Obama’s Phony War on Islamic State Militants

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Obama’s Phony War on Islamic State Militants
Obama murders civilian men, women and children he calls militants. Terrorists. Eyewitnesses explain otherwise. More on this below.

He lied claiming he’ll degrade and destroy IS’s fighting capability. He supports it instead. Previous articles explained.

They’re US proxies. Shock troops. Foot soldiers. Boots on the ground. US special forces and CIA operatives train them in Jordan and Turkey.

They’re taught effective ways to kill. Dirty ways. Using chemical weapons. Committing atrocities. Including beheadings and other barbarian acts.

Syrian targets struck aren’t Islamic State ones. They include vital infrastructure, oil facilities, grain silos with food, empty buildings, residential homes and noncombatant men, women and children.

Exact numbers killed and injured aren’t clear. Various estimates differ. The toll rises daily.

On September 23, the Los Angeles Times headlined “Syrians say civilians killed in US airstrikes,” explaining:

Video evidence from Northwestern Syria “shows Idlib province residents going through motions that have become all too familiar in three years of civil war between antigovernment rebels and the forces of President Bashar Assad…”

They’re “surveying the remnants of flattened homes and picking through the debris.”

“This time” Washington bears full responsibility. One Syrian perhaps spoke for others, saying:

“Mass destruction (was inflicted on) civilian homes as a result of the strikes of the Western alliance on the civilians in the western Idlib suburbs. Look, it is all civilian homes.”

So-called Pentagon photographic evidence is fake. Claiming IL targets were struck is false.

Scores of so-called attacks against it in Iraq haven’t scratched its capability. Nor have they in Syria. Nor will they. Nor are they intended to. Obama lied claiming otherwise.

According to the Times:

Syrians say “as many as two dozen civilians were killed…” As of six days ago. Likely dozens more perished in daily strikes since then.

Washington considers civilians legitimate targets in all its wars. Millions perished in Afghanistan. Millions more in Iraq Wars I, II plus years of sanctions.

Libya claimed well over 100,000 lives. Perhaps double or triple that number. No one knows for sure.

Obama’s Iraq and Syrian wars may claim millions before they end.

Washington doesn’t keep body counts. Independent sources estimate best they can.

Syrians fear US bombings for good reason. They’re in harm’s way. They’re afraid they’ll be struck.

One Syrian resident said IS fighters dispersed. So did other militants. They left areas likely to be targeted. Civilians suffered most casualties.

Lt. General William Mayville heads US Joint Chiefs of Staff operations. He lied claiming no knowledge “of any civilian casualties.”

He’s fully briefed on daily operations. “If any reports of civilian casualties emerge, we will fully investigate,” he said.

So-called Pentagon investigations cover up, deny and obfuscate. It’s longstanding operational procedure.

It suppresses crimes of war and against humanity. It conceals dirty war. Its atrocities. Without mercy. Without restraint. Without regard for rule of law principles, standards and norms.

On September 28, Human Rights Watch (HRW) headlined “US/Syria: Investigate Possible Unlawful US Strikes,” saying:

Idlib airstrikes killed at least eight civilians. They “should be investigated for possible violations of the laws of war.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby lied, claiming “no credible reporting from operational sources” of civilian deaths. Syrians able to observe dead men, women and children explained otherwise.

“Three local residents told Human Rights Watch that missiles killed at least two men, two women, and five children, in the early morning hours on September 23 in the village of Kafr Deryan in northern Idlib,” said HRW.

US wars normalize the unthinkable. Civilian lives don’t matter. Crimes of war and against humanity are considered collateral damage.

Residents said missiles struck two homes in Kafr Deryan. They killed at least five children, two women and two men…”

According to HRW: “The reported killing of at least seven civilians in strikes in which there may have been no legitimate military target nearby raises concerns that the strikes were unlawful under the laws of war and should be investigated.”

