American ‘double standard’ for army deserters

Is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a hero or a deserter?

 American ‘double standard’ for army deserters

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Last week we witnessed how Barack Obama administration made Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his military post in Afghanistan into a national hero. However, I know at least two other American deserters ( Pvt. Eddie Slovik and the US Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun) who were not that lucky in the passed – most probably because they didn’t have Jewish family roots.

Wassef Ali Hassoun, whose Shia Muslim parents emigrated from Lebanon, disappeared from US military base in Fallujah (Iraq) on June 27, 2004. On July 3, 2004, Al-Jazeera aired a video showing that Hassoun was captured by a Sunni group associated with the bogus Al-Qaeda.

After a five month investigation, Hassoun was declared a “deserter”. Hassoun denied desertion charges and returned to United States to face trial. He was kept in North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune for trial. In December 2004 he left the Camp on an authorized leave to visit his family but didn’t return to the base. On January 4, 2005, Hassoun was once again labeled as “deserter” after failing to return to his base. Some “anonymous” source has claimed Hassoun is living in Lebanon with his extended family – or could be fighting the US-friendly Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria.

According to Jewish-controlled media, Hassoun told his colleagues he supported Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah and supports Hizbullah’s military resistance against the Jewish army occupying South Lebanon. He was also accused of taking spiritual counseling from Navy Lt. Cmdr. Abuhena Saiful-Islam, a Muslim staff chaplain for US Central Command. Saifulislam is accused by the “investigative” anti-Muslim Jewish journalist Paul Sperry, having ties with anti-American religious groups.

Saifulislam immigrated to the United States in 1989 from Bangladesh. Abuhena Saifulislam studied at the Southern New Hampshire University and received his MBA degree in 1992. Because his excellent service and dedication, he received the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington.

In 1998 he volunteered for a chaplain’s candidate program, which provided him the opportunity to become an officer as well as serve Islam. In 2007, Saifulislam lead an Iftar party at the White House given by Dubya Bush, an Israeli stooge.

The Shia military resistance against the US occupation forces in Fallujah made Lt. Gen. David Petraus, a national hero thanks to the Jewish media.

Eddie Slovik, a US Army private was stationed in France during WW II. He confided to his company commander he was “too scared” to be on the front lines and said that if he was not assigned to the rear, he would run away, which he did.

Slovik was apprehended, court-martialed and, ultimately, executed by firing squad after his mercy appeal was rejected by Allied Supreme Commander Gen. Eisenhower with Jewish family roots.

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