By: Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.

An English expression comes to mind immediately when I think of Obama’s, NATO’s, Saudia Arabia’s, Turkey’s and Qatar’s astounding defeat at the hands of the people of Syria: “Try to get in through the back door what you couldn’t through the front”.  There can be no question that the Shi’i Crescent is obsessing the Neo-Con traitors in Washington D.C.  It is also giving Europeans a bad case of dyspepsia that won’t just go away with anti-biotics, emetics or indigestion medication.   In the latter case and in the case of Qatar/Turkey, it’s the natural gas that promises to be the idee fixe for the next 25 years as Russia finds new markets in China whilst the Levantine entrepreneurs begin to flex muscle that will embolden Iran and marginalize the Zionist Settler State.  In a sense, the West is reacting to a prophecy about its imminent decline – a decline that promises to be very painful – a massive shock to the system.

The war that must go on:   Iraq stands right in between everything.  The Syrian episode is evolving into a major military and foreign policy catastrophe for Obama; almost as humiliating as G.W. Bush’s titanic blunder in Saddam’s Iraq that cost over a trillion dollars and took the lives of 4,500-plus innocent American GIs – leave aside the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis he mercilessly slaughtered with the indifference of a Greek god.   The only distinction of any major kind between the hapless rube, Bush, and the Chicago gutter rat and swindler, Obama, is that the latter has had the good sense not to blurt out: “Mission Accomplished” in Syria.

It is undeniable that the Zionist machinery that controls the foreign policies of the U.S., France, Germany and the U.K. is revving up to confront the man in the street.  This is a battle to the death and no amount of common sense or rational behavior is going to affect the decision to ramp up the mayhem even more in order to accomplish the following 2 goals crucial to the durability of the European Jew Settler State in Occupied Palestine:

1.  The dissipation of Iranian influence.  Iran terrifies the Zionist brain.  Iran is developing a technological foundation that will compete with Zionism’s own.  It is part and parcel of the Jewish mind to make itself useful for the oppressive majorities among whom Jews have to live.  Once their usefulness comes into question, Jews automatically fear the worst: a Pogrom, Inquest, Inquisition, Genocide.  It is imperative for Jews to be viewed by the powers that be as crucial to the health and welfare of the state.

There is a belief that Jews are smart.  Some wags have gone so far as to suggest that Jewish people are from another planet (even though they do not perform better than Japanese on intelligence examinations).   Jews themselves foster this notion by reveling in a self-fulfilling prophecy adorned with the title of a “Chosen People” of God.  But, for many centuries, Jews in Europe had to suffer the stain of Caiaphas’s treachery – his insistence on crucifying the Son of God – an insistence that would engulf Jewry in an ongoing battle with non-existence itself.  In the Muslim World, that made no difference because Muslims don’t believe Christ was crucified.   But in Christian Europe, where Jews had to make the King look with favor upon them, there was always a tenuous truce between Jews and the Christian hoi polloi who were indebted to them looking for a way to escape the obligations.  They had to be the best musicians to entertain those who counted.  They had to be the best physicians to prolong the lives of their putative oppressors.  They had to excel in mathematics to wow the intellectuals who would steal their ideas for personal fame, in exchange for which they would receive a probationary stay of execution.  It is through this process of threat that Jews became smart and developed a mechanism to continue their lives by indoctrinating generations in the methodology of survival.  It is seen today in their fear of a resurgent Iran.  You can even see it in their fear of a vibrant, economically successful Palestinian state.  It is ultimately, of course, a form of paranoia.

The Zionist movement tried its hand at pushing the U.S. to strike Iran militarily with the argument that Tehran was building a nuclear weapon.  On three occasions, their efforts failed.  One might therefore ask Ziad: If the Zionists control U.S. foreign policy, why did they fail?  As I said, they control foreign policy………not military policy.   When Obama was being pushed by America’s resident nut and war-monger, John McCain, to attack Syria on the now debunked red herring that Dr. Assad used Sarin gas, it was the Pentagon which said “Nyet” – it wasn’t Kerry.  American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Martin Dempsey, testified openly that Syria posed no threat to the U.S. and told senators in private session that the Russians would go to war over this corner of their empire.  He told Obama that the U.S. would lose bombers to Syria’s robust air defense systems.  The Pentagon drew the line where Zionist influence stopped.  Both in the Senate and the House of Representatives, Obama could not get any support for a strike against Syria.

