Assad: Syria Will Frustrate Israeli Attempt to Set Up Terrorist Zone in South

Al-Akhbar Newspaper

Translated by Mohamed Salami

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad revealed that ‘Israel’President Assad is recruiting the militants who are flocking from Jordan and deploying them in the buffer zone which separates between the Syrian and the Israeli armies on the Golan Heights, emphasizing that Syria will frustrate the Zionist conspiracy.

Assad warned against the Zionist plot, which he added, will lead to a zone similar to that which they formed southern Lebanon.

The  Syrian leader asserted the militants in Yabroud will give up as they are firmly besieged by the Syrian army that, according to Assad, is remarkably advancing in the North.

Syria president underscored that invading Damascus and its countryside by the militants is impossible and that the propaganda which circulates the infiltration  of large numbers of militants from the south is fake and aims at boosting the militants’ morale.

In a different context, President Assad considered that Kerry plans to set up the Jewish state in Palestine in order to establish an  alternative Palestinian state in Jordan.

Al-Assad stressed also that he will run to the presidential elections on the base of a political and economic program, not on an authoritative position.

Source: Agencies
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