American Hypocrisy

The U.S. Armed Forces have fought in Afghanistan for almost 13 years against militants loyal to Al-Qaeda. In Syria, the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the same enemy, but these militants come in larger forces, possess better weapons, and they are financially supported by rich Gulf states.
The U.S. government labels the militants in Afghanistan as “terrorists”, but in Syria, these same militants are labeled “rebels” – go figure. Sadly, the American public is unaware of the fact that their tax dollars are funding the same terrorists that are killing their soldiers in Afghanistan… Syria. 
Today, the Obama regime announced their intention to have the U.S. military train “moderate” rebels fighting in Syria.
First off, the fact that they have to use the adjective “moderate” when describing the rebels is frightening. The U.S. government has insinuated that it is aware there are different kinds of rebels fighting in Syria; but unequivocally, they do not care to actually define what “moderate” means to them. In truth, does it matter?
The largest rebel force is Jabhat al-Nusra and they are likely the rebels that are going to receive the training. The irony of this whole ordeal is the U.S.’ position in this conflict.
I doubt the U.S. is oblivious to the motives of the rebels in Syria, but is this proxy war prudent in the end?
When the U.S. armed the Taliban against the Soviet Red Army in the 1980′s, U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, probably didn’t realize that weapons tend to be recycled. Fast-forward a decade later and now those same weapons are used against the Russian Army in the Caucuses.
A decade after that, those same weapons are used against the U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you get where I am going with this? This isn’t like the U.S. armed terrorists giving terrorists water balloons, they’re giving them training and weapons that will be reused.
Personally, if this doesn’t deeply concern you, I advise you to study the bloody Lebanese Civil War. Now, imagine those same groups were all professionally trained and possessed heavy weaponry – Beirut would be in ashes, not rubble.
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