That red-line of which spoke Obama, was never his…the red line is now the property of  Moscow´s and Tehran´s . It starts in Gaza up to Beirut up to Damascus up to Crimea.

Every war includes atrocities each Media tells us about the one side that does not meet its taste, while ignoring the other.

I remember the start of the war in Syria, where those demonstrators were “unarmed and peaceful”

I remember Turkey building refugees camps big enough for half a million while there were there only about less than 10.000 refugees. I remember  Angelina Jolie visiting camps and greeted by only the personnel because camps were empty……

I remember Al Jazeera almost announcing where Al Assad shall seek his exile

I remember the West organising those ” Friends of Syria” conferences in which the attendance were not even friends among each others.

I remember those Chemical Weapons branded as inhumane until when it was proven that Syria´s Government forces did not use them. I remember a conference in Geneva , twice even ,,,,,,and no results

All this leads us to the logic and verifiable conclusion that nothing but an outside conspiracy could and did produce this war in Syria.

A home-grown-revolution would have been very plausible, but impossible !

What has happened ?? in the Land of Zenobia …..

I proclaim that  this domino effect of a circus called the Arab-Spring,has stopped here,,,,, and hopefully it shall reverse itself,all by itself because Colonel Qaddaffee was never a monster and because Marechal Sisi was never a democrat and because Tunis has won only a stagnation , a hibernation …… 

Turkey that double-face-on-the-Bosporus was , at least , honest enough to show us its both faces.

Its European face and its Islamist one too. A country accepted in NATO but not by the EUa country brushing up its image from the Armenian-genocide while repeating it ,,,,,,in Syria. A country trying to forget its ugly imperial past while flirting with the idea of becoming the regional-tyrant.

Syria´s war is all within that context :you cannot bomb Tehran so you bomb Aleppo. 

You cannot bomb Bethlehem so you destroy Maaloula. 
You cannot bomb Beirut so you burn Tripoli. 
You cannot bomb Hezbullah´s home so you bomb its warehouses in Syria.

This is a complete and comprehensive and inclusive war against anything that should stand tomorrow against the Zionist-ambitions .
The Iranian threat being a no-threat,is punished for its nuclear program which has not even left the drawing table yet.

Saddam has never had any Weapons of Mass Destruction. Syria has had some Chemical Weapons but it never used them and now Syria´s big brother , Iran, must refrain from its Nuclear whether a civilian one or military ,or political or even a virtual one.

Hezbollah entered , this war , unwillingly, provoked and in self-defence too , just like each Syrian soldier or officer did.

Secularism has no place in the Middle East of Obama´s and Netaniahu´s, not even Erdogan wants it any-more and Sisi uses it as a step stone to power.

Where are we so far ?? That Gulf-theocratism has met with the Zio-theocratism at the door steps of Damascus……

Is there is something like a last-minute-hero-saviour ,today,someone like a “knight with a shiny armour”coming to save us from the evil ?? Yes there is , or rather there are even two knights, one comes from a Marxist-background but he now prays in churches and has multiple parties in his elected parliament.and the other wears a religious cloth but has socialism in mind and anti-imperialism as his ideology .

The Knights of Moscow and Tehran are here to save the socialism and the secularism and the pluralism of Syria !!

That red-line of which spoke Obama, was never his…the red line is now the property of  Moscow´s and Tehran´s . It starts in Gaza up to Beirut up to Damascus up to Crimea.

Egypt and Turkey shall have to make big choice  ahead, either to be on the wrong side of that line or on the right side of History .

Raja Chemayel

8th of April 2014

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