Introduction by Gilad Atzmon:

The following is a declaration by Eugene Schulman, an American Jew living in Switzerland. It is an interestng text. I was about to post it in early July but due to events in Gaza I decided to postpone publication until now.

Schulman is brave to admit that “not only Israel, but also the Jewish people who support it, are now the enemies of peace.” He renounces any support for Israel, but also any adherence to Judaism. However, Schulman fails to see that Israel, Zionism and even Judaism are just symptoms of Jewish tribalism and ideology (i.e. Jewishness). In fact Judaism is just one Jewish religion amongst many. Moral interventionism, Bolshevism, Atheism and Free Market have been popular Jewish religions. Similarly, the Holocaust religion is by far the most popular Jewish religion these days. Jewish religion is basically a precept that facilitates self love by means of choseness.”and as an atheist who does not accept the existence of a God or gods, it would be hypocritical to observe any religious practices, even in their ‘tribal form.'”

I would argue that for Eugene to fill his independence with meaning he may as well want to consider a deep scrutiny of Jewishness and Jewish ID polotics, for being a Godless Jew is hardly a revelation. In fact, the most horrid crimes against humanity were not committed by rabbinical Jews but by godless righthous Jews whether they were Zionists, ‘anti’ or Bolsheviks.

Declaration of Independence

The United States declared its independence from the British Empire in 1776, stating that it wished freedom from domination, claiming that all men are created equal and are entitled to unalienable rights such as those of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (We now know better.)

The state of Israel declared its independence in 1948, after the end of the British Mandate over Palestine.  Although the land was to be partitioned between the indigenous Arab population and the trespassing Jews, the Zionist led territory claimed a state for themselves, excluding the Arabs.  The declaration stated that the State of israel would “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex, and guaranteed freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture.”  (We now know better.)

My own declaration:

Like most people who are born into a religion, I had always accepted the fact that I was Jewish because my family assumed the Jewish religion as handed down through their own families.  Though ours was not very religious in practice, it considered itself a “member of the tribe”.

Jewish tradition was followed in our home for the sake of my maternal grandmother, who insisted that her children adhered.  Thus, we observed the usual Jewish holidays: Pesach, Hannukkah, etc., and my eldest brother was Bar Mitzvaed.  However, when my grandmother died, all such nonsense ceased in our family, and we lived very secular lives henceforth.  Neither I, nor my other two brothers, one older and one younger, underwent the rite of Bar Mitzva.  I have never attended a seder, nor attended synagogue.

From a young age, thanks to the atheist influence of my paternal grandfather, I have always denied the existence of God.  Religion or God was never an issue or a subject of discussion in our home.  However, during the years of my youth, prior to the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, my mother, as a member of Haddassah, essentially as a social network, did support the immigration of Jews to the Holy Land, and collected funds for the planting of trees.  So I was aware of the Zionist movement.  WWII and the discovery of the Holocaust did make me aware of my Jewish roots, and like most Jews, was appalled at what the Nazis had done to “my people”.  Innocent as I was at the time, at the age of 18, I believed that Israel would be a solution to the problem of finding homes for the survivors of the death camps, and supported the creation of Israel in Palestine as a homeland for Jews.  The notion that Palestine was already populated with an indigenous people did not escape me.  But I had no idea that the Zionist plan was to create a Jewish state and drive out the existing population (ethnic cleansing).

Between the 1948 war and the 1967 war, i.e., the calm between Israeli independence and the aggression against the Palestinians, I had thought of Israel rather benignly as a place of refuge for the people who had suffered under Nazism and those in the Diaspora who wanted to find a home among their own.  The 1967 war, as was presented to the world, gave us in the West the idea that Jews could now be safe among their own, and henceforth would be able to protect themselves.  This, of course, is just what the Zionists wanted the world to believe.  But a reading of history since has shown that this is not the case.  We now know that the Zionist intention, then and now, was to expand its borders and to subsume all of Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan and perhaps beyond.  Books have shown that, despite their claim of victimhood, Israel has become an aggressor state, and claims hegemony over all the Middle East.  In so becoming, Israel has become for Muslims what Nazi Germany was for the Jews, not to speak of the millions of others who suffered equally.  Although they were not the only people who suffered, the Holocaust has been co-opted  by the Jews who use it as a weapon against all who would claim that Israel and Judaism are the cause of much trouble in the world.

I am one of those who believe that, not only Israel, but also the Jewish people who support it, are now the enemies of peace.  Thus, I hereby renounce any support for Israel, but also any adherence to Judaism.  Judaism is a religion, and as an atheist who does not accept the existence of a God or gods, it would be hypocritical to observe any religious practices, even in their “tribal form.”

Via this declaration of independence, I now feel free to criticize all who I believe are enemies of freedom and justice, whether political or religious entities, sans remorse!

Eugene Schulman

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