Don’t let them pearlies fool you.  These are the fangs of vipers. 

 Dr. Assad faced a Morton’s Fork: let them bomb in Syria to kill ISIS terrorist sociopaths or condemn their aggression as outside the scope of U.N. mandated action.  If he condemns U.S. strafing of ISIS positions in Syria, he is bound to declare war against the United States triggering the Syrian/Iranian Mutual Defense Pact which would have very costly consequences for all concerned.  If he lets them bomb in Syria, he risks alienating many members of the Ba’ath Party whose own hostility to all foreign interference on sovereign Syrian soil is a matter of record.  He has opted for the first scenario with the Syrian state media largely reflecting this fact.  And, to be fair, so far the fears of some that the American campaign against ISIS is nothing more than a “Jaleela’s Dowry” (read: Trojan Horse) in order to scorch the Syrian Army have proven to be unfounded.  So far.  (Even this author penned an article using the metaphor of the rear door when one couldn’t get in through the front.)

Dr. Assad’s gambit has exposed fissures within the Western camp’s projected facade of unified action and belief.  He has already demolished the American, British, French and German pretense to being pro-democracy states.  By closing down all avenues for Syrian citizens in those countries to vote in the July Syrian presidential elections, their own strident hypocrisies were laid bare and their violations of the same U.N. Charter which they all claimed to uphold were in bold relief.


They declared the elections a “farce” while the international media filmed hundreds of thousands of Syrians queuing up in long lines at Syrian embassies, in other nations like Lebanon and Ecuador,  to vote for their president in a direct election that was rebuttal to the Western posturing.  The farce, you see, was the nauseating spectacle of their own Western double-speak.

There is no point in beating a dead horse.  The statements coming from London, Washington, Paris, Berlin, Riyaadh, Doha, Ankara and a few other minor countries, mostly NATO members, all evidence an intent to overthrow the legitimate, sitting government of the Syrian Arab Republic – a member and co-founder of the United Nations.  Remarks by John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Laurent Fabius and Ahmet Davutoghlu were made publicly.  Kerry would say: “…Assad has no place in Syria’s future.”  Erdoghan of Turkey has gone even further by saying his nation’s priority is the overthrow of the Assad government.  These statements were made officially in the full light of day – unlike Joe Biden’s recent honesty at Harvard where he “revealed” Arab state’s and Turkey’s involvement in funding and promoting terrorism in Syria – an honest declaration made in an unofficial capacity.  Or was it, official?

That the United States is a vicious violator of international law is not lost on anyone but the most tunnel-visioned mole.  Chapter I, Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the U.N. Charter provides clearly that

All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.”

But, now, we have to remember that the U.S., Jordan, “israel”, Britain and France, were all setting up training camps in Jordan, at Al-Mafraq and Al-Zarqaa`, to train so-called “rebels” to oust the sitting president of the Syrian Arab Republic. We also know that the British “handled” thousands of foreign Jihadist terrorists in Turkey and helped Ankara to facilitate the transfer of these bearded apes into Syria in order to destroy the country.  These allegations are proven by a plethora of video evidence.  But, Turkey has gone even one step further on the way to war crime immortality and the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.

In the same U.N. Charter, Chapter I, Article 2, Paragraph 4, it is provided:

“All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” 

The United States is bombing Syria today without even the slightest effort to debate the issue at the U.N.S.C.  The only fig leaf behind which the gangster Obama regime can hide is the fact that Dr. Assad has chosen the first scenario we mentioned herein-above.  By not complaining too much; having Dr. Faysal Miqdaad, Deputy Foreign Minister, visibly displaying glee while discussing America’s war on ISIS; clearly snubbing his nose at Russian and Iranian misgivings about the American campaign, Dr. Assad has, in effect, acceded to an air campaign against the Turk-sponsored murderers of ISIS.  Again, here, he has suckered the U.S. into an admission it would have preferred not to make:  The U.S. had to give the Syrian government notice of its intent, and thereby, act out the protocols of recognition.  That American harridan Samantha Powers, at the U.N., delivered the message to Permanent Delegate, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, is even more proof of that.

Erdoghan has been described by experts as a “megalomaniac”.  But, that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.  When the Syrian government was banking on Kurdish PKK support in taking the war to Turkey, Erdoghan cleverly involved convict, Abdullah Ocalan, who is doing a life-sentence on Imrali Island for his role in alleged “terrorist” acts against Turkey, in negotiations to resolve the festering problem of Kurdish autonomy.  For months, he has been able to buy time and  several buffers in order to create the illusion of progressing talks toward the Kurdish Holy Grail.  All the while, as the thick-headed Kurds were feverishly counting their chickens, Erdoghan was putting together ISIS – training it using disaffected former Saddamist Sunni officers and Turkish military specialists.  Even as Erdoghan helped Ocalan to assassinate Sakine Cansiz in Paris, the Kurdish PKK, led by Mesut Kiryilan, took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

But, as ISIS starts to move into Kobaani (Arabic: ‘Ayn Al-‘Arab), right on the Turk border, with promised atrocities to entertain western readers for months to come,  the Kurds finally started to wake up.  Even Ocalan, who bargained everything away for a wide-screen television, is now reportedly threatening to pull out of some of history’s most meaningless negotiations. Erdoghan, however, trumped the Kurds when they least expected it.  He had an extra ace of diamonds in the pinochle deck.  You see, with ISIS doing the Turkish dirty work of smashing Kurdish military power, he has maneuvered himself into “Fat City”.  The Kurds will be weakened and chastened while Dr. Assad will have to deal with a burgeoning ISIS in the north.

So what is going on with the United States bombing ISIS?  How is it that Turkey and the U.S., once bonded over the need to oust Dr. Assad, are now at odds over the existence of what Erdoghan believes is his best route to that end?  The answer must be that the U.S. is not bombing ISIS except in the most peripheral way.  Is it possible that the U.S. would attack ISIS seriously in Iraq while doing nothing substantial in Syria?  I think that’s largely true.  With the Nusra rats moving from Aleppo in large numbers towards Al-Raqqa in order to connect with ISIS there, the American bombing campaign appears to have no effect in blunting their desire to sit under an American umbrella.  Is it possible that the U.S. is moving toward the creation of a trans-border Iraqi/Syrian Sunni state which would exist as another puppet enclave to accomplish the following:

1.  Block forever the extension of the Iran-Iraq-Syrian natural gas pipeline;

2.  Block forever Iranian overflights to supply and aid Hizbollah;

3.  Act as a permanent base for American and Turkish projections of power in the Near East;

4.  Hold sway over areas rich in petroleum, mostly Iraqi;

5.  Isolate Assad between Jordan, the Zionist Settler State and Turkey.

Sound implausible?  Not to Joe Biden or the imperialist rats in England and France.  Remember it was Biden who wrote an infamous article for the New York Times about dividing Iraq into 3 countries.  It may be that a new state is planned for the region – a Caliphate totally in synch with Saudi Arabian Wahhabism.  It’s a state that neutralizes the Shi’is and nullifies their Fatimid Crescent.  It is a base from which the war criminal Erdoghan can operate his machinery of death and nihilism.  This is America at its most malevolent.

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