Israeli Shelling of Gaza Destroyed 134 Factories, Rendered Additional 30,000 Jobless

The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian Gaza Strip since June 7 has levelled 134 factories with the ground and added an additional 30,000 to those who are jobless, reports the Palestinian Federation of Industries. The destruction has brought the unemployment rate in the besieged enclave up to a staggering 55 percent.

The President of the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI), Ali al-Hayek, issued a statement saying that the Israeli onslaught since June 7 has leveled 134 factories with the ground. Al-Hayek stressed that the damages suffered by the owners of these industries amount to $47 million in direct losses alone.

Gaza_bombed house_Paestine_PDThe PFI President added that the levelling of these 134 factories has rendered an additional 30,000 Palestinians unemployed.

Al-Hayek noted that these figures are likely to increase as the PFI continues to receive damage reports.

He added that the additional 30,000 which have been put out of work due to the destruction of the 134 factories brings the total unemployment rate in the Palestinian Gaza Strip up to a staggering 55 percent.

In 2006 Israel enforced a siege against the Gaza Strip. The blockade has led to a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, making large parts of the 1.8 million population dependent on handouts by international aid organizations and goods, which are smuggled via tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Israel as well as to Egypt’s North Sinai province.

In February 2012 Hamas quit its long-standing alliance with Syria and Iran and participated actively in an attempt to destabilize Egypt with militants. The project was largely financed by Qatar and Turkey and was supported by some core members of NATO as well as Israel. Hamas’ continued involvement in attempts to subvert Egypt forced the Egyptian government to consequently destroy those tunnels between the Gaza Strip and the North Sinai province which it could find.

Hamas involvement in the attempted subversion of Egypt also prompted the Egyptian government to close the Rafah border crossing. The destruction of the tunnels has significantly worsened the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Egypt has offered to open the Rafah border crossing under the condition that the Palestinian side of the border crossing be controlled by the Palestinian unity-government and not by either Hamas or any other of Palestine’s parties or factions.

Hamas has so far rejected any of the Egyptian brokered deals. Well-informed Palestinian sources stress that both Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Hamas aim at destroying the Palestinian unity-government, using the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip as hostages.

Israel’s illegal aggression has, since June 7, cost the lives of over 1,900 Palestinians while over 9,500 have been injured. Official Palestinian and UN sources report that about two third of the casualties are civilian non-combatants and that one-third of these are children.

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