The first Zionist target was Damascus.  It was where weapons flowed into South Lebanon to Hizbollah – Iran’s mighty surrogate force that beat the stuffing out of Zionism’s army in 2006.  If Syria could be destroyed quickly, Hizbollah would become subject to the whims of the Zionist military machine financed by the Saudi Arabian and Qatari Wahhabist monkeys.  As we wrote before, ad nauseam, the machinery for this process was in place by 2007 with American ambassador Robert Ford holding the strings.  It would be quick and decisive.  Over in a matter of months.  The Americans reckoned on the Lebanese model – a sectarian army breaking up.  But they didn’t reckon with the Ba’ath Party.  The plan bombed.

What to do?

2.  Control over natural gas reservoirs and pipelines: There are reportedly huge reservoirs of natural gas off the coasts of Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus.  The Turks want access to these very badly.  The Europeans, like the French, think in old colonialist ways: control Syria and Lebanon and stick a thumb into the eye of Putin and his arrogant Gazprom monopoly.  The Zionist State will be in the pocket anyways since the Europeans will look askance at Zionist exploitation of natural gas reservoirs off the coast of Gaza and all to the benefit of Europe.  The Palestinians don’t have a chance.

But, Syria didn’t fall.  It is now more powerful militarily than before.  Iran and Russia have committed to Assad’s longevity, a fact more perfervidly seconded by Syria’s massive turnout for the July elections that catapulted Dr. Assad to a third term with more than 80% of the votes.  Hizbollah demonstrated its alliance with Syria’s government by helping in some battles, mainly at Al-Qusayr and Tal Kalakh.  There seems to be no way to break the Fatimid Crescent extending from Iran all the way to Ra`s Al-Naaqoora, Lebanon.  But the Neo-Cons think otherwise.  As I wrote before, Neo-Cons have ditched the idea of a Fatimid Crescent and now think of the structure as a necklace or rosary with separate beads.  One defect on the Iraqi bead is Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki.  For the American foreign policy makers and their Zionist puppeteers, he must go in order for the plan to work.


A New Glasperlenspiel


Nusra is a flop.  Jaysh Al-Islam is folding.  Jabhat Al-Islam is starving.  Free Syrian Army is a running gag in Damascus.  Take all the fanciful monikers for all the franchised terrorist groups, put them all together into one pot, and you get the following dish: stuffed squash without the stuffing.  It was a game invented for the moment, became a fad, and then evanesced into the old route for all silly board games, straight to the attic, under some old blankets or a question for some trivia game.

But, how to get rid of Al-Maliki?  What is it about him that makes Americans, Turks, Saudis and Zionists want to remove him?  The answer is nothing more than: he exists.  The U.S. needs to both recover from the Rabelaisian disaster of Iraq and the dismal record of war crimes and failures in Syria.  In order to do all this, the game has to change.  The Iraqis must be convinced that their savior is not Iran, or Al-Maliki’s peculiar policies, but, the United States.  The decision by Iraq not to permit large U.S. military bases in Iraq; their decision to buy Sukhoi jets from Russia; their downgrading diplomatic relations to the point where the overblown U.S. embassy in Baghdad now seems like a W.R. Hearst fantasy; Al-Maliki’s tight relations with the Syrian government, all, together, combined to create a situation, if you like, that opened doors to a new plan in Wonderland.  This plan is much more complicated than the one to oust Dr. Assad.  Like Das Glasperlenspiel, it is a plan or a game that only a few seem to understand.


