The Secret Meeting that paved the way for acceptance of the Egyptian Initiative.

Details of the secret meeting inside the “Embassy of Iran” in Lebanon to accept the Egyptian initiative

Rough translation of the Arabic version posted at Sham Times

The meeting was held before the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, headed by Hussein Amir Abdollahian, the Assistant Foreign Minister of Iran, who visited Lebanon with a security and military delegation. 

The meeting was attended by:

  1. Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Ramadan Shallah and his deputy Ziad Nakhali, 
  2. Hamas represented by Osama Hamdan, Mohammed Nasr and Mohammed Baraka, 
  3. Haj Tawfiq Safa the representative of the Lebanese Hezbollah, 

According to the UAE “IRAM”, the Syrian Ambassador arrived with the Russian Ambassador refused to enter the meeting room because of the presence of Osama Hamdan. 

Mohamad Nasr took Hamdan to shake hands with the Syrian Ambassador, but the latter refused and said: 

“will not be met with someone who betrayed Syria “

The meeting was held without Hamdan, 

The Russian ambassador delivered a message from Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the situation in Gaza.

According to  Lavrov’s message, Paris conference, at the request of Israel, discussed one thing: 

How to disarm the resistance in Gaza, and studied the prospects of NATO participation.

According to the message: 

The Egyptian initiative must be accepted and Palestinians has the right to amend the initiative and Egypt would not oppose that. 

Those who opposing the initiative should not use that an excuse to attack Egypt and to weaken the Egyptian role in the region 

Lavrov called the resistance to accept the initiative and build on it because you can not defeat Israel by knockout in this war, but to score points and in stages, pointing out that Turkey and Qatar opposed Egypt without providing an alternative to the Egyptian initiative.

For his part, the Iranian Abdollahian supported Egypt’s initiative, and called on the resistance to take it and put its notes on it.

The Syrian ambassador, said that Syria, despite the contrast with the new Egyptian regime in some of the files,  Syria supports the Egyptian initiative and stand in the ranks of the resistance. 

For his part, Ramadan Shallah confirmed the need for consensus on the Egyptian initiative, and the necessity to return to the framework of the PLO to deal with the Egyptian initiative with a unified Palestinian position.

Shallah asked Abdollahian, to ask Hamas leaders in Gaza to study, in depth, the Egyptian initiative and warned of the dangers of the Qatari conspiracy.


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