Ziad Fadel

It’s over. The Qalamoon is free of rats.  One hour ago, the SAA backed by NDF, liberated every square inch of Rankoos.  The reason SANA would not announce the liberation 3 days ago was because of their internal policy of not making such declarations until all rodents have been dispatched and all nests destroyed. That has now been accomplished and the Qalamoon is so free that thousands of our troops will be heading for other areas. Al-Raqqa awaits.
Here is a partial list of dead Nusra rodents identified so far by MI:

    • Abu Talha Al-Baghdaadi (IRAQI WARTHOG DUNG. Nusra Leader)
    • ‘Amr Ghandoor
    • ‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Beetaar (alleged expert on short range, home-made missiles fired at Al-Qutayfa. No longer)Yusuf Ghazaal
    • Baassel Baaloosh
    • Maazen Faarooqi
    • Raadhi Abu-Khudhr
    • Talaal Muhammad

Monzer reports that the number of terrorists killed in the Rankoos area will top 250.

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