ADL: Erdogan is kosher


On July 18, 2014, America’s highest paid Israeli propagandist, Abraham Foxman, the national director of powerful Jewish lobby group ADL wrote a letter to newly elected president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, congratulating Erdogan on his “elevated” position while complaining the rise of hatred towards Turkey’s Jewish community of  130,000 as result of government officials and some newspapers anti-Israel statements. Foxman also reminded Erdogan for his comparing Israeli actions in Gaza with those of Nazis.

Mr. Prime Minister, as you well know, the Turkish Jewish community is not responsible for the policies and actions of Israel, and any suggestion they are is a form of anti-Semitism. Turkey’s Jewish community of approximately 17,000 people has been a vibrant part of Turkey’s social fabric for more than 500 years, yet in recent years has felt increasingly vulnerable to anti-Semitism. We therefore strongly urge you to publicly reject all expressions of anti-Semitism including the scapegoating of Turkish Jews for the actions of Israel, and assure the Turkish Jewish community that they continue to have the full support and protection of the state and people of Turkey,” Foxman wrote.

Foxman released the contents of the letter his received from Turkey’s new president Erdogan on August 21, 2014, in response to his letter. Erdogan in the said response assured the Israeli lobbyist that hatred toward Jewish community never existed in Turkey for the last 500 years. However, genuine criticism of the Zionis regime’s Nazi-style oppression of Palestinian native Muslims and Christians has certainly created public hatred toward Israel – but it’s wrong to compare it with anitsemitism.

Presenting our country’s rightful reaction to Israeli Government’s actions, which violate the most basic rights and freedoms of the Palestinian people and hinder the peace process, as if anti-Semitism has escalated in Turkey and our Jewish citizens are under threat would be unfair. Whether practicing Judaism or any other religion, to feel enmity toward someone just because they are different has never and will never gain acceptance in this land,” Erdogan wrote.

On September 5, Foxman issued an open letter to Erdogan to lift the lid over his private pro-Israel campaign using his good personal relation with Erdogan which goes back to the days when Erdogan was Mayor of Istanbul (1994-98).

In the open letter, Foxman while praised Erdogan’s continuous efforts as prime minister to fight anti-Semitism in Turkey, he objected to Erdogan blaming Israel for its 50-day barbaric war against Gaza people for electing Hamas in 2006. Foxman repeated Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lie that Hamas kidnapped and killed three young Jew settlers as the reason for Israel to attack Gaza.

“This conflict was not a one-sided military assault against innocent Palestinians.  Not once in your letter did you take note that all of this began with the kidnapping and horrific murder of three young innocent Israeli civilians, and that it quickly escalated to an all-out war as Hamas waged a campaign of indiscriminate shelling of Israeli towns and cities with rockets, munitions and fighters hidden deep within the civilian population throughout the Gaza Strip.  Moreover, Hamas repeatedly rejected Israel’s overtures for a cease-fire, intentionally provoked Israel and attempted to stoke the conflict by dispatching teams of terrorists through the network of underground tunnels into Israel for guerrilla-style attacks against Israeli military and civilian targets.  You, too, when you find it necessary, defend your borders and your citizens militarily,” claimed the professional Jew propagandist.

On June 10, 2006, Abraham Foxman presented ADL’s courageous award to Turkey’s prime minister Tayyip Erdogan for supporting Israel and Turkey’s Jewish minority.

In 2007, Foxman ran a campaign to block Congress’ recognition of theArmenian Genocide of 1.5 million people at the hands of Turkey’s Kemalist (Crypto-Jew) leaders, for which he was criticized by several Jewish groups in the United States.

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