الجيش السوري يستعد لتطهير مدرسة المشاة.. والجماعات الإرهابية توجه نداء استغاثة

AL-MAYAADHEN BRIDGE TO THE WEST:  HUGE SAA AMBUSH KILLED 51 TERRORISTS.  We can confirm that a well-planned operation at the Al-Mayaadhen Bridge has led to an utter catastrophe for the Nusra terrorists emerging from Jordan after completing training with American, Jordanian and Zionist nincompoops.  Almost all these rats were foreigners supposedly “vetted” by Qatari, Saudi and American monkeys.  Better luck next time.  Every carcass was bearded and all wore the characteristic bandana of the Nusra freaks of nature.  We may have more about this tomorrow.

Inkhil at the Thurayyaa-Al-Faqee’ Crossroads:  8 terrorists were killed inside a home they had commandeered some weeks before.  I have no names.

Al-Nu’ayma at the Al-Akhdhar (Green) Mosque:  3 criminals killed and 9 taken prisoner.  Believe it or not, a catapult was confiscated there.  No names.

West Tal Al-Ahmar:  A vehicle with weapons and ammunition was stopped and searched. The driver is under arrest.

Between Al-Musayfira and Umm Walad:  A fortification has been destroyed in preparation for a full frontal assault today on a pack of vicious pedophiles belonging to the Nusra.

تدمير أوكار للإرهابيين في عربين وميدعا واستهداف تجمعات لهم في الزبداني

Itmaan at the Simleen-Zimreen Crossroads:  A van with 8 terrorists went up in smoke when NDF fired RPGs at it while it tried to zigzag away.  No names from the badly incinerated carcasses.

Al-Hijja:  In western rural Der’ah, a pack of terrorist hyenas and a van full of them went into the ether when a Hind helicopter laid down hellfire around it.  No names.

Al-Taysiyya:  At the Syrian-Jordanian border, an attempted infiltration by American-trained geniuses at an SAA outpost met with abject humiliation.  All vermin were killed.  I have no further details.

Kaheel:  A home occupied by filth was visited by Mr. Clean last night and all 7 bacteria were nullified.

  • Sa’ad Al-Qishta
  • Muhammad Shihaab
  • Raadhi Nattoof

Another 4 were not identified and are believed to be Libyans or Tunisians.

Busraa Al-Shaam:  Fabulous town to visit with its incredible coliseum.  Yesterday, the terrorists went instead for a tour of Hades thanks to the Syrian Army Book-a-Tour Corporation.  I have no details.

DER’AH CITY:  Lots of action here:

Al-Baneen Secondary School to the south:  a nest of rodents wiped out.  No names.

Al-Kataakeet Building area: Combat with no details.

Umm Al-Daraj Well:  Ditto.

Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque: Fighting with no details

Jordan St.: A home was deloused.  3 rodents killed in their undergarments trying to reach their guns.  Security service operation.

Old Customs Building to the northwest:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Bajaabija Quarter, Al-Badu Quarter, South of the Water Tower:  Fighting with no details.
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