Israeli Media: Army Can’t Prevent Hezbollah From Launching Rockets During War

إسرائيل تهوّل بالحرب… لمنع وقوعها

Local Editor

The Israeli army conducted military maneuvers on the GolanIsraeli Army Heights in the context of its preparation to face “the attacks” that the Zionist entity will suffer during any war.

The Israeli media outlets, which followed up the maneuvers, mentioned that the Zionist military preparations do not include plans and drills to prevent Hezbollah from launching rockets onto the Palestinian territories in case a war erupts at the northern borders.

In another context, the Israeli army has decided to open fire at anyone who approaches the fence at the Lebanese-Palestinian and the Syrian-Palestinian borders.

The Israeli army directly informed the militant groups in southern Syria and the UN troops on the Golan Heights that will, in turn, inform the Syrian army about the new measures to take them into consideration, according to the Zionist media outlets.

Source: Al Manar TV
28-03-2014 – 19:42 Last updated 28-03-2014

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