Expect whitewash instead. It’s standard US practice. Hegemons don’t admit culpability. Or say they’re sorry. They blame victims for their crimes.

Residents said “there there were no Jabhat al-Nusra buildings, checkpoints, or vehicles in the vicinity of the strike in the village,” said HRW,

Pentagon officials knew it. They spent weeks gathering intelligence. Choosing targets.

Striking homes with civilians shows contempt for human lives. It shows America wages dirty wars. It kills indiscriminately.

Its sanctimonious objectives are false. Hypocritical. Big Lies. War crimes and then some. Expect lots more ahead.

HRW listed victims by names. They weren’t terrorists. They were innocent victims in harm’s way.

“Video footage posted on YouTube on September 23 by a local activist who spoke to Human Rights Watch shows some of the civilians injured in the strikes and the aftermath of the attacks,” said HRW.

“Another video posted by the Shaam News Network showed three children, two who appear to have been killed, and one who appears to have been injured in the missile strikes.”

“An additional video, posted on YouTube by the local activist who spoke to Human Rights Watch, shows two children being rushed to receive medical treatment in the aftermath of the attack, and another shows an adult victim being pulled out of the rubble.”

A Kafr Deryan resident said “six additional civilians – three children and three women – were also killed in the strikes on the villages but Human Rights Watch was unable to verify this claim,” according to HRW.

“He said that approximately 15 others, including women and children, were injured.”

Three Kafr Deryan residents said “civilians were all killed when missiles struck their homes directly, and two of the residents said they had seen weapons remnants at the site of the destroyed homes, suggesting that the strikes directly caused the fatalities,” according to HRW.

Another said “he was at the scene of the attack on the two residences about 10 minutes after the strikes and that he and other activists collected the remnants from the weapons used in the strikes and videotaped them and posted some of the footage of the aftermath of the strikes on YouTube.”

HRW said it “reviewed his footage and has identified the remnants as debris of a turbofan engine from a Tomahawk cruise missile, a weapon that only the US and British governments have.”

“Witness accounts suggest that the attack on the village harmed civilians but did not strike a military target, violating the laws of war by failing to discriminate between combatants and civilians, or that it unlawfully caused civilian loss disproportionate to the expected military advantage,” it added.

“The US government should investigate credible allegations of violations of the laws of war, such the strikes on Kafr Deryan, and publish its findings…”

“In the event of wrongdoing, the United States should ensure accountability and provide appropriate redress.”

“Further, the United States should take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians in future attacks.”

Obama ordered Iraqi and Syrian airstrikes lawlessly. He did so preemptively. With no legal authority.

No Security Council approval. No congressional declaration of war. No adversary threatening America. Doing so constitutes high criminality against peace.

Indiscriminately killing noncombatant men, women and children adds more high crimes to his rap sheet. He’s guilty as charged.

He remains unaccountable. He operates this way. He gives rogue leadership new meaning. He’s unapologetic. He blames victims for his crimes.

Expect lots more mass slaughter and destruction before his Iraqi and Syrian wars end. High crimes against peace. The supreme crime. Genocide. It’s the American way.

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Nearly $1 Billion Already Spent on US Military Campaign Against ISIS

Global Research, September 30, 2014

estimate-cost-isis-war.si_-400x224A pair of U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fly over northern Iraq after conducting airstrikes in Syria, in this U.S. Air Force handout photo taken early in the morning of September 23, 2014. (Reuters/U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Matthew)

The US-led military operation against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants has likely so far cost between $780 and $930 million, according to an estimate by Washington-based think tank specializing in defense issues.

The estimate is part of a report attempting to forecast how much the operation might cost in the future. It was published on Monday by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), that’s influential with the US Department of Defense.

The think tank’s defense experts, many of whom are military veterans, have used a figure given by the Pentagon itself, which said that the military operations against the Islamic State cost $530 million through August 26.

The group’s own estimate covers the period from August 27 through September 24 and is based on “what is publicly known about the number of targets struck, the types of aircraft and munitions used, the basing options available to US forces in the region, and the number US ground forces in the region.”

