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Note that the Al-Kindi Hospital is now within the sights of SAA artillery to the West.  Also, note that the route straight to the prison is flat and unimpeded.
The Chechen and Daghestaani terrorists were begging their Turkish handlers to send in reinforcements to block the advance of the SAA.  But, none could be sent now that thousands of terrorists lie dead in the Kasab area due to planning so wretched it makes one wonder whether NATO is better off without Turkey’s incompetence.  The Prison is only a couple of kilometers away and the army is not resting on laurels.  Wael has confirmed reports that the escaping terrorists have left over 200 carcasses strewn about the area between Al-Burayj Al-Reeh and Jubayla next to the prison.   And it gets better:
Al-Taamoora area north of the City:  A large convoy of pickups and vans, all loaded with weapons and terrorists, was annihilated as they tried to reach desperate litter-mates in Layramoon, which, as we reported days ago, is about to fall to the SAA.  Wael saw photos of the destruction and described it as total.  This was the great work of the SAAF.
Al-Layramoon – Al-Wafaa` Quarters:  The SAA and NDF put down 15 terrorists around the Palace of Justice:
  • Hammood Al-Asmar
  • Zaaher Al-Mashshaat
  • Nu’maan Muhammad
The rest were not identified and believed to be foreign.
Al-Kallaasa at the Jamaal Mosque: Confirmed 9 terrorists killed by NDF. No names.
Baab Antaakiya:  Mortar fire silenced by SAA.
Bustaan Al-Baashaa:  An attempted infiltration blocked by alert NDF and security forces.
Al-Raamoosa: A fertilizer factory and warehouse with precursor chemicals was invaded by the SAA and 8 terrorists were killed.
Al-Raamoosa Orchards:  An attempted infiltration by terrorists was foiled. No details.
Al-‘Aamiriyya: A bulldozer driven by a suicide driver and protected by 5 fellow terrorists on foot was destroyed and all vermin killed by SAA.  The intent of the driver was to take the dozer into a secure area and blow it up.  No names.
Castillo – Al-Jandool Roundabout Axis:  A convoy of 13 vans and pickups was waylaid by the SAAF. All terrorists killed.  No terrorist-stats available, yet.  Big loss to Erdoghan Turk heretics.
Intense battles reported in these areas:
  • Kuwayris, Al-Judayda, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Zone (part of the push to Al-Burayj), Prison area (ditto), Al-Jubayla (ditto), ‘Anadaan, Al-Mansoora, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Turaab Hulluk, Al-Sukkari, Bani Zayd, Al-Ansaari, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Huraytaan (2 flatbeds with cannons destroyed), Handaraat (4 pickups with machine gun cannons seized or destroyed), Qubtaan Al-Jabal (more flatbeds destroyed), Baabees (ditto), Al-‘Uwayja (1 pickup and a mortar destroyed), Al-Raashideen Youth Residencies.  
City:  An attempt on the life of Comrade Faadhel Hawraan failed yesterday when a pack of assassins working for Obama targeted a member of the local branch of the Ba’ath Party and shot him in the side.  Rapid EMS and medical attention saved our friend.  The terrorists failed and are being hunted down now.


A Zionist-coordinated attack on this last place in the Qalamoon was foiled and all terrorists killed to the tune of 19 with many wounded and receiving medical care in the arms of the same filthy settlers who are tormenting the Palestinians.


Syrian Army Advances in Aleppo, Kills More Terrorists in Several Areas

Local Editor

The Syrian Army continued Thursday their national duty in pursuing armed terrorist groups in different areas, having successful oSyrian Armyperations in Aleppo and Damascus countryside.

A military source told SANA that army units advanced in al-Ramouseh and al-Ameriya neighborhoods in Aleppo and regained control over the fertilizer factory and the containers depot.

The army units eliminated a huge number of terrorists in the operation, the source added.

It affirmed the army units confronted armed terrorist groups tried to infiltrate into al-Ramouseh groves and Bustan al-Bach neighborhood from MTN area in Aleppo, killing and injuring their members and destroying their tools.

Other Army units repelled terrorist groups who were attempting to infiltrate into al-Ramouseh farms and Bustan al-Bashar neighborhood, destroying their vehicles.

Meanwhile, a military source told SANA the Army destroyed a convoy of terrorist’s cars on Castillo-al-Jandoul circle in Aleppo, killing many terrorists.

 Meanwhile, A unit of the army destroyed a bulldozer bomb which was trying to infiltrate to safe areas in al-Ameriya in Aleppo, killing six terrorists among them the suicide bulldozer driver.

A military source told SANA Thursday that an army unit eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group tried to attack Ark gas pipeline in Palmyra countryside .

Units of the Army also eliminated a number of terrorists while storming their gatherings in Homs and countryside.

A military source told SANA that a unit of Army killed many terrorists and wounded others near Abdullah bin Masoud mosque and al-Natour bakery in Bab Houd in Homs.

The source added that another army unit eliminated members of a terrorist group near the Water treasurer in al-Samalel village in al-Houla.

Units of the armed forces killed numbers of terrorists and injured others in the villages and towns of Nawa, Tal al-Jumou’, Jellin, al-Mzeireeb, Dael, Atman and al-Rusoum in al-Lajat area and in Kherbet Mama in the countryside of Daraa.

Other army units destroyed several terrorists’ vehicles in the village of Um al-Awsaj and a den for leaders of terrorist groups in al-Mseifra.

In Idleb, army units targeted and killed many terrorists in the villages and towns of al-Bsheiriyeh, Kherbet al-Jouz in Jisr al-Shughour area and in Huloul, Jabal al-Arbaeen, Kfarnubul, Kfarroumeh, Binnesh and M’artamsarin and al-Hamidiyeh in the countryside.

Source: Agencies


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