Syrians flood squares to show support for army and presidential elections

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Apr 29, 2014
Provinces, (SANA) Syrians in several provinces on Tuesday took out to the streets in massive rallies to express support to the army, presidential elections and the national principles.
Rallies in Aleppo city
Citizens in Aleppo city staged two rallies in support of the national principles, the constitutional event of the presidential elections and army in the face of terrorism.
The people of al-Sirian and Mahatet Baghdad neighborhoods in Aleppo asserted that Syria’s strength comes from its army and the solidarity of its people, asserting that they will practice their right to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.
Aleppo Governor Mohammad Wahid Aqqad was among the participants, affirming that such rallies reflect the true face of Aleppo and its patriotic people.
Mass rally in Daraa
Locals from Daraa province on Tuesday organized a rally in front of the Workers Union’s building to express their support to the presidential elections and to the Syrian Arab Army in the battle against terrorism.
The participants, holding patriotic banners and waving Syrian flags, expressed their adherence to national unity and rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs, adding that the presidential elections are a response to all lies made by USA and the western countries.
They highlighted that the real response to all fake calls of “western freedom” is through going to ballots and practicing the right of voting as to preserve Syria’s unity and dignity.
Daraa Governor Mohammad Khaled al-Hannous called upon Daraa people to participate in the elections because voting is the right and duty of every Syria citizen.
He hailed the sacrifices made by the Syrian army as to preserve Syria’s unity.
For his part, Head of Daraa Branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Shukri al-Rifae said that the presidential elections are Syrian affair and the Syrians are the only side to determine who to rule and lead their country.
He stressed that foreign dictations are rejected, hailing the steadfastness of the Syrians in the face of terrorism and the achievements made by the Syrian army against the terrorist groups.
Mass rallies in Damascus Countryside
Mass marches and rallies were also organized in cities and towns of Qara, al-Nabek, Deir Attiya, al-Sabboura, Qatana, Arna, Bludan, Ashrafiat Sehnaya, Herjalleh, Dahyet Qudsia, and Dahyet Harasta in Damascus Countryside.
The participants showed their support to the national principles, the presidential elections and the army in the face of terrorism, stressing the need for all Syrians to take part in the elections to show that Syria will remain steadfast despite all pressure.
The rallies were attended by Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Makhlouf and secretary of the Damascus Countryside branch of al-Baath Party Mohammad Bkheit.
Stand at Damascus University
Branch of Damascus University of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party organized a stand in support of the Syrian Arab Army and the presidential elections.
Head of Damascus University al-Baath Branch Dr. Jamal al-Mahmoud, said that holding presidential election is one of the most important aspiration for the Syrian people, adding that the elections would be a continuation of the achievements carried out by the Syrian army against the armed terrorist groups.
Al-Mahmoud called on all citizens to participate in the election as it represents a public interest and national need to help confront all pressures exerted against Syria.
The participants said that the presidential election is a clear evidence of the sovereignty of the Syrian stances, adding that the coming stage is pivotal stage in the lives of the Syrians.
Celebration at Faculty of Information at Damascus University
In the same context, a celebration was held at the Faculty of Education in Damascus University, with the participation of the Dean of the Faculty, the secretary of the university branch of al-Baath Party, faculty members and many students.
Women’s Union branch in Sweida stages event
A similar event was organized by the Sweida branch of the General Women’s Union.
The event included traditional artistic, musical and dance performances, a ballet recital, and honoring 20 contributors in a charity campaign organized by the Union in 2013 to help the families of martyrs.
Gathering in Tartous
Meanwhile, teachers and students gathered outside the Arab Cultural Center in the city of Tartous to express their stance in support of the army against the terrorist groups and happiness over the holding of the presidential elections.
Members of the Teachers Syndicate branch, al-Baath Party branch members, and Tartous Governor Nizar Ismael Moussa were among the participants in the rally.
This event was held to coincide with the annual conference of the Teachers Syndicate branch, with the conference discussing various issues related to syndical issues and including theatrical performances by students and the honoring of the families of 25 martyrs. 
Student gathering in Hasaka
Similarly, students of al-Furat University in Hasaka gathered in the yard of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and chanted slogans expressing their unswerving support for the army in its battle against terrorism and happiness that the presidential elections will be held on time.
Stand in Sweida
A stand was staged outside Martyr Ghazi al-Debs high school in al-Qaria town in Sweida in which a crowd of youths stressed that they will adhere to the national principles as the country is approaching presidential elections.
Rally in Homs
Residents of Shin town and the neighboring villages in the countryside of Homs crowded in the town’s square to voice their solidarity with the Syrian army that is fighting the fiercest of battles to defend the homeland against foreign-backed terrorism and express support over the holding of the forthcoming presidential elections.
The participants raised the national flags and placards expressing determination to deter terrorism and commitment to the national unity.
They stressed the importance of the democracy being witnessed in Syria in spite of the crisis, noting the persistence of the people to continue the development process through presidential elections.
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