The various costs associated with the military actions against the IS have been reflected in a graphic, issued by the CSBA.

View image on Twitter

How much will operations against cost? CSBA’s estimate:


The total cost to date from mid-June through September 24 is likely between $780 and $930 million,” the report says.

It further comes up with possible estimates of three scenarios of the way the military operation will develop in the region.

Assuming a moderate level of air operations and 2,000 deployed ground forces, the costs would likely run between $200 and $320 million per month,” the study says.

If the airstrikes moderately intensify and 5,000 ground forces are deployed, the cost would be driven to $350 and $570 million per month.

Finally, if the military campaign “expands significantly” and 25,000 US troops are deployed, the monthly cost of the operation might grow to $1.1 to $1.8 billion.

Annually the first scenario would cost the American budget $2.4 to $3.8 billion per year, while the third, highest-intensity, one would require the US to spend $22 billion.

The US started the military operation against the Islamic State in June 2014 by increasing support to Iraqi and Kurdish forces fighting the extremist group.

The US airstrikes against the Islamic State targets in Iraq were launched August 8 and in Syria September 23. President Obama made a decision on the airstrikes without the authorization of the US Congress. Lawmakers might not vote on the move until next year, congressional aides told Reuters on Monday.

Members of Congress left Washington in mid-September to campaign for upcoming elections. They will return in mid-November and will likely be reluctant to vote on authorization for the use of military force in Iraq and Syria in the last weeks of the current Congress.

President Obama announced crackdown on the Islamic State group in a landmark September 10 speech. He specified that American ground troops would not be involved in the fight against the militants.

Senior US military officials have, however, not excluded the ‘boots on the ground’ option. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said in mid-September that should Obama’s current strategy not yield the desired results, he would recommend deploying American troops on the ground.

Estimates on the possible cost of the military campaign have varied. Last week, a defense spending expert, Gordon Adams, a professor of US foreign policy at American University, told Huffington Post he estimated the United States’ war on the militant group could be costing taxpayers up to $1.5 billion a month.

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CAIR And The Clowns Of Muslim American Organziations

September 30, 2014

[Ikhras Note: The following post first appeared on The Angry Arab Blog on September 27, 2014 (photo added by ikhras). CAIR is the highest-profile House Muslim organization in the US and a recipient of the ikhras shoe-of-the-month award. To learn more about this corrosive, establishment organizationvisit ikhras.]

You know the story: all Muslim and Arab American organizations in DC have fallen under the direct influence of Gulf regimes, as have most Arabs journalists in the capital. This happened right after 1990 when the Saudi regime sent various princes to close the deal to control all Arab media and organizations in the West (as many were under the influence of Saddam or Qadhdhafi). 

Saudi Arabia did not want dissent from Arabs in the West lest they disturb their lobbying and propaganda efforts in the West. I read that CAIR and other Muslim American organizations held a press conference to issue statements against ISIS: as if any Muslims in the US or elsewhere listen to them and adhere to their standards. And why is it their business to issue exclusive denunciations?

Were Jewish organizations expected during the savage war on Gaza to issue statements of denunciations against Israeli terrorism? And don’t they with their theatrics not reinforce the association between Islam and the terrorism and kooky ideology of ISIS (shared by the same patrons of Arab and Muslim organizations in DC)?

They should if they want condemn terrorism in all its form and not focus on “Islamic terrorism” and they should even categorically reject the notion that there is a religious label to terrorism.  But then again: it is a job and they have to do it and those are willing to abandon two of the five pillars of Islam in return for a photo op at the White House.  Instead, they should say that ISIS should be blamed on the foreign policies of the US and its allies who have in the last several decades produced the monsters of Al-Qa`idah and ISIS, among other terrorists roaming the Middle East region.

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Nasrallah: US and Israel are leading terrorist states

United States is world’s leading terrorist state,” Professor Noam Chomsky said.