Dr. Bashar Al-Assad told the NATO countries and the Saudi/Qatari Wahhabist troglodytes that fooling around with Syria was to dilly-dally with forces existing on the edge of regional tectonic plates.  He was dead on right.  He predicted the metastatic spread of terrorism into other Arab countries in the shadow of the infelicitously named “Arab Spring”.  But, as we wrote before, the plan was not about terrorism;  it was about the Fatimid Crescent and the natural resources.  It made no difference that hundreds of thousands would have to die so a clown, like Guido Westerwelle, could rub noses with the arch-sociopaths in England and the U.S.  The need to destroy Syria and, thus, to break the Crescent and Hizbollah (failed); and to commandeer the natural gas in the Mediterranean (pending) was the treasured heroin fix waiting at the end of their dark tunnel.

That it didn’t work in Syria is clear.  So, what’s the next bead? ask the rabid dogs of the Neo-Con cabal in D.C.  “Iraq!”, answers the wily white rabbit, another Neo-Con.  As you read more into this article, remember that John Kerry, the  bi-polar/schizophrenic bumbling U.S. Secretary of State, is trying his best to get Mr. Al-Maliki to quit his post.  Remember too that Hillary Clinton, who eyes the presidency like a bitch studying her master’s clutch on a succulent, but disposable chine bone, has already intimated, in her book, that Obama’s weak policies made the atmosphere appropriate for the proliferation of “Islamist” groups.  Interesting how she didn’t mention the fact that American allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the Zionist Settler State all played active roles in creating these forces.

ISIS did not come out of the Void.  It’s collaboration with Saddamist Ba’athist Forces did not emerge because of ideological similarities.  To be sure, Saddam’s Ba’ath was built on minority Sunnis controlling a majority Shi’a population. But Saddam’s Ba’ath was completely anti-Islamist.  As we wrote accurately before, the ISIS assault on Mosul and subsequent seizure of arms and ammunition from the Iraqi army was accomplished by Saddamist Ba’athist officer-moles inside the military divisions around and inside the city who ordered troops to stand down and permit the invasion to succeed.  It was the collusion between Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi and former RCC member, ‘Izzaat Ibraaheem Al-Doori, which sealed the fate of the city and propelled Al-Doori to the temporary position of chief commanding officer of ISIS.  (That position is no longer available to him based on Intel we have at SyrPer).

In one authoritative article from Iraq, this writer read that an investigation of the causes of the Iraqi army failures were former Ba’athist officers ordering their troops to change uniforms and don civilian attire to avoid extermination.


Uncle Sam not only wants you, Iraq, he needs you desperately.  Here’s what he needs to do to get you on board:

1. Make the Al-Maliki government seem frail, ineffective and flaccid;

2. Have the ISIS killers run amok killing minorities and Shi’a and staking claims to territory effectively pushing out any semblance of government;

3. Make Iran appear distant as it continues to rail in the media about “takfiris” while doing nothing to help.  You see Obama’s spooks are aware that direct Iranian interference will agitate an already stressful sectarian crisis;

4. Strike at ISIS even if it is a creation of the United States and a factotum for Erdoghan’s psychopathic regime;

5. Continue to strengthen ISIS, even as it is pushed out of Iraq, and forced to move into Syria to create greater instability for Dr. Assad.

And here is what Uncle Sam’s bottom line is:

1.  Force a new Iraqi government to reevaluate its posture as it relates to the American military presence;

2.  Force any new Iraqi P.M. to agree to U.S. anti-aircraft missile batteries on Iraqi soil;

3.  Force any new Iraqi P.M. to permit the U.S. to fire on Iranian supply aircraft heading to Syria;

4.  Force the Iraqi P.M. to cease any assistance to the Syrian government.

Sounds pretty wicked, doesn’t it?

As I write, the Iraqi Shi’i coalition has nominated a person to replace Mr. Al-Maliki despite the fundamentally anti-constitutional quality of the American-induced process.  Mr. Al-Maliki is very adamant about his rights and will not give up without a fight.  Iraq will have another governmental crisis.

