الجيش السوري يسيطر على خط الدفاع الأول للمسلحين في رنكوس.. و يتقدم


Rankoos: Confirmed and inevitable. The SAA is now inside Al-Sarkha, the 67th Artillery Brigade having pounded its measly defenses into dust.  From this town, the SAA was able to advance into Rankoos by destroying the “ringed defense” Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Islam defenders installed on the periphery. There is no periphery any more.  The SAA is inside Rankoos where remnant vermin from Yabrood, Al-Sahl, Faleeta, inter alia, had escaped.  All sources confirm that the town will be in the hands of the SAA within hours. Monzer writes that as of 3:00 p.m. Damascus time, over 100 rats have been killed with 19 surrendering to MI and security.
Al-Sarkha: The pack of rats defending this now-fallen town called itself the “Brigades of the Guiding Light”(Kataa`eb Al-Hudaa, yawn)
    • Maaher Al-Muslimaani


    • Mustafaa Al-’Abed
    • ‘Abdul-Qaader Shaqfa
    • Nabeeh Sultaaniyya
    • Taaher Mawsalalli
    • Zaaher ‘Ubayd
    • ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Hussni


There were 28 others who were not named. 55 have surrendered. Many IEDs dismantled by sappers.
Jawbar:  A mortar was destroyed.  26 rats killed at the Grand Mosque.
    • Marwaan Hallaaq


    • Nassr Al-Baabaa
    • Ibraaheem Mufarrij
    • Muhssen Al-Hakeem
    • Mu`ayyad Badreddeen


Another 21 were not named.  Many of these were Jordanians.
Khaan Al-Shaykh: Fighting with no details.
Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Reports are that the rodents here are negotiating their surrender.
بدء انهيار دفاعات الإرهابيين في رنكوس.. وتوقع مهاجمتها خلال الساعات القادمة
Al-Maleeha:  Just completely liberated. Clean-up resulted in killing these 8 jackals with 19 taken prisoner:
    • Ameen Ghazzi


    • Talaal ‘Abdul-’Azheem
    • Muhammad Al-Qaassimi
    • Ishaaq Hadeed
    • Bahaa` Raslaan
    • Mustafaa Sha’baan
    • Rafeeq Al-Tabbaa`
    • Rushdi Al-Abrash


Marj Al-Sultaan:  In the East Ghoutaa.  SAA killed these dingos:
    • Haytham Al-Diqqi


    • Zaki Al-Kurd
    • Faayez Muhammad


Binyameen Shawka  (Interesting first name for a Sunni Muslim.  He might be a Christian forced to fight with these rats or a kidnap victim who was in the line of fire. He might also be a Sunni who was namedBinyameen for “nidr”, i.e. in order to get a son after a series of girls.)
Harastaa:  The SAA destroyed a mortar east of the Police Dept. Infirmary and killed 2 rats.  No names.
‘Aaliya Farms to Al-Majd:  A 200 meter tunnel in which the SAA found a factory for IEDs. 38 remote controlled IEDs were also dismantled by sappers along a rural road inside this area.
Al-Qadam at Port Sa’eed Quarter:  Reports are of 4 rats killed and over 20 surrendering.


ERDOGHAN TURK AIR FORCE ADMITS BEING CHASED AWAY BY SYRIAN AIR DEFENSES.  The Turkish High Command has announced that a wing of F-16s which were flying perilously close to the border with Latakia were frightened away as Syrian radar locked on to the offending jets. Fadi sent a report which confirms what I wrote yesterday about Armenians arriving in Syria by the thousands. Fadi’s article, which I could not download, provided that the “Deer Hunter Brigade” is heading for the Kasab Front.  I can tell you from my experience that these Armenians will give no quarter to any forces coming from genocidal Erdoghan.  We have also received unconfirmed reports that the Armenian government has sought assistance from Russia to fly more fighters to defend Armenian lands in Syria.


Hanaanu:  At the Youth Residencies, the SAA vaporized a warehouse filled with light weapons from the U.S. and 2 vans loaded with ammunition intended for rats trying to defend against the massive SAA push on the periphery of the Central Prison.
Central Prison to the north at Al-Jubayla: SAA has conducted a successful operation to establish a strong point here.  Rats will die soon in the hundreds. 
Handaraat, ‘Anjaara, Maari’, Al-Mansoora, Kafr Naahaa, Hameema, Dayr Haafer, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Ba’eedeen Roundabout, Shaba’, Rasm Al-’Abbood, Baabees, Daarat ‘Izza, Al-Saakhoor all are seeing continuous fighting.
Al-Raashideen Quarter: On the verge of becoming rat free.
Al-Shaykh Khudhr Park: An attempted infiltration into Sulaymaan Al-Halabi Quarter was disastrous. 14 dead rats with 3 taken prisoner.
Khaan Al-’Asal:  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was damaged and the weapon given to the NDF for killing all Saudi monkeys.


City: North of Al-Ba’aajeen School, a tunnel 30 meters long was uncovered and all weapons inside seized for killing Wahhabists. Al-Jubayla: 2 nests of rats destroyed. No details until tomorrow.
Al-Muree’iyya: 4 rodents sent to Hell:
    • Turki Qaassem Al-Hussayn


    • Jaaber ‘Ali Sa’adallah
    • “Abu Al-Jazzaar” (id pending. IRAQI WORM SLIME)
    • Shakeeb Hassan ‘Abdul-Baaqi



Al-Mutilla:  A pickup with a 23mm destroyed.  No details. SANA.
Massaab:  Ditto. SANA. Al-Mayaadeen reported a large group of hyenas arriving Der’ah City yesterday. We will check on this.


The West is trying to cover up the Turk genocide and subsequent ethnic cleansing of the Kasab area. But, they can’t cover up the entire truth:

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