Gaza Bloodbath

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  1. It breaks my heart when civilians are killed. It is even worse when children are killed or terrified by the actions of others. When combatants make the fight a part of communities, these atrocities will happen. It is one thing to support a country’s right to defend itself when attacked, it is another to support the annihilation of innocent people who got in the way or where combatants hide among.

    People want to live their lives peacefully, raise their families in a safe environment and practice their faith regardless of religion. We need to support peaceful solution and coexistence. If we do not, then this will play out with many more deaths. We also need to address the circumstances that cause people to be recruited by terrorists. When people are marginalized and denied basic human rights, they feel a need to do something.

    As for so-called pundits or pseudo-journalists like Sean Hannity, I believe people should not give too much credence to his viewpoint. I encourage people to watch more reputable sources of news such as PBS Newshour, Al Jazeera America or BBC World News America, and not watch the spin-doctored (at best) stuff that comes out Fox News or MSNBC. My parents told me if someone has to resort to shouting, it means their argument is not a very good one. A shouting Hannity is prima facie evidence of my parent’s advice.

    • What you need to understand is that this kind of behaviour by the Israelis has been continuous since 1948, it doesn’t stop because of a lack of resistance from the Palestinians, in fact that would only intensify it. Israel is a terrorist state and you can hardly blame Hamas for that. I don’t go a lot on your choice of media either, no wonder you seem to misunderstand the situation, it’s nothing to do with “defence” as far as Israel is concerned, this latest bout of genocide was justified by the deaths of 3 Israeli teenagers, the problem is they were dead 2 weeks before Israel released the information which was released to coincide with a pre-planned genocidal assaults on civilians in Gaza. For the last 13 years, Israel has killed an average of 3 Palestinian children each week.
      Couldn’t you buy a large satellite dish and look beyond the Zionist controlled media, try Russia Today, that might be a good start or even Press TV out of Iran, they always allow both sides of the argument to be heard

  2. Sean Hannity is poor man’s Larry King, he should not receive any publicity for being a complete moron and a bully. If there are sanctions against Russia for supplying arms to Ukrainian militants, should there be sanctions against USA for supplying arms to Israel?

    • Or for the USA supplying/arming and funding the ISIS/ISIP terrorists in Iraq & Syria. In reality there’s no evidence that Russia is supplying the Ukrainian resistance with arms, I hope they are mind you. Right now it’s only Russia, with China in the background, that is standing between the American fascists and total world domination

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