Israel is complicit in global state terrorism,” Steve Lendman said.

In fact, when it comes to terrorism, wars and espionage, United States has been the major target of the Zionist entity. Watch a video below.

On September 23, 2014, in a televised speech, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah spoke about the crisis in the region and Barack Obama’s coalition to “degrade and defeat ISIS terrorists,” the very terrorists America played midwife for the sole purpose of destroying regional opposition to Israel’sexpansionism. He said that Lebanon refused to join the anti-ISIS alliance lead by United States, as the later is not a trustworthy partner. The United States itself is leader of state terrorism around the world and only interested in its own imperial agenda in the region and to maintain Israel’s supremacy in the region.

Nasrallah condemned the US and its “willing allies’ air raids in both Syria and Iraq on moral basis even though many analysts claim that defeat of ISIS and other pro-USrael terrorist groups would be good for Iran’s allies (Syria, Lebanon and Iraq) based on the fact that Iran benefitted from the 2003 elimination of Saddam Hussein, a western ally who fought an 8-year war against Iran in the 1980s.

Nasrallah’s speech was significant in that he reminded the world that imperialism will remain our paramount enemy even in this trans-imperialist phase. The Resistance Axis’ policy is one which vehemently rejects this aggression, while not shedding any tears for its takfiri casualties,” commented Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, Lebanese academic, writer and author of book, ‘Hizbullah: Politics and Religion’.

Everyone knows that Hizbullah is against the “ISIL”. Some two months ago I have talked extensively on this. We are against those Takfiri movements, and we are fighting them too. We are offering sacrifices in fighting them. So first we must put aside what some are saying to the effect of our stance from the international coalition as being to defend or to protect “ISIL”. This is simplification and misleading of the facts. So it is either simplification because of ignorance or intended misleading of facts. No, that is not the case. I have tackled the issue of “ISIL” extensively at several occasions in the past. As for us, “ISIL” are groups that kill and slaughter merely because of intellectual and political or organizational disparity. They pose a threat to all the peoples, governments, and sects. So they do not pose a threat to the minorities only but rather to all the peoples of the region. Thus our stance from these Takfiri terrorist groups is clear, firm, and final. It is obligatory to fight them, confront them, and push their danger away from the peoples of the region and the region too. However, the issue of the US military intervention or the formation of an international coalition led by the USA is another issue. This issue must be tackled from several perspectives,” Nasrallah said.

America is the mother of terrorism. Whoever wants to argue, we are ready for argument. America is the source of terrorism in the world. If there is terrorism in this world, search for the US administration behind it. Indeed, we are not talking about the US people,” Nasrallah said.

America is the ultimate supporter of terrorist Zionist entity. The source of terrorism in our region is the existence of Israel, which attains absolute US support whether militarily, security, political, economic, financial, or legal. In the Security Council, even condemning or the right of veto is not allowed when it comes to Israel,” added Nasrallah.

The US fabricated or played a role in fabricating these terrorist Takfiri movements. Therefore, America is not in the moral position that entitles it to lead a war against terrorism. In fact, it never once had a moral position. The side that struck Japan with nuclear bombs, committed atrocities in the Vietnam War, has all of this dark history, stood next to Netanyahu in the 50-day-war against Gaza and the people of Gaza, demolishes, kills thousands, wounds thousands, and displaces tens of thousands from their houses is not morally eligible to present itself as a fighter of terrorism or as a leader of an international coalition to target terrorism,” Nasrallah said.

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Ziad Fadel


Lt. General Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, Defense Minister, and members of the Syrian High Command inspect ‘Adraa’s towns in the aftermath of the spectacular victories here that liberated tens of thousands of Syrian civilians strangled by the fake Wahhabist Islam of the Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya and Nusra.


