GROWING small (Originally for Samer and now also for Shireen Issawi)

GROWING small (Originally for Samer and now also for Shireen Issawi)

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This body represents the earth, the sky and water

You cannot exile all these no matter how you try

These hands will not sign papers to appease misguided reason

for your attempt to imprison this body

The only crime is your attempt

Watch me as I grow small

This body does not bend to your injustice

beat it as you will or kill it as my brothers’ before me

You flail and scream at the earth, laugh in the face of the sky

and cast stale bread upon the water

The only crime is your contempt

Watch me as I grow small

To my people you bring suffering through taking

taking what you believe to be your earth, your sky and your water

Stealing whatever they might possess for the short time their hearts beat in this world

except their dignity. their hopes and their dreams

The only crime is your greed

Watch me as I grow small

From my family you took their shelters and trees and fruits of all their labors

you came like a thief in the night to shatter sleep

Tormenting them in ways your phosphorous, and bombs and missles never could

Yet they are earth and wind and water too and you cannot possess them

The only crime is your avarice

Look at me as I grow small

So foolish you are thinking you have walled us in and that we all are prisoners

whether here in your jails or there in our villages

Thinking that only you deserve the earth, the sky and water

Chosen, you think, so all is yours and all others be damned

The only crime is your arrogance

See me as I grow small

Now you look at me and before you is a man half once his size

Your prison jumper hangs from my limbs

cheeks shallow as my eyes

But I am twice the man you will ever be, Netanyahu

and twice that of these guards and all your soldiers

and all the earth and all the sky and all the water will be free

watch me as I grow smaller and slip through

you cannot stop me

…..M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

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  1. Samer Issawi | The Electronic Intifada

    26 Jun 2014 – Read more about Israeli court extends Samer Issawi’s detention · Patrick Strickland’s blog · Israeli forces rearrest hunger striker Samer Issawi.

    Social media campaign for Shireen Issawi and Bushra Taweel…/social-media-campaign-for-shireen-issawi-and-bushra-ta…

    4 Oct 2014 – Shireen Issawi is a Palestinian lawyer and Bushra Taweel a journalist, both of whom advocate for the rights of Palestinian political prisoners.

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