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THE BA’ATH CREDO: “One Arab Nation, With an Eternal Mission”……..“Unity, Freedom, Socialism”


Riotous exhibitions of jubilation celebrating Dr. Assad’s slam-dunk victory in the Syrian presidential election. This one took place on the Golan Heights.


88.7% ain’t bad.  And this was a direct election for the president.  It was not a referendum, or a mere “tribute” as Patrick Seale once described the Syrian presidential elections.  The people of Syria sent a message to Washington D.C. and other Western capitals that they had a president whom they wanted to keep.  No doubt, there will be much gnashing of teeth in Washington – and the usual choric declamations that the elections were “invalid” because they were held in the middle of a civil war (which this war is not!)…..and this…..despite the fact that the Americans held their presidential elections during their own Civil War!  Oh, the hypocrisy is becoming so thick even the soul of Jerry Falwell can be seen recoiling in its leaden cloak in the Sixth Pit alongside Caiaphas.

Sour Grapes aficionado and accomplished war criminal, Robert Ford, the former and disgraced U.S. ambassador to Damascus was on television with senior prostitute, Christiane Amanpour, lately married to one of America’s most uncelebrated neo-conservative Jews, explaining that his retirement was not as such, but, instead, a resignation from his post after failing to change Obama’s policies on Syria in a manner that would give greater assistance to the savages Ford wanted so badly to support and the sectarianism he wanted so perfervidly to suborn.  He railed and flailed, grimaced and scowled, growled and snarled, all just to explain to the American people why it was that he tried so hard to oust a leader of a country whose popularity was just so irrebuttably proven.  Mr. Ford will live out eternity in the 8th Circle with an ornate robe made of lead.  Mr. Ford will sink like a container of fertilizer in the depths of Lake Assad, “unwept and welter to the faltering wind, without the mead of some melodious tear.”  Boo hoo hoo.


     SOUR GRAPES, INDEED!  (Photo: Themoderatevoice)

سوريون وأردنيون يحتفلون أمام السفارة السورية في عمان بانتخاب الرئيس الأسد

In this photo, Syrians and Jordanians explode in a paroxysm of celebration in Amman, Jordan as though to flip the Hashemite traitor at Raghadaan Palace the bird.


السوريون واللبنانيون يملؤون شوارع بيروت احتفالاً بانتخاب الرئيس الأسد

And this scene is from Beirut as both Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians join the jubilant throngs greeting the news of Dr. Assad’s victory over the NATO and Arabian vermin.

The so-called “opposition”, a cabal of Syrian expatriate felons, pimps, drug dealers and gun merchants, declared the election “illegal” as though they were repositories of juridical knowledge.  They now know they have no future.  Their vows to “continue the struggle” sound more like a valedictory speech to all the Arabian monkeys whose money they used to sleaze out in expensive hotels or glittering brothels.  Theirs is a tale of woe and oblivion.





SyrPer is now declaring a complete SAA victory in Al-Maleeha as reports are coming in of mass withdrawal of terrorists from formerly defensible positions now rendered into molten marshmallows.  The army is going into clean up mode after completing encirclement of the entire northern area of Al-Maleeha and closing off all, I repeat all, corridors of resupply or reinforcement.  For those who support these terrorists, SyrPer and its readers lift up their collective middle finger to you.  Here are the known dead terrorists from today’s fighting:

‘Aadel Al-Suroor

  • Marwaan Mudallik 
  • Muhammad Al-‘Aneed
  • ‘Umraan Muhammad-‘Ali Al-Taaher
  • Sameer Hamdaan
  • Abu Kaassem Al-Tayr  (a/k/a Mahmoud Zhareefa. Id pending)
  • Kaassem Zhareefa
  • ‘Abdul-Mun’im Faadhel
  • Abu-Suhayb Al-Qaadhi (Id pending)

Another 27 have not been identified, many being foreigners from Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.



Fighting along many axes as terrorist numbers diminish radically from defections, starvation and death.  Yesterday at both the Al-Rahmaan Mosque and the Sukayna Shrine, the SAA killed over 30 terrorists.  Only one name has been published by SANA because the others are foreigners.  Monzer sent other names:

  • Mahmoud ‘Umar Al-Masri (SANA)
  • Zhaafer Qudaamaa
  • ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Dirikly
  • Mansoor ‘Ali Jawhar
  • Ameen Al-Rayyis


Adraa at the Al-Baaz Fuel Station near the Baghdaan Cloverleaf:  Terrorists tried to escape the SAA’s stranglehold northwards but were intercepted and destroyed.  No names available.


Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  MIRACULOUS ARTILLERY STRIKE KILLS LARGE NUMBERS OF TERRORIST VERMIN.  The details are not being made available yet because the SAA has to assess the situation, but, it appears clear from terrorist communications that an SAA Howitzer struck a concentration of Nusra, J.I. and Ahraar Al-Shaam terrorists directly killing an estimated 60 of them.  We will have more on this marvelous development once the information is made available.


East of the Fateena Tower, a suddent assault by SAA backed by NDF on a command and communication facility resulted in 14 downed terrorists, 23 wounded and 11 surrendering.  Major debacle for terrorists.  No names, yet.



Radioyaran, on of our readers, humiliates the obnoxiously knuckleheaded opposition:

Important article about the Aleppo Prison siege.  Some information is wrong here, but, a good study and much to be learned:


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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  1. PS Add my middle finger to the collective as well.

  2. Congratulations Syria, God himself has spoken I believe that that the powers that be are trying to make end days prophecies appear as though the hand of God is at work here and God sure showed them love it so much.

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