational political demands while creating intolerable situations, which pit various Palestinian factions against each other and deliberately sabotage efforts for a just peace. Moreover, decades of U.S.-financed crimes against humanity, exercised against mostly defenseless Palestinians, have created a criminal, horrific tragedy: the largest death camp in the world, where millions of Palestinians face hopelessness and long, slow, painful deaths from torture, murder, disease and starvation at the hands of Jewish butchers. Netanyahu deliberately perpetuates ongoing genocide against the Palestinians. And if he can provoke the natives into responding with force, in order to then bomb them into oblivion, so much the better do the warmongers like it.

The time for words is over. Boycott Israel. Cut off diplomatic relations and all foreign aid to the Zionists. Isolate Israel from the civilized world. Free Palestine

Abu Zakariya: A must see

د يحيى ابو زكريا / حوار الاخبارية 29 03 2014

Shaaban on Land Day: Al-Quds and Golan eyes of Arab Nation

 Mar 30, 2014

Damascus, (SANA) Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said that al-Quds and Golan are the eyes of the Arab Nation and it is the duty of all to defend them, adding “clinging to the land and sacrificing for it is the only choice for us.”
Shaaban pointed out Sunday during the inauguration of “From Golan to al-Quds” forum marking 38th anniversary of the Land Day, which was held by Al-Quds International Foundation in Damascus-based al-Sham Hotel with the participation of a number of researchers and thinkers, that those who defend al-Quds and Golan from any Arab country are actually defending themselves, their Arabism, religion and future, considering that “no-one has a favor in that as we are all targeted…and did not we believe in that, they would occupy our lands piece after piece.”
She pointed out that everybody sees how and why Syria is being targeted, “So we move back to the same equation which is clinging to the land, the principle and the value of sacrifice.”
“All those who launch assault on Syria will be repelled…hundreds of invaders had come to this land throughout thousands of years, but they were repelled and we have remained here because we believe in our land,” Shaaban added.
Presidential Political and Media Advisor clarified that the war waged on Syria is not of a sectarian nature but rather it is a war launched for controlling our land , pointing out that Israel set schemes for a hundred years in advance, and the sole response to that is represented through adhering to the land, the principles and the value of sacrifice.
“We should comprehend the principle of the land deeply and comprehensively because it is a basic condition for our existence, and if we take a panoramic view of the human history we could see that the entire conflicts revolve on the lands,” she elaborated.
“The Palestinians were not mistaken when they considered that their presence in the land is the only right and genuine existence,” Shaaban said.
She lauded the adherence of the Arabs and Syrians to the occupied Golan, reminding of what the late President Hafez al-Assad said “We will not give up a grain of soil of Golan.”
Shaaban stressed that the Arab-Zionist conflict is the compass of all what is going on in the Arab land, clarifying “We will not master analysis without realizing that the Palestinian issue is the Arabs’ central issue, and targeting the Palestinians is the first step for attacking all the Arabs.”
Assistant Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command Talal Naji said the reason behind the conspiring against the Syrian people is their adherence to the Palestinian Cause and belief in the liberation of the occupied Palestinian territories.
“The West wants the Arab leaders and countries to be in cahoots with them to liquidate the national rights of the Palestinian people,” he added.
He addressed the Syrian people by saying “We will always be with you until we liberate the occupied territories in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and each and every Arab land.”
“Land Day is the day of belonging to the genuine Arab national identity,” said Director General of al-Quds International Foundation Safir al-Jarad.
He highlighted the significance and symbolism of Golan and Palestine and the unity of their course of struggle in confronting the Israeli ambitions.
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