How much do Americans bear responsibility for the actions of their governments?

It’s impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can delude yourself for a time, for years, even, and think you can isolate yourself from the world, indulge yourself in your preferred pastimes, console yourself with platitudes that you can’t control the world and never could, but the rot eventually overtakes you, infects your whole life with embarrassment that you are living in the country whose underlying principle is ruthless murder and deception. Among other things, this means that everything you tell your children is a lie, and that humans are savage animals who construct all these phony rationalizations about morality and compassion which are nothing but self-deceiving lies. Eventually, if you possess either a mind or a conscience, these things catch up with you in the most disturbing ways.


Two weeks later, my mind is still vibrating from the news that an Israeli special operations squad, doing the bidding of America’s faithless leadership, helped to lure Ukrainian citizens into a building in Odessa, and not only trapped them in there and killed them, but poured a chemical over their heads and faces, so that they were burned to death while still alive, as their bodies found later were only burned above the waist.


So as landmark events in American history, this is right up there with drones butchering wedding parties in Afghanistan and murdering groups of teens in Yemen, with kidnapping and massacring hundreds of children in Syria, with annihilating 40,000 Libyans and murdering (and raping) their longtime leader in the streets, and the sordid abuses at Guantanamo, in which thousands of Muslims have been arrested and tortured for crimes that the people doing the arresting know they have committed themselves, making the whole operation a travesty of the lowest order. Not to mention all those other countries in which the U.S. takes other people’s lives for the benefit of no one except the very rich Jews who run America.


If you’re an American, you’re responsible for this. You have allowed all these things to happen and, very likely, never said a word about them. You need to distract yourself with whatever you can to avoid thinking about these things lest they tell you what kind of person you really are, a portrait no one can really acknowledge given the profound ugliness of its actual nature.


About a decade ago, when the U.S. began its policies of torture and rendition to countries with no laws against treating people illegally, practically nobody batted an eyelash. Everybody was either distracted by medications or anesthetized by trivial pursuits. Nobody in Congress voted against it, that’s for sure. So ever since then, we have been torturing people accused of crimes WE KNOW they did not commit. And this is what the American legal system has become, a kangaroo court of the worst possible kind, in which the guilty rich are forever immune from prosecution and innocent poor are automatically guilty of crimes they did not commit.


It must be that the treasonous dupes in charge of the U.S. government are under orders to ignite World War III at all costs and in any way possible, without regard for anyone except their own perverted friends and relatives.


The better part of the world’s population, as the more astute among us realize, goes to sleep hungry, surrounded by garbage and excrement, at constant risk from vermin and other more disreputable life forms who are all just trying to stay alive. We here in the Fat City known as America lord it over everyone with our socially responsible and politically correct concerns, which make us feel like we really care, but in reality we’re just hiding from the light like the poorest pauper, wanting to live through the night for another day but dreading what we will find when the Sun comes up.


No matter how high or low our footing in reality appears to be, we all have our checklists to convince ourselves we’re relatively affluent. For some it’s an unwrinkled cigarette butt on a sidewalk; for others an imported espresso topped with a dash of coconut cream to titillate our tastebuds. But we’re all swimming up the same stream. And no matter how much we convince ourselves that the condition of the water is much better in our neighborhood, in reality it’s pretty much the same everywhere no matter where you live; that is to say, polluted and getting worse, no matter how much the bottle it comes in might cost.


My friend the Rebel of Oz urges me to more upbeat in my philippics about our decaying society. Maybe it’s my age, but I find it hard to be upbeat about Armageddon. It’s not that I can’t laugh at my quixotic self. I see the lunatic hypocrisy in my urging everyone to be responsible when I have lived a thoughtless life of reflexive ignorance. When I saw some vibrant teenagers in a parking lot smoking cigarettes the other day I had to resist the impulse to rush up to them and explain the earthquakes that were happening inside my lungs having just quit after fifty years of manic poison sucking. But I held my tongue. Along the way I have reluctantly learned we can’t control everything.


Also along the way I have learned something even more important, as I recently explained to my friend Digger, he of the thoughtful chants from the English countryside.


I spent most of my life thinking how unlucky I was. Now I find myself able to cope with both dogmatists and skeptics, with a firm sense of both the beauty and rightness of life. Humanity came unglued by believing in the individual, who consistently became corrupt and eventually ruined the planet. By truly believing that working for each other made the most sense, we could have saved the place. But by trying to defeat death, rather than accept its inevitability in the scheme of things, we brought it to us more quickly and needlessly. Humans deserve to go extinct. They have blown the greatest opportunity ever presented. So we have no choice but to soldier on, to keep pointing this out, so that if any vestige of our confused civilization survives the coming maelstrom, it will be this. If we don’t live up to how bright our lights can truly shine, we don’t deserve to survive. And I think that’s the rule of every living thing. Knowing this makes me think I’m luckier than any person I know.


Of course, that’s the dim view. Per the Rebel’s advice, I must find a way to make that observation more upbeat. Still, I can’t think very long about the necessity of making mass murder and the destruction of all life on this planet a cheery party topic.


But we can’t get away from the one thing that prevents us from righting our ship and living happy and satisfying lives. That would be the crushing weight of lies that assails our lives and affects us all. It seriously affects our ability to dream, and makes us dwell unduly on our fault, rather than our possibilities.


And I’m not just talking about the typical government lies; I’m talking about the lies everyone tells themselves about how everything’s going to be just fine if we just tell the truth and keep our chins up. It ain’t happenin’, sports fans.


You know that old saying about how every day they take another bite? Well, I’m here to tell you that the whole carcass is almost gone. And of course, that’s what people don’t want to hear.


Just as it now appears that the media events known as Sandy Hook, Aurora and Boston Strong involved no actual murders or genuine terrorists, but only police state actors trying to scare the public into giving up their guns and letting cops invade their homes without warrants, so do the use of Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria and Libya fighting on the side of the Western powers indicate that the Arab terrorists blamed for the 9/11 false flag were actually fictional representations of boogeymen whom the government wants us to fear so that they may “protect” us with their endless rounds of shock and awe genocide against the hapless peasants whose resources the Washington and Wall Street perps want to steal for themselves.


All these things make it extremely difficult to maintain the belief that life itself is an unfathomable wonderland of joy and beauty that in all the universe cannot be matched for the exquisite and boundless happiness it can bring us.


Be careful what you tell your children about all this. The teenage suicide rate is already way too high. Better to tell them the rarest type of human is a leader who doesn’t take the bribe, which is the only way we’ll ever get out of this mess we’re in.


A word from Vidrebel: I do not believe we have much time left. The current American regime has an expiration date and it is not far off. The trick is to not go down with it. I see one of two possible exits: A US military coup or Divine Intervention. I do not always agree with John but then you probably do not always agree with me.


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