Tal Al-Sawwaan:  It had to happen.  The SAA routed the remaining rodents in this town and took over 90 prisoners, almost all from foreign countries.  This town is on the way to the liberation of Jawbar and Khaan Al-Shaykh.  All factories and workshops on the periphery are now firmly in the hands of the legitimate government in Damascus


Jawbar:  Major advance by SAA last night. The SAA is fighting 24 hours to keep the rats in a state of relentless languor.  As the army continues to kill more and more of Obama’s heroes, it is becoming even clearer that the Saudi international terrorist effort to bring in Jihadists was unlimited.  Yesterday, the SAA killed rodents from Jordan, Iraq and Tunisia.  The fighting was centered mostly southeast of the Al-Tayyiba Mosque:


‘Adnaan Al-Ribaahi

Khaldoon Al-Iraaqi (IRAQI WORM EXPECTORANT.  Id pending)

Mustafaa Al-Ghazzaawi

Another 22 rats were determined to be non-Syrian.



Doumaa:  More advances by the SAA.  No details.



Tal Kurdi:  Several nests were destroyed by the SAA in this area northeast of Douma.  Most of the dead rodents were foreigners:


Maalek Taaleb

‘Ali Al-Zaydi

Another 10 could not be identified because they were foreign and carried forged documents.


East of Al-Dukhkhaaniyya:  As you know, this area was liberated 2 days ago by the SAA.  Still, some remaining die-hards insist on collecting their tickets to Hell:

Sa’doon Al-‘Ayyadh (IRAQI HEMORRHOID)



Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Liberated also.  A group of foreign rats gave up and are in custody.


Qaarra Foothills in Waadi Zamraani:  This is the Qalamoon.  The rats keep trying to come in and the SAA and NDF continue to exterminate them.  In this group of 16 riding motorcycles, many weapons and much ammunition was saved for use by our NDF:

Taariq Al-Shihaab

Muhammad Al-Qawaasima (JORDANIAN FLEA ORIFICE)

Saami Mukhtaar

Khudhr Muqbil


syrian army

Baseema-Dayr Muqrin Road in Waadi Baradaa:  More dead rats. No details.


Sa’sa’ Farms area:  Ditto.


Fighting also reported here: Al-Zamaaniyya Town, Al-Qaasimiyya Town, Al-Bilaaliyya Village, Daarayyaa at the Shrine of Sukayna


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Short Analysis by Mindfriedo: Struggle for Iraq: Saqlawiyah says it all!

