Israel’s Hidden Agenda In Syria


The Host and the Parasite   How Israel s Fifth Column Consumed America  Greg Felton  9781893302976  Books
“The Host and the Parasite” is an extraordinarily important book that traces America’s slide into fascism and subservience to a foreign power (Israel)
The Israeli Government is the greatest parasite in the Middle East due to their illegal occupation of Palestine and their interference in the domestic affairs of foreign nations. In fact, there has not been a war that Israel has not indirectly or directly involved themselves (save the Gulf War, but Iraq did fire scud missiles at Tel Aviv in 1990) in since their advent in 1948. You name it: The Suez Crisis (1956); The Six Day War (1967); The October War (1973); The Lebanese Civil War (1975-1989); The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988); The First Intifada (1987-1993); The Second Intifada (2000-2005); The 2006 War; The 2008 Siege of Gaza; and The Syrian Conflict (2011-present); these are conflicts that have involved Israel. Israeli politicians always state the same excuse: “we are protecting our borders and interests.” What interests? Israel supported Iran during the Iraq-Iran War and now Iran is their greatest enemy. Years of illogical political aspirations and deliberate interjection in Arab affairs has aggregated into a strong antipathy for the state of Israel from their Arab neighbors. Sadly, Israel disregards any condemnation that implicates them as an aggressor, despite reality and facts.
The Syrian Government is notorious for their deliberate absence from diplomatic relations with Israel; it drives the Israeli Government bonkers. Time after time, both Bashar and Hafiz al-Assad obstinately supported any militant group opposed to Israel. Hafiz al-Assad supported the conglomerate of militias in the PLO with arms and money; Bashar al-Assad supported Hamas, the PFLP, PIJ, and Hezbollah. Clearly, the Assad’s are a pariah to Israel’s longevity, so much so, that the Zionist entity would love nothing more than to monopolize Syrian political and economical affairs.
To the present-day: Syria is engulfed in a war that involves many world powers and regional political players. Ironically, Israel is never mentioned when discussing the foreign nations involved in this proxy war, a maneuver that may fool many onlookers that are ignorant to their deceitful ways, but not to the Levantines who view them as an anathema. When Israel bombed Syria four times, most Syrians cursed them, but we expected nothing less from a country that was elated to kill Palestinians during the Lebanese Civil War. Now, Israel is capitalizing on the plight of the Syrian people.
imagesIsrael loves the idea of Arabs killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims, and humans killing humans – as long as it is not on their soil. Hezbollah is immersed in the Syrian conflict, leaving Israel relatively safe near Galilee. Jihadists are not focused on Israel, but rather, killing people they deem infidels (kuffar) and mortdad (apostates). More importantly, Israel is able to combat Iran by increasing the violence in Syria. The Israelis are actually brilliant. They have fooled the imbeciles in the Saudi and Qatari Governments into spending billions on this war. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are nothing more than pawns for Israel to use as cannon fodder. Israel has offered tremendous services to the terrorists too. Over 1,000 have received adequate medical care and treatment. Weapons and aid have been supplied to the terrorists fighting in Syria to wage war against the Syrian Government. The Syrian Opposition is so cognitively deficient that they do not even comprehend their own ineptitude – Israel is playing them too. It seems only a matter of time before Israel claims that the Syrian Arab Army is a threat to Israeli security, forcing them to have to “protect” their citizens by bombing Damascus and sending in special forces to assist the “freedom” fighters. History really does repeat itself – at least for Arabs.

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