In the meantime, note that the U.S. has a consulate in Irbeel, the capital of any future Kurdish state.  The U.S. has evacuated the consulate on the grounds that the ISIS organization is too close for comfort with the Kurds supposedly unable to guarantee their safety.  The fact that the U.S. would never permit ISIS to attack the U.S. consulate is irrelevant if you want to have the appearance of being opposed to ISIS. The Turks set up their own hostage scenario when ISIS attacked the Turkish consulate in Mosul.  All their diplomats are secretly back in Turkey enjoying the sunshine.

But, is the U.S. really opposed to ISIS?  The U.S. government has said nothing about ISIS in Syria, it’s persecution of Christians, Shi’is and tribes in the east.  Is there something we’re missing?  No. No. You see, the plan is to continue the war against Syria, but, now, from Iraq. It’s the back door we just mentioned in the first sentence of this article.  Now it should all begin to make sense. 

As this situation evolves, watch carefully the narratives in the mainstream western media.  Look for this:

1. The Kurdish peshmergha is no match for ISIS

2. The American-trained Iraqi army is no match for anything

3. The rise of radical Shi’i militias spells doom for democracy in Iraq

4.  The rise of radical Shi’ism plays into the hands of Iran’s clergy


Bandar bin Sultan, cannot be fired.  He is the nephew of Simian Number One, King Abdullah.  He is also the only one who knows the malicious business of Terrorama – after all – he has been its principal architect since 2002, at least.  He is also Saudi Arabia’s most virulent Persian-hater for reasons that must have to do with his jealousy of the Persian intellect.  When he was relieved of his duties as Chief of Saudi General Intelligence (the world’s most blatant oxymoron), he disappeared first in the United States and then reappeared in Morocco where he rested at his own home near Marrakesh.  Robert Ford, before his resignation, castigated the NACOSROF buffoons in Istanbul when they talked of Bandar and the need for more loot, telling them that Bandar was no longer around and that they would have to come together to meet the challenges of being an irrelevant, useless and parasitic group of exiled felons, malcontents and hotel rats.  Everybody thought it was over for Bandar.

During 2013, ISIS expanded operations from Iraq, where it was known as ISI, to Syria where it renamed itself ISIS.  That was fine with the Saudis until ISIS began to massacre their’s and Erdoghan’s favorite butchers in Jabhat Al-Nusra.  The Saudis watched in horror, and so did Erdoghan, as ISIS began to do the Syrian Army’s job of eliminating the bad guys.  Even some naive Syrians thought that Dr. Assad must have invented ISIS because it was so zealous in pursuing all those Saudi-funded and Turk-enabled “patriots”.  Dr. Assad must have had a raucous time celebrating ISIS’s constant harrying and decapitating of the Nusra group, all to the plangent litanies of Ayman Al-Zawaahiri’s calls for forbearance, unity and resort to the “Shari’ah” arbitration process.  The laughter continued in Damascus.

A typical response from Bashar Al-Assad whenever ISIS is mentioned.

The Saudi hierarchy was unable to either understand or control the new anarchy unleashed by their Nabob of Nihilism.  Bandar was the only ass in the entire pace of asses ruling the kingdom who could communicate with the illustrious new Caliph Ibraaheem, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi,  and control his actions because Bandar was tight with the CIA.  Unfortunately, the Saudis misread the whole situation.  For it wasn’t Bandar who invented ISIS – it was the United States with Zionist and Turkish help.  The Saudis were out of the loop, and they didn’t even know it.   


He doesn’t look like Laurence Harvey, but, at least he has an Iraqi accent – unlike Mr. Harvey, a transplanted Lithuanian with a strong Londoners West Country lilt playing an American.  Laurence Harvey’s real name was Laruschka Mischa Skikne.  Mr. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi’s supposed real name is Ibraaheem bin ‘Awwaad bin Ibraaheem bin ‘Ali bin Muhammad Al-Badri AlSaamirraa`iy. Given the opportunity to lounge around in the custody of the CIA, and then get gently transferred to Occupied Palestine to Mossad HQ which, under the supervision of CIA operatives, performed some tests on him, he became the Sunni/Shi’i nightmare: a Sunni working for the Mossad against the Shi’a for the sake of the Zionist Entity.  But what you don’t know is that the U.S. never released this ape to the Mossad.  It simply relocated him to a friendly country in order to get his mind straight.  All readers are invited to take note of Al-Baghdaadi’s recent statements about the Palestinian/Zionist conflict.  He never criticizes Zionism and doesn’t call for war against it.  He doesn’t support the Palestinians.



