Syrian Army making good progress defeating ISIL terrorists, at this rate they will soon be bombed by the USA

الجيش السوري يستهدف إرهابيين في محيط السجن المركزي وريفي حمص ودرعا

LATAKIA:  Great news from the front so close to the Turk border of Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay).  Syrian Perspective has learned that the SAA has liberated 2 more town in the north (In the Kurd Mountains) of the province: ‘Ayn Al-Jawza and Ruwaysa Al-Jaa’oora.  They were cleaned out yesterday in the evening.  So many dead rats now are strewn around the orchards, no accurate figure can be posited until a complete assessment is accomplished.


Kiddeen:  A pickup truck with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  Aboard the vehicle were 4 Moroccans whose carcasses were so burned in the conflagration, it was only possible to identify them by communications picked up by MI eavesdropping equipment.


Salmaa:  This Kurdish town remains abandoned by its inhabitants and is largely contested.  Yesterday, the NDF and SAA slammed a pack of rodents with artillery and sniper fire killing an estimated 11 rats.



Dooreen:  Not the Dooreen in Der’ah.  More fighting here nets more dead rats.  No details.


Al-Mugheeriyya:  Another pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed by SAA.  No details.


Tartiyaah:  Fighting with no details.




Al-Mawrek:   I have received information that the SAA is now positioned advantageously for the beginning of a “softening up” process which will allow an even bigger thrust forward into the city over the next 7 days.  According to our source, the rats are being observed building up some fortifications inside Al-Mawrek although they seem to be having problems with fuel due to the SAA’s interdiction of all traffic entering and leaving the town.  With the SAA in commanding positions at Al-Lataamina and Kafr Zeetaa, the planning for the liberation of Al-Mawrek appears to be on schedule.


Al-Masaasina Village:  Liberated completely by SAA yesterday.  It lies southwest of Al-Mawrek and is being reinforced as I write.


Al-Duwaydha Village:  Also liberated yesterday by the SAA.




Al-ShughurThis humble town is in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area in the Waadi Al-Ghaab, Syria’s Bekaa Valley.  Yesterday, the SAA killed these Nusra rodents:

‘Abbood Al-Dahhaan

Sa’eed Al-Yusuf

Yunus Muhammad Al-As’ad

Khaldoon ‘Ali Abu Qadeer

Raslaan Mahmoud Qumayhaani

Another 8 could not be identified and are believed to be foreign.


Nahla Village:  (The little bee)  An MD Rocket launcher was seized and a pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.  Also, there is a note that 8 motorcycles were also destroyed.  No survivors.  9 rats killed.  No names.


Ma’arrat-Massreen:  A town in the Ghaab area was attacked by SAA and a pack of rodents was sent scurrying off to forage elsewhere.  No details.


Fighting going on here:  Al-Hubayt, Heelaa, Khaan Shaykhoon area, Kafr Najd, Kafr Laataa, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Al-Bayt Al-Seeni, Al-Raami, Mintaaf.



ISIL advancing on Suleyman Shah’s Tomb

The Tomb of Sulaymaan Shaah, the father of Ertughrul who is the father of Osman I, (May a Thousand Goats defecate on their tombstones), the source of all our misery in the Near East.  This non-indigenous rabble, (just like the Jews who settled Palestine), were from Central Asia. They destroyed more than the remnants of the Byzantine Empire; they annihilated the great Christian Greek, Christian Armenian, Christian Syriac and Muslim Kurdish cultures that existed in Asia Minor and introduced a reign of ignorance as deeply rooted as the mindlessness of Arabia.

According to Turk sources, a platoon of Turk soldiers have been taken prisoner at the tomb.  This false flag operation (maybe) is worth watching.  It is no different from the ludicrous hostage-taking in Mosul when ISIS allegedly overran the Turk Consulate there.  Totally false.  A made-up story.

Syrian Army was active yesterday and today at the Central Prison area, Al-Jubayliyya, Ma’aarrat Al-Arteeq, Al-Ansaari, Al-Raamoosa, Bani Zayd, Layramoon.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  No details.

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