Lebanese Army Confronts Takfiris in Ersal Operation

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Welcome to the war, Lebanon. After months of deliberately ignoring the growing presence of Jabhat al-Nusra (and now the IS) at Ba’albak in east Lebanon, the Lebanese Armed Forces have now conducted large-scale operations to cleanse this area once and for all.

Today, the Lebanese Army attacked a large convoy of a coalesced group of Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State fighters, deploying to the Qalamoun Mountains. The Lebanese Army successfully killed over a dozen terrorists and then engaged another group in violent clashes. During these clashes, the Syrian Arab Army eradicated over two dozen terrorists attempting to flee the Qalamoun Mountains from Syria. Sporadic clashes have taken place all day in Ba’albak, but the Lebanese Army has asserted its dominance over much of the province.

Sadly, two Lebanese Army soldiers were killed during the firefights and Lt. Jad Bakhala was wounded in the head. My prayers are with him and his family.

Jabhat al-Nusra is alleging that they have captured 20 Lebanese soldiers that they are holding hostage in exchange for Abu Ahmad al-Joma’a. I have received no confirmation that this is true.


Lebanese Army Confronts Takfiris in Ersal Operation

Local Editor

Lebanese army was calling up reinforcements in the Bekaa town of Ersal on Sunday, a day after it started military operation against the Takfiri militants.

The army issued a statement on Sunday, saying that fierce clashes were taking place in Ersal, as a part of the battle with Takfiris of the terrorist groups Nusra Front and ISIL.

Army operation in Ersal

“The Army continued its military operations throughout the night and this morning in Ersal and its outskirts, as it pursued armed groups and clashed with them,” the statement said.

It added that the militants are shelling the town, noting that the army soldiers are responding to the fire sources.

Earlier on Sunday night, the army announced it had gained full control of the Wadi Hamyyed area in Ersal, saying the move was part of a process to liberate the nearby hills, National News Agency reported.

Meanwhile, the army announced that eight soldiers were killed in the operation. However, it urged media outlets to abide by the statements which are only issued by the military command, noting that some media sources are circulating false information regarding the numbers of the martyrs.

Some media sources have attempted to spread false information regarding the number and names of military martyrs who fell during clashes taking place in the region of Ersal, a Lebanese Army communiqué indicated Saturday.

The Army Command urges all media concerned to stop the broadcast of such information from any source and rely only on data provided by the Army, the communiqué added according to NNA.

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