Via The Saker

Following is a chronology of events that took place in mid to end September at the Iraqi Army base of Saqlawiyah (Saqlawiyah is located to the north of Fallujah)
-Daash and allied Sunni fighters take over a few villages to the north of Fallujah
-One of the towns taken over is Sijir, close to Saqlawiyah Military Base
-The Iraqi Army sends in 400 men from the 3rd Brigade, an elite SWAT unit, and members from the Ashaib Ahl Al Haq (League of the Righteous) to take back Sijir.
-Stiff resistance by Daash forces the fighters back to Saqlawiyah base; there are now 800 to a 1000 men at the base and they are running short of supplies, food and ammunition.
-Daash captures areas around the base and blocks the only road connecting Saqlawiyah and starts to encircle the base. They now state that the attack on the village was a trap prepared for the Iraqi army and the “Safavid filth.”
-Daash starts using loudspeakers telling the troops to surrender
-A tank unit from Ramadi advances north and tries to break the siege. The tanks advance on a stretch of road that is strewn with improvised explosives but make it to 500 yards of the base
-Entrapped troops try to break through to the tanks but are beaten back by Daash that carries out suicide attacks and heavy assaults. The troops are forced back to the base and the tank columns retreat over bodies of dead soldiers
-Entrapped soldiers make desperate calls to military commanders who promise relief and air support but nothing arrives. Senior commanders refer to repeated requests being made by soldiers as unnecessary “whining” in the face of attacks
-Daash fighters dressed in Iraqi Army Uniform send in Humvees in a suicide attack. The soldiers guarding the base are reported to have opened the gates assuming the Humvees to be relief supplies. Huge suicide attacks are followed on by a heavy ambush. Daash overruns the base and only a pocket of soldiers are reported to be holding out.
-Conflicting reports suggest that between 50 (unreliable government) to 600 casualties with 200 soldiers managing to escape. Escaped soldiers were starving after 4 days of hunger and were drinking salt water to survive, they were finding it hard to run
-Daash parades 30 men dressed in Iraqi Army Uniform in Fallujah and releases the following statement:
“After placing trust in Allah, and taking into consideration the means and available capabilities, and by the order of the Ministry of War, al-Fallujah Province mobilized all its military detachments, air defense, support, and raiding detachments, and after making the plan and setting its goals, the detachments launched towards their desired objective, which is liberating the area of al-Sijir from the filth of the Safavids [a derogatory term for Shiites], as a first step to besiege the headquarters of Brigade 30, which is located between the area of al-Sijir and the al-Saqlawiyah sub-district.”
-Daash claims to have killed 300 Iraqi Soldiers, captured two M1A1 Abrams tanks and a Russian tank in addition to other supplies that it looted from the base
-Abadi orders an enquiry and Iraqi Army and Air Force Commanders are reportedly suspended but MPs are demanding prosecution and calling Saqlawiyah Iraq’s second Spyker
-The government is claiming that Daash used chlorine gas and is using this as an excuse for the base having fallenHere are some questions that the above events raise:1) Why was Air Support not provided or supplies not air dropped?
Throughout the conflict Iraqi commanders are reported to have ignored calls for resupply and air support and, shockingly, to have given false hope by suggesting that the base was actually resupplied, when it was not. Sour relations between Maliki’s Commanders and Abadi’s desire to replace them is being suggested as another excuse for the fiasco.2) Where are the US air strikes falling?
If Daash was sending such a large number of fighters north why did US airstrikes not target them? Or target the Daash fighters laying siege to the base?
Yazidi fighters have similarly complained of the US not attacking Daash heavy armour in Sinjar while the Yazidis were fighting them, even after the Yazidis pointed (painted) targets for the Americans. The Yazidis were forced to withdraw when they ran out of ammunition from a fight that would otherwise have been easily won.
The behaviour of Turkish troops, preventing Syrian Kurds from crossing the border and help their fellow Kurds fight Daash in Kobani, is also very telling. Also, US strikes outside Kobani were unable to halt Daash’s advance.
It all stinks of “Boots on the ground.”

3) Where are the Sunni tribes in all this?
So far, those Sunni tribes not on the side of Daash are still undecided in backing the government. The reasons they put forward are continuing indiscriminate artillery strikes on Sunni populated areas (Fallujah, Ramadi) and the detention of a large number of Sunni men. Another reason could be that they still have doubts of the government side winning or holding on to territory taken.

4) Effectiveness of the militias?
The militias have helped prevent the fall of Baghdad and have halted the advance of Daash. But they still have a long way to go and may be an ineffective tool in Sunni dominated areas.

The higher ups in the Ashab Ahl al Haq will be furious that their men at the base were stranded and will want answers if not blood from Iraq’s Political/Military leadership. The military leadership of Iraq, politically selected, has shown little or scant regard for its troops and men, and are perhaps more dangerous than Daash.

How Did US Warplanes Redirect Its Rocket Launchers from Assad towards ISIL?

Mohamed Salami

President AssadThe United States and its Western as well as regional allies are still attempting to deny the fact that the situation in Syria has drastically changed as its coalition failed to defeat the state and the regular army whose battlefield victories forced the West to join its counterterrorism campaign.

In September 2013, the world and the region were on the verge of a US atrocious war against Syria. President Barack Obama’s administration was befuddled by the Syrian army’s battlefield achievements, so it decided to back the terrorist groups in order to involve all the parties in a political process. In fact, all the parties of the axis of resistance were targeted.

