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Salmaa:  More SAA operations dominate in the far northeastern corner of Latakia Province.  The SAA has redoubled its efforts to exterminate Erdoghan’s rats here, most of whom belong to the Nusra terrorist gangs.  The rats are so befuddled by the tenacity and ferocity of the Syrian Army’s attacks that they have started splitting up into very small groups to avoid the horrendous casualties they are sustaining.  Only 3 days ago, a group of seemingly lost rodents were nearing my wife’s ancestral town of Slinfeh, a very chic and beautiful resort town with million dollar homes and great cafes, when they were spotted by locals who alerted the MoD.  That did not take long.  SAAF helicopters swooped down on them and pursued them all the way to the Gates of Hell.  All 4 were killed and left to rot as fertilizer in the orchards which they were besmirching.

There seems to be no exit for the Nusra filth.  They are found mostly hiding in areas around the abandoned Kurdish town of Salmaa.  With the autumn/winter season coming, they will find no fruit from which to secure nutrition.  This means they’ll start foraging in adjacent towns which are now completely in the hands of the SAA.  From intercepted communications, many of the remaining vermin are Egyptian.  It seems many of the Chechens and Daghestanis have moved their diseased hulks to areas east.

Salmaa:  Yesterday, a warehouse in the Salmaa area was invaded by SAA and NDF.  Inside were machines used to make GRAD missiles.  All these weapons will be scavenged for explosives to be used in killing Saudi Arabians and Qataris.


Some skirmishing in Marj Khawkha and north of Al-Maarooniyyaat.





Jaassem:  Patience is a virtue.  You wait for the rodents to collect around their chunk of cheese and, then, you spring the trap.  With MI now controlling the airwaves and the Big Surprise succeeding enormously, 2 separate packs of vermin were meeting at dusk to discuss their main business of terrorism.  That is, until units from the First Army Corps backed by NDF surrounded both places with tanks, Shilkas and lots of firepower.  The packs belonged to the hilariously-monikered “Liwaa` Al-Naasser Salaahuddeen” (The Brigade of the Victorious Saladin, yawn).  The great Kurdish general and Crusader-sympathizer didn’t do them any good last night.  The SAA pounced on them and killed 37:

Yusuf Ibraaheem (rat leader)

Faadhil Makkaawi

Ghaazi Al-Hibr

Waleed Muhammad

Muhammad-‘Ali Hassoona

‘Abdul-Salaam ‘Attoof

No other names were sent.  Many of these swine were from Jordan and carried forged papers.


East ‘Itmaan south of the Railroad Office Building:  3 rodents killed and 8 taken prisoner.  No details.


Itmaan Town:  2 rats killed.  No other details.  This happened 6 days ago.


Itmaan:  An attempted encroachment from the western side resulted in many rat casualties. I have no names.


Dayr Al-‘Adas:  SAA killed these vultures:

Wisaam Al-Shihaada

Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Shihaada

Our congratulations to the Al-Shihaada clan for their kind gift to Lucifer.  We’re sure they’re in good hands now.



انهيار وفرار عشوائي للإرهابيين.. الجيش السوري يسيطر على القسم الأكبر من حي الدخانية

North Khirbat Al-Maleeha: Fighting with no details.


Jadal Village in Al-Lijaat:  8 confirmed dead rats. 6 of them from Jordan.


Nawaa to the West:  A leader of Nusra was killed in his car by alert snipers of the SAA.  I have not received his name.  I have been told he was Jordanian and a former officer in King Dwarf’s army.


Tal Hamad: Rats from Jordan failed to penetrate the Syrian frontier.  SAAF struck hard and carcasses were counted at 26.


Al-Hiraak:  A warehouse guarded by 10 Nusra rodents was attacked by SAA infantry.  2 cars were destroyed trying to escape and all 8 passengers were roasted alive in the purifying flames of Kali.  At the end of the day, 21 rats were killed here.  Shantih.


Fighting reported here:  Yarmouk suburb, Al-Karak, Al-Seebaa, Al-Arba’een, Jidya, Zimreen, Nimr Al-Haara Road.


LEBANON:  From Ba’albakk to ‘Arsaal, the forces of Hizbollah trashed Nusra in a spectacular counteroffensive that has so far claimed the lives of 16 rodents.

حزب الله يقضي على 16 إرهابياً من

These bearded vultures line the roads between Ba’albakk and ‘Arsaal after they tried to overwhelm positions held by Hizbollah.




Zawr Al-Mahrooqa: Colonel Suhayl Al-Hassan’s Tiger forces took their time with this one, but, eventually forced the Nusra hyenas to flee toward Teebat Al-Imaam, 5 kms to the southeast.  This village is famous for its wondrous orchards of pistachios and olives which were almost put to flame by the wretched Takfiri microbes which infested it for months.  The SAA pursued the escaping filth and killed over 50 according to Wael in Latakia.


Al-Habeet:  5 kms west of Khaan Shaykhoon.  Also liberated now by the SAA.  No details.


Mork (var: Al-Mawrik):  A pack of Nusra rodents took the express train to Hell last night.  No details.


Fighting reported here: Kafr Zeetaa, Al-Lataamina, Al-Arba’een, Tal Bazaam


Atshaan:  3 vans carrying rats and 1 pickup with 23mm cannon were destroyed.  All 22 carcasses were foreign. All were Nusra.


Jinni Al-‘Alyaawi:  ISIS was slaughtered here by the brave infantrymen of our SAA. The area is being assessed.


Syrian Army

 (Photo: Almanar)

Skayk:  SAAF ravaged a convoy of trucks and vans carrying ISIS rats.  The number of dead vultures is estimated at over 25 with many wounded and tracked by SAA drones.

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