Al-Thawra City:  In the Al-Kiswa area, this important junction town is now completely in the hands of the SAA.  The Nusra terrorists and their confederates had to grudgingly give up this center.  Weapons and ammunition left behind is estimated at over half a million dollars.  We want to thank the Arabian apes for the kind contribution to our NDF. By the way, we are pleased to inform our readers that Kornet missiles were also taken including some inculpatory CDs.  Very nice.
Jawbar:  At Fateena Tower, Teachers’ Tower and the Athletic Arena, 6 terrorists were killed including these:
  • ‘Abdullah Al-Fahd (SAUDI MONKEY VIRUS)
  • Sa’ad Kharaabishli
  • Mahmoud Al-Jaddoo’
  • The other 3 were not identified.
‘Adraa Workers Residencies:  7th and 11th Blocks, SAA and NDF killed 11 terrorists and took 24 prisoner as the vermin are showing signs of morale collapse and starvation.
Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  A large number of terrorists killed here yesterday. I have no details.
Al-Maleeha at the Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex:  This area is now in clean-up mode.  The Nusra had no luck and lost over 20 more terrorists.  Of the terrorists, one was identified as Saudi:
  • “Abu Muhammad Al-Saudi” (SAUDI CHIMPANZEE PIMPLE)
Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Fighting with no details.
Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  At the Al-Salaam Highway, SAA laid an ambush for retreating terrorists and killed 14 while taking a large number prisoner.  Weapons and ammunition were seized for the NDF’s campaign to rid the world of Wahhabists.
Fighting reported at Al-‘Abaasiyya Quarter and Al-Zabadaani in the Station District. No details.
To my readers:  I have to leave town today.  I will be back on Sunday morning.  I have news from today about Der’ah and Aleppo, but, it’s too much for me to organize before I leave.  I’ll take it up Sunday morning.  Okay?  ZAF
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