Hell On Earth – Gaza


We saw it in Lebanon during the 2006 July War, in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in 2008 and we are witnessing it again in the besieged Strip today

In a delusional attempt to break the will of a resisting people, the cowardly Israeli war machine engages in the incessant massacring of children, women, civilians and the systematic destruction of homes, hospitals, schools and other infrastructures.

Make no mistake though, the latest genocidal Israeli assault is not merely a plot against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other armed Palestinian factions, it is a continuation of the expansionist Zionist entity’s wider strategic aims to redraw the map of our region and eradicate resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine as well as the last bastion of state-level Arab resistance in Syria.

Just as Hizbollah shattered this scheme in 2006 and emerged stronger however, and as the Syrian Arab Republic is triumphing over the conspiracy waged against it, the steadfast Palestinian people and their fearless Resistance fighters are defeating this project today, for the grassroots culture of resistance cannot be destroyed and no amount of colonialist savagery will change the fact that the illegitimate, un-viable, and alien Zionist entity has no place in our midst.

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