The U.S. denies holding Al-Baghdaadi for 4 years.  Instead, the story is that he was “detained” from February to December 2004.  Investigators have uncovered the fact that he was in custody for 4 years (2005-2009) at Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq.  But, there is no record of that with the Pentagon.  Instead, the Pentagon claims he was released in December 2004 after it was determined he was not a threat to the U.S.

Query: Where was he during 2005-2009?  Nobody knows. He was not in Afghanistan as some suggested because no mention of him is found anywhere while his alleged ideological soul-mate, Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqaawi is mentioned frequently in Salafist and Takfeeri posts on the internet.  Nobody has ever come forth with an explanation why he simply disappeared from the map.  It was like the 11 years of Christ’s life for which we can’t account.

The Syrian Military Intelligence people have a different version of the events:  Al-Baghdaadi was arrested in February 2004 for activities deemed suspicious by the U.S. military authorities.  When he was tested by psychiatric personnel from the CIA because of his “radical Islamist beliefs” as part of a study on the subject, a doctor found that Al-Baghdaadi had certain traits which made him an ideal candidate for “mind manipulation”.  He was extremely easy to hypnotize, for example, and tended to bond with any person who showed him respect.  He proved to have a keen interest in how Christians thought about Islam.  He also did not exhibit any aversion to Jews.

Al-Baghdaadi was released to the CIA in December of 2004.  He was told he would be moved to the United States for further investigation.  He was injected with drugs and flown to Tel Aviv where he found himself in a hospital staffed by Americans or people who spoke English.  He was subjected for 3 years to massive indoctrination and, it is reported, to sub-cranial procedures which are not known to this author.  When he was released in 2009, he found himself in Iraq and Turkey with a mission to establish a parallel Al-Qaeda organization that would bring about the mess you are seeing today in order to reestablish the U.S. and its allies in Iraq.  The set-up came to fruition when the U.S. killed his superior, Abu ‘Umar Al-Baghdaadi on April 18, 2010 so that Al-Baghdaadi could ascend to the leadership.  From then on,  wearing a Rolex watch given to him by a Zionist psy-ops specialist, he began the process of establishing a new movement whose purpose was to remove the pro-Iranian Shi’a government and establish a buffer between Iran and Syria.  The minimal fall-back plan was to control large swaths of Iraqi territory in order to allow American anti-aircraft missiles to be deployed to prevent Iranian supply planes from traveling to Syria.

The plan has not worked well.

It started out nicely.  Al-Baghdaadi did what he was supposed to do in the beginning; he cooperated with Bandar and Robert Ford in setting up a large Al-Qaeda organization in Syria called the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  It is said that Ford picked the name for Jabhat Al-Nusra because it was intended to only “support” the fledgling Syrian terrorist movement that simply did not have the wherewithal or numbers to defeat the Syrian military.  But, then, he went wild.  Although he was indoctrinated by the CIA and Mossad to limit Al-Qaeda’s influence, he took a much more hostile position as he broke with Ayman Al-Zawaahiri and Nusra (which he created) and began to exterminate its members all over Syria.  That some Syrians believe he worked for Dr. Assad is a product of this 180 degree turn-around.

It may be that the U.S. has now achieved mostly what it wants in Iraq.  If the Americans can engineer Al-Maliki’s fall and replace him with a more malleable leader, the plan will be to kill Al-Baghdaadi to prove that he was never America’s man to begin with and to be rid of a rogue agent whose programming has deteriorated.  It was never the intent of the United States to create a new Caliph………Or was it?  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.
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