Please Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Wholesale Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!

 • July 21, 2014
Israel commits genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN and US turn blind eyes. And why not when the United States slaughters black males, children and the mentally ill for profit, sex and experimentation. The enforcers of these atrocities the United States government.
In the United States, genocide and crimes against humanity are condoned, encouraged and rewarded.
Why would the United States care about Palestinians when the it doesn’t give a sh*t about its own citizens?
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10513459_1444534255807899_5053076136496287146_nThe videos you are about to see are incredibly sickening and disturbing to watch. They should NOT be viewed in the presence of small children. I URGE YOU NOT TO LOOK AWAY, for as difficult as it might be for you to watch it, it pales in comparison to the 1.8 million people who are living through this hell in Gaza at the very moment. It is the American tax payers who have been footing the bills for this illegal occupation, along with the slaughtering of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants that goes along with it. Every single member of the U.S. Senate and House voted to continue shelling out at least $3 billion annually to this regime’s weaponry, and the West has continually refused to hold Israel accountable for its outrageous war crimes. If the following images disturb you, then you should DEMAND your local and/or state representatives in the U.S. Congress cease supplying the weaponry for wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians immediately.
Do not accept for a moment the lie that these people are just “collateral damage” in Israel’s war against Hamas. The fact is that more than 469 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by the Israeli military in the past 12 days.  As of 8:15 P.M. Central time on Sunday, July 20, there had been at least 100 Palestinians killed by Israeli military forces in a single day alone. Even if we are to ignore for a moment the fact that Hamas would never have existed were it not for the need of an oppressed people to resist against a colonial occupier, the brutal attack of an entire population, trapped with nowhere else to go – carried out from the air, the sea and the land – cannot in any way be justified as an act of “self-defense.” If anything it will only harden the feelings of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians, whose every attempt to carry on and start a new life is thwarted and destroyed by Israel simply because it will not rest until all of Palestine belongs to the state. 

The grieving man in the first video is the father of 4 year-old Sahar Salman Abu Amous whose life was so needlessly and viciously cut short.

Images From the Ongoing Attacks on Gaza:
 Do these look like “terrorists” to you?

4 year old Sahir Abu Namus was murdered by Israeli military during yet another siege on Gaza.

The body of four-year-old Palestinian boy Sahir Abu Namus, who officers said killed in an Israeli air strike, is seen at a hospital morgue

4 year old Mohammed Al Awaj


innocent children

Their cousins were the four young boys killed on a beach in Gaza while playing soccer.


Four young Palestinian boys were killed in an Israeli war crime. Their names were Ismail Mohammed Bakr, age nine; Ahed Bakr, age 10; Zakaria Bakr, age 10; and Mohammed Bakr, age 11.


4 year-old Sahar Salman before and after being decapitated by Israeli shell. His life was so needlessly and viciously cut short.

1 in 5 people Israel is currently killing in Gaza are children.

Grieving mother and child

Kids killed in Al-Shuja'eyya

Ibrahim Al-Dalou


A child says goodbye to her father


July 18th


corpse of a young girl


5 month old Faris Al Mahmoum July 18


4 year old Abdallah Ghazal carried by his father


buried beneath the rubble


10 year-old Jihad Esam Shahebar, 8 year old Fullah Tariq Shahebar, and 9 year-old Wasim Esam Shahebar


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