Saudi Arabia: “Prince Saud Al-Faisal to Be Removed from Post as FM” 

Saudi Arabia Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud Al-Faisal will be removed from his post, Saudi opposition sources said.

FaissalPress TV quoted the sources as saying that the ouster of Faisal would constitute the second step of changes at the ruling family’s key positions following the removal of the Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

A possible scenario could be that Faisal submits his resignation in the coming days, the sources added.

Having held the position since 1975, Faisal is regarded as the world’s longest serving foreign minister.

The decision to remove Faisal has reportedly been delayed due to a lack of suitable candidate for the post. One of Saudi King Abdullah’s sons is said to be among the major candidates for the position, the website said.

Source: Press TV
21-04-2014 – 11:18

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