Kharkov follows the example of Donetsk and declares itself an Independent Republic

Insurgent forces pushed back in Kharkov

Russia stands for freedom!From a live stream I am following on the Internet, the Kharkov local police has convinced the cops from Poltava (loyal to Kiev) to leave.  The government buildings are under the control of the Russian speakers.  Earlier the Poltava cops attacked the demonstrators with flashbang and teargas grenades but failed to push them back.

There are several wounded people reported though no deaths.  Government buildings have suffered, some stories have burned.  Still, in comparison to the violence in Kiev this assault was defeated with relatively little violence.

At this point in time, Kharkov is still free and under popular control.   The local Kharkov police seems to be on the side of the local people, at least most demonstrators seem to think so.I have no information about Donetsk or Lugansk.

Will keep you posted.

The Saker

Revolutionary regime in Kiev moves in to crush the rebellion in the East

According to RT, police forces loyal to the revolutionary regime in Kiev have attacked the Russian speakers in Kharkov:

According to the Regnum news agency the insurgents have moved “special units” to deal with the situation in Lugansk, Kharkov and Donetsk.

It appears that a full-scale crackdown will happen in the eastern Ukraine overnight.  A lot will depend on the outcome of these clashes.

Stay tuned.

The Saker

RT reports:

Activists in second-largest Ukrainian city of Kharkov have proclaimed the creation of a People’s Republic independent from the coup-imposed Kiev authorities, Itar-Tass reports. A group of local “deputies” have proclaimed they have taken all the responsibility for government activity in the eastern Ukrainian city, the agency said.

The move was proclaimed near the building of Kharkov regional administration, where massive pro-Russian rallies have been held.

All the further decisions will be made by the people of the region in the form of a referendum, the activists have announced.
Kiev must not use force against pro-Russian protesters in southeastern Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Ukraine’s acting foreign minister, Andrey Deshchytsa, in a phone conversation.

The Russian side emphasized “the need to respect the aspirations of the residents of southeastern Ukraine and the inadmissibility of the use of force to respond to legal demands [by protesters] to protect their language, culture and socioeconomic rights,” the ministry said in a statement.
Russia, the US, the EU and the coup-imposed Kiev authorities will hold a crisis meeting on resolving the situation in Ukraine “within the next 10 days,” said the US State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki. The direct talks were agreed upon by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

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