The Iranian and Russian statements at that time represented a bold response to the US threats.

In an interview with Al-Manar Website, the editor-in-cKandilhief of Al-Binaa local daily and former MP Nasser Kandil revealed that clear messages were sent from Tehran and Moscow to Washington that as US rockets target Syria, the axis of resistance’s rockets will be launched onto the Zionist entity, US military bases in the Middle East and onto the countries which support them.

Despite the counter threats, the US was not deterred. Media reports asserted that the US war on Syria had started yet ended the moment two ballistic missiles were fired.

“The US forces fired these two rockets from a NATO base in Spain, and were instantly detected by the Russian radars and confronted by the Russian defense systems, so one of them exploded in the airspace and the second one diverted towards the sea,” media reports asserted.

Kandil said that that political stage was ended by the “Chemical Deal” which let the American administration find a way out of its confusion caused by its recessive stances.

The US administration, as a result, refrained from carrying out the military plot against Syria under the pretext of the congressional disapproval, what allowed the axis of resistance to contrive a strategic achievement.

The US administration and its regional allies backed establishing the takfiri terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq in order to strike two of the basic resistance strongholds in the region.

ISIL (the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), the most prominent terrorist group battling the regular army’s and the people in Iraq and Syria, led the takfiri terrorism, displaying its atrocities in different cities and provinces.

This terrorism was directed by the US and its allies to defeat the axis of resistance, yet the outcomes of the ground battles proved that the terrorist track did not lead its supporters to achieve any gain in its aggression against Syria.

Kandil asserted that the key US interests in the region were directly threatened by the terrorist chaos which started to spread out.

Led by Arab-Western intelligence, the terrorist groups may not have strategic plots to attack the Zionist entity; however, since these groups lack a unified command, they usually take uncoordinated decisions, which may endanger the Zionist entity.

On the long-term, the Zionist entity’s security might be affected by the case of chaos which will pervade in the neighboring countries due to the takfiri terrorism.

In addition, the Western economic and political interests in Iraqi Kurdistan represent a main drive for the US coalition to protect this oil-rich autonomous region.

As the terrorist groups threatened of attacking the Gulf countries, the US and the oil-rich states raised the alert in face of the serious terrorist threats.

US Warplane

In short, the Arab-Western coalition has decided to strike ISIL which failed to defeat the Syrian troops as well as Hezbollah and started to endanger its interests.

Politically, Syria was able to force the United States to abide by its sovereignty standards, what obliged the later to notify the former about the airstrikes which would target ISIL posts within the Syrian territories.

Russia and Iran stated that the airstrikes are fruitless if they are not accompanied by a ground attack and considered that fighting terrorism must be a comprehensive policy which halts funding and training the terrorist groups.

The two countries  preserve their strategic support to the Syrian state against all what may threaten its sovereignty and integrity.

Despite Obama’s acknowledgement of the inability of Syria “rebels” to defeat the regular army and in the light of the fact that these “rebels” have been overcome by the Syrian army and its allies since their rise, the western coalition still insists on backing what it calls “moderate rebels” in Syria in order to control the areas where ISIL will be struck by the air raids.

As Obama acknowledged that the “moderate rebels” in Syria can never face the regular troops, the US air strikes and the battlefield achievements of the Syrian army will meet in a short time at the point of defeating the terrorist groups, according to Kandil.

Former MP Kandil, however, stressed that the battlefield achievements of the Syrian army will have a great role to play in identifying the future of the Arab country which can never be controlled and ruled by airstrikes.

The whole region is most probably heading to more political stability and military encounter for the terrorist ISIL. However, if the Western realism withered and the United States insisted on challenging the state in Syria, then all the axis of resistance will be concerned with defending all its strongholds including Syria.

Source: Al-Manar Website

30-09-2014 – 16:28 Last updated 30-09-2014 – 6:28

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بين قوسين _ سركيس نعوم ، يفغيني سديروف | المنار


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